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Digital Peripherals Chapter 85: Good-looking and easy-to-use office gadgets, computers and mobile phones can type, Shuangfeiyan scissors keyboard experience

Nowadays, many friends use mobile phones to participate in online meetings or conduct authorization authentication at work, so they often have to switch between computers, mobile phones, and tablets. At this time, they need to use the keyboard for a while and use the screen for a while, which is very inconvenient. If Equipped with a set of keyboard and mouse equipment that can connect multiple devices, it will be much easier to work.

At present, I am using a domestic keyboard of about 100 yuan, and it is very small and can be easily stored in a backpack. Sometimes it can be used when I need to work at home. The Shuangfei Yanfei Era FBX51C keyboard I used is very beautiful, and it should be welcomed by many students. This keyboard has many colors. I chose a cherry blossom pink color, and an additional one of the same color FB10C Bluetooth mouse.

This keyboard adopts a 78-key layout with a relatively compact structure. With the scissor foot structure, it is particularly thin and compact, which greatly improves the portability of the keyboard itself, and is very convenient for storage and access. In addition, this keyboard also has sufficient function keys to help improve the efficiency of daily office work.

In terms of compatibility, Feishidai FBX51C can support Bluetooth and 2.4G connection methods, and can match four devices at the same time, and can switch between four devices smoothly during use, and the system compatibility is very good, including Windows and MacOS, As well as iOS and Android devices, the characters of the buttons are also optimized for multiple platforms, so you don't have to work hard to distinguish the buttons of different platforms.

I have used this keyboard for about a week. I feel that its overall workmanship is pretty good, the details are finely processed, and it has an excellent feel. The area of ​​the keycap itself is designed reasonably, so it feels very good in actual operation, and the key distance The control is reasonable. Compared with ordinary keyboards, this kind of scissors key travel is very short, only 1.5mm, and the rebound is very stable, so the response is very sensitive, and it is more comfortable to type in the office.

As a small and portable keyboard, Feidai FBX51C itself has a fixed angle, which not only ensures portability, but also improves the operating experience when typing. There are non-slip feet on the back of the keyboard, which brings good anti-slip performance. It will be more stable when typing.

You can find a wealth of function keys on this keyboard, which can complete many common operations, and can also set the Fn lock mode. In actual use, I feel that this design is particularly useful on tablets, mobile phones and other devices, and you can directly use the keyboard Complete a lot of operations, when using multiple devices, you only need to switch briefly, without taking out your mobile phone.

In terms of battery life, I think the performance of FBX51C is very good. It is designed with a built-in battery. The battery capacity is 300mAh. The interface is charged, so in daily use, the power is basically a problem that we don't need to consider.

Another Feishidai FB10C mouse I use is also a dual-mode design, which can connect various devices through Bluetooth and 2.4G. This mouse can match three devices at the same time, and can also switch between multiple devices, and can support Windows, MacOS, Android and other systems are very suitable for friends who need mobile office.

The design of this mouse itself is very reasonable, and it feels good in the hand. There is a non-slip design on its side skirt area, and it is a darkened color, which looks very beautiful. There are many colors of this mouse. In addition to this vitality powder, There are also a variety of choices such as stone black, ivory white, sky blue, matcha green, etc. The overall color matching and design are also very fashionable.

At the bottom of the mouse, you can find the switch key and the Bluetooth switch key, as well as a storage position for the 2.4G receiver. This mouse is also designed with a built-in battery, which is also charged through the USB-C interface. It can be used for several months after being fully charged, so it can be kept in the bag for backup at ordinary times, and can be taken out when needed. up.

As a mouse, Flytimes FB10C can also support four-speed CPI speed adjustment, ranging from 1200 to 2400, which is convenient to adapt to devices with different resolutions and obtain a smoother operating experience. Its speed adjustment button is on the front of the mouse. , it is very convenient to use. When switching between different devices, you can adjust the CPI at any time, so as to obtain a more comfortable operating experience.

After using it for a while recently, I feel that Shuangfeiyan’s scissor keyboard is quite convenient to use. It not only has a stylish and beautiful design, but also supports multi-device connection. It is very practical for friends who have home office or study needs. The equipment, together with the FB10C mouse, can handle daily work more easily, and the battery life of these two devices is also long enough to be used at any time.

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