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Digital Peripherals Part 98: Smooth-feeling tablet keyboard, better Surface Pro companion, hands-on with Rapoo XK200S

For friends who often need to travel or work outdoors, Surface Pro, a Windows tablet, is a particularly useful tool. Compared with notebooks, it is lighter and smaller. Compared with Android tablets, it can better support commonly used office software. . Rapoo XK200S has made some customized designs for Surface Pro, such as gesture operation, shortcut keys, etc., which can greatly improve office efficiency.

The Rapoo XK200S itself has a 78-key layout with a touchpad, which is compatible with Surface Pro3 and above. This keyboard is matched with black and gray, which looks very business-like. In addition, the keyboard itself is very thin and light, which is more portable than ordinary Bluetooth keyboards, so it will be more convenient to carry when going out.

The material of this keyboard is very special. The corners and the back are made of fiber PU fabric, which looks very textured and feels good. It also has a certain anti-slip effect when placed on the table. Compared with ordinary plastic materials, This material is more resistant to scratches and dirt, and it is also suitable for use in the working environment.

Because the Rapoo XK200S uses chocolate buttons, and the button area is large, the operation feels very good. It is worth mentioning that this keyboard has a wealth of shortcut keys, and the touch panel can also support gesture operations. The overall operating experience basic

It is comparable to the original Surface Pro keyboard and can be used as a replacement for the old keyboard.

Interestingly, the keys of the Pennefather XK200S keyboard have a backlight design, and the color can be switched to bring a more personalized effect, and it will look better when used at night. Through the lighting effect button in the lower right corner of the keyboard, we can easily switch up to 7 light colors and four levels of light brightness. Compared with the monochrome backlight of the original keyboard, the choice is more abundant.

The Rapoo XK200S can be smoothly installed on the Surface Pro. There are multiple magnets on the top of the keyboard, and it also supports multi-angle adjustment, and can be firmly attached to the Surface Pro, thus bringing a more flexible experience.

Compared with ordinary Bluetooth keyboards, the touch panel on the Rapoo XK200S brings more possibilities for daily operations, and there is no need for an additional mouse. The touch panel area of ​​this keyboard is not small, the operation is very comfortable, and it also supports a variety of gestures, and the operation feedback is very sensitive. It can indeed give full play to the advantages of Surface Pro and greatly improve work efficiency.

On the right side of the touchpad, you can find the keyboard switch key and four indicator lights. Here you can clearly see the status of the keyboard. Through a physical switch key, you can complete operations such as power on and off, Bluetooth pairing, and keyboard reset. This switch key basically has no sense of presence in the use of the keyboard, avoiding the possibility of misoperation.

This keyboard is charged through the USB-C interface (USB Type-C Prot), and the charging port is on the right side of the keyboard, which is very convenient for normal charging. The Rapoo XK200S itself has a built-in 450mAh battery, with a battery life of about 2 days, which is sufficient for general daily office use, and the charging time takes about 2 hours. You can know the charging progress through the indicator light in the lower right corner of the keyboard.

It is worth mentioning that, as a Bluetooth keyboard, in addition to the Surface Pro, the Rapoo XK200S can be used on notebooks, mobile phones and other devices. For Windows devices, the compatibility of the keyboard is particularly good, so it is usually used outdoors. When you need to use the keyboard, Rapoo XK200S is also a reliable emergency tool.

After actually using it a few times, I feel that as a keyboard, the Rapoo XK200S has a really good operating feel and is very smooth to use. It also supports many shortcut functions and gesture operations. It is really suitable for Surface Pro. Usually this keyboard can also be used on other devices in our hands. In general, the Rapoo XK200S is really qualified as a replacement for the original Surface Pro keyboard.

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