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Digital Product Evaluation Chapter 480: A key step for a tidy desktop! Dareu A98 mechanical keyboard and A900 mouse out of the box test sharing

Hello everyone! I believe no friends will refuse a clean and tidy desktop, right? Recently, I have been working hard to create a complete, clean and simple desktop, but for a digital enthusiast like me, it is basically unrealistic to have a home office desktop without a keyboard, mouse and computer.

For the sake of brevity and pragmatism, I recently bought a Dareu A900 three-mode wireless mouse and a Dareu A98 three-mode hot-swappable mechanical keyboard from the Dareu A+ series, taking advantage of the fuli of Double Eleven. I have been using it for nearly a week, and it feels pretty good. Even my partner comes to me to play games at night when he is fine. Without further ado, let me share my recent discussion about the A900 three-mode wireless mouse and the Dareu A98 three-way mouse. The actual unboxing and usage experience of the hot-swappable mechanical keyboard of the model version!

I have unpacked a lot of keyboards and mice. The packaging of products from the Dareu A+ series is quite delicate. After all, the Dareu brand has brought us a lot of cost-effective products for so many years. Now Dareu A+ The series is a new brand upgrade, and the meaning of A+ is that compared with the previous Dareu products, it has brought more product upgrades, service upgrades and brand upgrades. It is also a positive step for Dareu to gradually move towards high-end products. Signal.

Just like the A900 three-mode wireless mouse and Dareu A98 three-mode hot-swappable mechanical keyboard we bought this time, the texture is really very good.

When the product left the factory, the manufacturer also prepared a lot of accessories for us. In addition to a keyboard body, an instruction manual, a USB A port to C port charging cable, a shaft puller, and several separately prepared The color-changing button can be said to be quite intimate.

When we put our eyes on this keyboard, we can find that the three-mode connection method of Dareu A98 hot-swappable mechanical keyboard really brings a lot of convenience to my daily use, because I usually not only meet the needs of the computer In addition, the iPad sometimes edits some text, so the three-mode design of Dareu's keyboard is just what I need.

As for the structural design of the front of the keyboard, we can guess a design concept of Darwin A98 hot-swappable mechanical keyboard through the model of this keyboard. In the digital area, and in the process of our daily codewords, the 98-column layout gives us a very complete typing experience as a whole. And in terms of volume, compared with the traditional 104-key design, the desktop saves 20% of the space.

After experiencing too many noisy clicks, I gradually found that it may be very reliable to change a switch body to meet daily use. This time, the Dareu A98 hot-swappable mechanical keyboard uses a custom switch body, called the sky switch. V3 is not as noisy as the green switch, but it is more stable than the silver switch, but not as deep as the red switch. It has a stable and crisp feeling, and the overall feel is really good.

As for the specific parameters of the shaft, it is mainly such a linear shaft. According to the official laboratory data of Dareu, the life of 80 million times can be guaranteed, the trigger pressure is 40±3gf, and the total stroke is 4.0±3mm. As for some large keys of the keyboard, Dareu’s newly adjusted satellite axis and balance bar are used to ensure that the large keys feel stable and there is no shaking at all. This is quite a detail.

In terms of structural design, the Dareu A98 hot-swappable mechanical keyboard adopts a real Gasket structure design, which is mainly fixed by precise upper and lower covers, and the structure of the fuselage is not even rigidly fixed by screws. That is, high-toughness silicone padding is added between the inner tank and the bottom case of the keyboard. You must know that the 3.5mm-thick silicone pad and the soft elastic PC material positioning plate form a closed loop, which makes the overall typing very stable, without excessive Much noise.

In addition, it is also worth mentioning that the Dareu A98 hot-swappable mechanical keyboard directly built a 4000mAh lithium battery for us, which can allow us to use it for 45 days when the lights are turned off. Has a seven-day battery life.

Different from other mechanical keyboards, the Dareu A98 hot-swappable mechanical keyboard has a function of displaying the power on the screen. We can see the remaining power of the battery directly through the display screen on the upper left of the screen. In this way, we can Keep track of the power so that we can charge it at any time.

As for how to use the three modes, I think you can refer to the manual to use them, which are 2.4G state, Bluetooth state and wired state. I won’t go into details here. Basically, you can , without excessive learning costs.

Another point worth sharing is the rich RGB lighting of the Dareu A98 mechanical keyboard. Although I am not so yearning for the lighting as I grow older, it is better to use it than nothing. What's more, such a keyboard can bring us rich RGB lighting under the comprehensive functions, which is also a very good bonus item. After all, if the occasional game needs are matched with the dynamic equivalent, it will naturally be more enjoyable.

After looking at the keyboard, let's look at the mouse again. First of all, let's emphasize that this Dareu A900 three-mode mouse feels really good, and the lightweight design is really very suitable for users with small hands like me. The weight of 77g is really exaggerated.

The appearance of the mouse is not much different from that of a normal mouse, but in terms of details, you can find that the overall height of this watch is slightly lower than that of a general gaming mouse, which can also slow down our gaming or studio experience. The last wrist is raised high, which is beneficial to relieve the pressure on the wrist.

What is more novel is the charging method of this mouse. In addition to the conventional USB type-C charging interface, this mouse also prepares a charging base for us. When not in use, the mouse can be placed on this charging base. Charging, unique shape, quite cool.

When it comes to the mouse, we have to mention the core optical sensor inside. Dareu A900 three-mode mouse is equipped with high-performance, low-power PAW3370 optical sensor, 19000dpi resolution and 50G acceleration can provide us with accurate tracking movement function at the micron level, you will find it in actual use It can effectively capture your every subtle movement.

As for the micro-movement of the mouse, Dareu’s exclusive micro-movement is used, and there is no problem within 50 million times of use, and the combination of KBS3.0 really brings us a good operating experience.

The three-mode design basically meets all my expectations for mobile office. The maximum resolution of 6400dpi can be achieved in wired and 2.4G mode, while the default resolution is 1600dpi in Bluetooth state.

As a wireless mouse, the built-in battery capacity directly determines the actual battery life of the mouse. The addition of a 500mAh lithium battery can directly let us say goodbye to battery life anxiety. The key is that the exclusive fast charging technology can directly realize 15 charging, smooth Playing 168 hours of good results is really novel.

Generally speaking, the two Dareu products I bought recently feel really good. The key is that they are comfortable to use and greatly simplify my desktop. In addition, there is a wave of double eleven promotions recently. If you also have a certain demand for keyboard and mouse sets, you can indeed learn about this Dareu A+ series product that I just started!

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