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Digital Original Article 82: Dujia K610W: Multi-mode hot-swappable, one-year battery life, meeting all your needs for mechanical keyboards

Since I experienced the Durga K320 mechanical keyboard last time, I fell in love with this brand instantly. There are two reasons: the appearance and the excellent feel brought by Dujia Jiadalong's customized CAP crystal axis. After using it for several months, the experience is very good. Great. Since I often need to use a small keyboard, I thought about buying a 104-key mechanical keyboard from Dujia. This time I chose the K610W fog blue mute red switch just released, which not only supports wireless, Bluetooth, and wired three-mode connections. , is also compatible with Windows, MacOS, IOS and Android four major system devices, and supports hot-swapping of all keys, and can provide up to 360 days of battery life, which almost meets all my needs for mechanical keyboards. If you don’t consider portability, I think This keyboard is really impeccable.

DURGOD has always had a good reputation in the industry. Every product of DURGOD is designed for different groups of people and usage scenarios. It is carefully crafted in terms of typing experience, playability, key layout and color matching. And very cost-effective.

First of all, the color I chose is the retro fog blue color. In addition, there is an island dark green color. The switch body is divided into red switch, tea switch, silver switch and mute red switch. I choose the mute red switch. , while taking into account the sense of paragraph, it can also effectively reduce the knocking sound, which is more suitable for home or office use.

In terms of layout, I chose the 104-key full-key layout. Compared with the previous K320 with a small array of 87 keys, although it loses its simple appearance and portability, the function keys are more comprehensive, especially for frequently used keys. It is more convenient for users of numeric keypads.

In terms of the choice of the switch, in fact, the switch is different for different groups of people and usage scenarios. Usually, if you like to play games, you should choose the tea switch. If it is used for office and entertainment, then choose the red switch. If you use a linear axis like a silver axis or a silver axis, if you are typing every day, then it is better to choose a silent red axis like me. But one thing is for sure, that is, try to choose a mechanical keyboard that supports hot swapping, which is convenient for later maintenance and DIY.

Looking at the keycaps again, Duga K610W uses the original height PBT keycaps. The injection molding process creates an opaque design. The front characters are double-color closed. It gives each fingertip a delicate touch, so it is very comfortable to type and can meet high-frequency use.

In terms of tactility, the surface of this keyboard is delicate, the concave keycap can fit the fingertips well, and the percussion feeling brought by the mute red switch is just right. Although it is not as strong as the paragraph feeling, it is straight up and down. Da da da" is just right.

The key layout is no different from the conventional keyboard. There are five LED indicators above the numeric keypad to check the working status and connection status of the keyboard at any time. The whole keyboard actually looks more restrained and unassuming.

The overall texture of Dujia K610W is not only reflected in the weight, layout, color and keycap matching, but also in the detailed design. The color contrast of the black and white border and the treatment of the corners make the keyboard more attractive, and the overall performance is better. Tough.

In terms of connection methods, Dujia K610W supports three connection schemes: wired, wireless 2.4G and Bluetooth 5.0, and supports multi-system devices, which greatly expands its usage scenarios. In addition, this keyboard is different from some other keyboards that use dual switch control. One control switch is responsible for switching the connection mode. Dujia K610W uses hotkey switching, and multiple devices can be switched through keyboard hotkey combinations. The keyboard is more concise. At the same time, the operation is more convenient.

The white LOGO in the lower right corner of the keyboard is the classic design of the Duga keyboard. The asymmetrical borders and contrasting colors and the LOGO are still very stylish, making the left and right sides of the keyboard more coordinated.

The back of the keyboard has a pure white color scheme, the groove design outlined by angular lines, and the LOGO of the middle brand, the overall design sense comes out at once.

In order to avoid the loss of the 2.4GHz receiver, a storage compartment is designed on the upper back of the keyboard, which can be used to store the receiver. The three-stage height-adjustable feet can be freely set to three different heights. Through the above details, it is not difficult to find that Dujia is indeed unambiguous in its workmanship as a major peripheral manufacturer.

In addition to the appearance and texture of the keyboard, the playability is actually an important criterion for consideration. After all, many friends will replace or DIY the keycaps, shafts and other parts immediately or later after getting the product. The keycaps of Duga K610W are made of relatively comfortable and durable PBT material. All keys (except the space bar) support hot-swapping, which leaves enough space for friends who like to toss.

