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Digital Peripherals Article 115: Take advantage of Double Eleven to change to a more comfortable keyboard, which feels better and is more efficient

Usually when you are working or studying, you often need to use the keyboard. A keyboard with good hand feeling and sensitive operation can really greatly improve the efficiency of daily office work. In the past two years, I have also used many small keyboards that are very cost-effective. Most of them come from domestic brands, and the actual performance is very satisfactory. I wonder if you like it?

Surface Pro is a two-in-one tablet that many students and friends especially like. It can give full play to its strength with an easy-to-use keyboard. I have used the Rapoo XK200S. This keyboard feels really good to operate, very smooth to use, and supports Many of the shortcut functions and gestures that are used are really suitable for Surface Pro. Usually this keyboard can also be used on other devices in our hands. In general, the Rapoo XK200S is really qualified as a replacement for the original Surface Pro keyboard.

I have also used a very portable small keyboard before, which is the Feidai FBX51C keyboard from Shuangfeiyan. I think its overall workmanship is not bad, the details are processed very finely, and it has an excellent feel. The design of its keycap area is reasonable , so it feels very good in actual operation, and the key distance control is reasonable. Compared with ordinary keyboards, this kind of scissors has a very short key stroke, only 1.5mm, and the rebound is very stable, so the response is very sensitive. Comfortable.

If you need a small keyboard for work and study, you can try the Rapoo E9350G. This is a very practical auxiliary keyboard. For friends who often need to input text on tablets, mobile phones and other devices at work, it can indeed greatly improve work efficiency. In addition, as a 99-key keyboard, the Rapoo E9350G has achieved a good balance in size and function, and the design of the keys is very easy to use, and it is not easy to have problems such as accidental touches. It is really worth starting.

If you want to try a mechanical keyboard, there are also many entry-level options, such as the Rapoo V500 Pro. The weight of this keyboard is about 872 grams. It is very stable on the desktop and it is relatively stable to operate at ordinary times. In terms of keys, in addition to the standard key layout, this keyboard also provides function keys distributed on the Fn key, which can perform some multimedia functions such as browser, music playback and volume adjustment. However, the Rapoo V500PRO wireless version does not add RGB elements, and mainly uses the LED light in the upper right corner to prompt the status information of the keyboard.

When I installed it in the past two years, I paid more attention to the expansion and heat dissipation performance of the chassis itself. Many brands have particularly practical designs for this. For example, the Antec DF800Glux star chassis I am using now uses A Flux dual-channel structure can provide better heat dissipation for the chassis, especially the graphics card. In addition, the front panel design of this chassis is also very beautiful, and it also has ARGB lighting effects, which looks very technological.

In the design of the front panel, the Star Yaozhe DF800 has added very dense air inlets, giving full play to the heat dissipation advantages of the 3 fan positions on the front panel. In actual use, this design is also very convenient for cleaning dust. A light rub will do the trick. In addition, the geometric shape of the front panel of this chassis is also very innovative, especially the centered light bar, which can also map infinite effects.

Compared with conventional cooling ducts, Antec's special Flux duct can provide additional cooling support for the graphics card from the bottom of the case, forming a vertical cooling duct to improve the cooling performance of the graphics card. This Flux air duct has obtained a utility model patent certificate. The same series also includes Windrunner DF700Flux and Destroyer DF600Flux. In addition to special air ducts, this series of chassis also comes standard with five fans, including pre-installed 3 pieces of ARGB mountaineering, and 2 pieces of non-reflective fans installed on the power supply compartment.

Compared with similar products, the compatibility of Xingyaozhe DF800Flux is also very good. It is a very compatible chassis with enough room for upgrade in the later stage, and it is very suitable as a host for office or entertainment. With an excellent heat dissipation structure, it can also bring sufficient heat dissipation support for high-performance graphics cards.

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