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Digital Peripherals Chapter 133: The small keyboards used for work and study are all from domestic brands, and the actual performance is very satisfactory

In the current digital age, keyboards are often used for work and study. A keyboard with good hand feel and sensitive operation can indeed greatly improve the efficiency of daily office work. I have also used many cost-effective small keyboards in the past two years, basically from Domestic brands, the actual performance is very satisfactory, I wonder if you like it?

Surface Pro is a two-in-one tablet that many students and friends especially like. It can give full play to its strength with an easy-to-use keyboard. I have used the Rapoo XK200S. This keyboard feels really good to operate, very smooth to use, and supports Many of the shortcut functions and gestures that are used are really suitable for Surface Pro. Usually this keyboard can also be used on other devices in our hands. In general, the Rapoo XK200S is really qualified as a replacement for the original Surface Pro keyboard.

I have also used a very portable small keyboard before, which is the Feidai FBX51C keyboard from Shuangfeiyan. I think its overall workmanship is not bad, the details are processed very finely, and it has an excellent feel. The design of its keycap area is reasonable. , so it feels very good in actual operation, and the key distance control is reasonable. Compared with ordinary keyboards, this kind of scissors has a very short key stroke, only 1.5mm, and the rebound is very stable, so the response is very sensitive. Comfortable.

If you need a small keyboard for work and study, you can try the Rapoo E9350G. This is a very practical auxiliary keyboard. For friends who often need to input text on tablets, mobile phones and other devices at work, it can indeed greatly improve work efficiency. In addition, as a 99-key keyboard, the Rapoo E9350G has achieved a good balance in size and function, and the design of the keys is very easy to use, and it is not easy to have problems such as accidental touches. It is really worth buying.

If you want to try a mechanical keyboard, there are also many entry-level options, such as the Rapoo V500 Pro. The weight of this keyboard is about 872 grams. It is very stable on the desktop and it is relatively stable to operate at ordinary times. In terms of keys, in addition to the standard key layout, this keyboard also provides function keys distributed on the Fn key, which can perform some multimedia functions such as browser, music playback and volume adjustment. However, the Rapoo V500PRO wireless version does not add RGB elements, and mainly uses the LED light in the upper right corner to prompt the status information of the keyboard.

Recently, I tried a new P20C case from Antec. Its design is beautiful. The front panel is a metal grille shape, and it can be quickly disassembled. The interior is equipped with a dust filter, which is very convenient for daily cleaning.

In addition, the configuration of this chassis is also very comprehensive. The front I/O has a USB-C interface, and the internal graphics card bracket is standard, which meets the actual needs of modern new motherboards and graphics cards. Moreover, the material of this case is still very solid, the details are rich, and the workmanship is also very exquisite.

The P20C is equipped with Lingsan non-light fans as standard, and there is also a version with ARGB fans as standard. Of course, there is also a completely non-light without side penetration solution. The model is called P20CE. In short, there are many choices.

The compatibility of this chassis is very good. For example, the top can support 360 water cooling, three 120mm fans or two 140mm fans and other combinations. It is also equipped with a magnetic dust filter for later maintenance and cleaning.

The wiring of this chassis is very flexible, and the power supply can also be installed from the back. The graphics card part can support a length of 375mm, and it is also equipped with a graphics card support bracket. This stand is all metal.

In other respects, two 2.5-inch SSD hard disk installation positions are reserved on the back panel of the chassis, and there is also a multi-functional hard disk bracket that can install two 3.5-inch HDDs or 2.5-inch SSDs.

Generally speaking, the design and configuration of this chassis are very good, which can easily meet the installation needs of high-performance hardware, and there is also a large room for later upgrades, which is very suitable for friends who have newly installed computers.

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