Replacing the keycap is actually very simple. Use the provided cap puller to remove the original keycap and replace it with a keycap of your favorite style. The original PBT height keycap is still very easy to find. Such a personalized key Cap was born.

Mechanical keyboards do have a longer lifespan than ordinary membrane keyboards, but there is no guarantee that if the keyboard is not used in the later period, there will be no broken keys or replacement of other shafts. If the keyboard does not support hot swapping, it can be intelligently soldered. To change the shaft, not to mention the large project, it is easy to damage the shaft body and PCB, but Dujia K610W supports hot swapping, so there will be no such troubles.

Because Dujia K610W is a mechanical keyboard that can automatically recognize the dual systems of window and MacOS, the keyboard accessories package also includes an opt key and two com keys. You can replace the keycaps when you switch computer systems, so that you can Easier to use. Durga K610W also supports a variety of devices, both IOS and Android can be easily matched.

The switch is the soul of a mechanical keyboard, and all users will attach great importance to the selection of the switch. This time, Dujia K610W uses a customized crystal switch that is jointly launched by Dujia and Jiadalong. There are tea switches and silver switches. , red switch, and mute red switch are optional. The one I chose is the silent red shaft. As a classic of the Jiadalong CAP shaft series, after the deep tuning of Dujia, the lubrication and pressure of the shaft body have also been significantly improved, and the life span of up to 80 million times has also been improved. Make keyboard use worry-free.

The customized version of the silent red switch I use has a trigger stroke of 2.0±0.5mm, a trigger pressure of 45±10gf, and a full stroke of 4.0mm max. The parameters are basically the same as those of the cherry red switch. This switch is more silent than other switches. At the same time, the trigger is also very fast, and it still maintains the straight up and down feel of the linear axis, which is very suitable for office typing, and it can also satisfy games and entertainment.

The large key position is still adjusted by the satellite axis scheme, and it has been lubricated to make the trigger faster and feel more compact. And the processing method of the round edge of the space bar, this small change has indeed brought a big change to the feel, especially for people who often code words more comfortable.

Hot-swappable shaft replacement is actually a very important feature of this keyboard. The keycap and shaft body can be replaced without powering off. The shaft body can be easily removed with the provided key remover, which is very convenient and convenient. There is no need to worry about damage to the shaft body and PCB.

The choice of replacing the shaft body is actually very wide. Dujia K610W is compatible with most of the shaft bodies on the market, including tripod shafts and pentapod shafts. This also facilitates users to upgrade or customize the keyboard according to their preferences in the later stage. .

In terms of battery life, it is definitely one of the powerful aspects of Dujia K610W. I have come into contact with many wireless keyboards before, but I am not particularly satisfied with the battery life. Whether it is a dry battery or a built-in lithium battery, it is very troublesome to replace or charge the battery after a short period of time. However, this time Duga K610W made me look at it with admiration. The 3600mAh large-capacity lithium battery can guarantee a battery life of up to 360 days, which also refreshed my cognition.

In terms of quietness, Dujia's products have made great efforts, including this time Dujia K610W has made a lot of improvements in the structural layout. In addition to our traditional upper cover and metal positioning plate, in order to reduce noise Silicone pads and noise-absorbing cotton are added, which can effectively offset the noise generated by the hollow vibration inside the keyboard.

No matter whether it is a wired connection or a wireless connection, all keys are supported. Using the latest "DURGOD Zeus Engine" driver, you can also independently set the key positions, macros, and combination shortcut keys of the keyboard, and the keyboard also supports onboard memory. After the setting is completed, it can be downloaded to the keyboard memory through a wired method for use in the 2.4GHz wireless mode, but it should be noted that the driver setting is not yet supported in the Bluetooth mode.

After using it for a period of time, the overall feeling of Dujia K610W is that it looks good, is practical and durable! No matter the layout, color matching or details of the keyboard are in place, and the excellent feel brought by the customized mute red switch is also unstoppable. It supports hot-swapping and multi-mode multi-device connection, so that the personalized DIY space of the keyboard is more extensive in the later stage. A variety of playing methods also give full play to the meaning of the mechanical keyboard. Coupled with its super powerful battery life, I personally think this keyboard is An out-and-out all-round good thing, it is worth starting to experience.

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