Digital Product Evaluation Part 706: Dujia Hikeys Dual-mode Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Test: Really Narrow Bezel and Kaihua Red Switch, White Looks Good

Hello everyone! Which brand would you choose for an affordable mechanical keyboard? If you are a little hesitant, maybe you can take a look at the Hikeys dual-mode wireless mechanical keyboard from Dujia that I recently purchased. It has a small and fresh design with 84 keys. The overall is small and portable, and the key is the backlight. Not much to say, let me share with you what kind of experience it is to use such a Duga Hikeys dual-mode wireless mechanical keyboard!

When it comes to choosing a keyboard, I personally think there are three main points to weigh, price, feel, and appearance. There are thousands of people, and everyone's focus is naturally different. I will first consider the appearance, which is why we have the unboxing and practical experience sharing of the Dujia Hikeys dual-mode wireless mechanical keyboard here today. We chose the dark blue version of the mute red switch, mainly because it is on the market this year. The color-contrasting keyboard is really good, the key is that they all look good!

Take out the main body of the keyboard, you can see the compact design with 84 keys as the layout on the front of the keyboard, but the functions are completely preserved, suitable for simple desktop users.

And the white main body design of this Duga Hikeys keyboard is also very suitable for my desktop style. The dual-mode wireless connection method ensures that it is very convenient for our daily use whether it is 2.4G wireless connection or Bluetooth connection, but I suggest that if For daily codeword needs, the Bluetooth wireless connection method will be more stable and power-saving.

Speaking of wireless dual-mode, the indium-plated toggle switch of this Durga Hikeys dual-mode wireless mechanical keyboard has moderate damping and can support the connection and use of up to 3 devices, which is convenient for users to quickly switch. There is also an indium-plated power button on the side of the product, which directly comes with a white background light design, which is quite detailed.

Next, let’s talk about the keyboard switch body. As we grow older, we have begun to dislike the noisy feedback of the green switch. Our Hikeys keyboard of Dujia this time uses the Kaihua Turbo silent red switch. Brand new The MX structure axis body of the wall axis with four buckles uses a new mold and high-smooth composite POM material to improve the accuracy and smoothness of the axis body. The trigger stroke is 1.7±0.4mm and the trigger pressure is 45±10gf , the total stroke is 4.0±0.3mm, the service life is 50 million times, the daily code words are not loud, and the key is that it has a good feel.

Endurance is also another measure of a mechanical keyboard. After all, if it is charged frequently, the natural experience is very poor. This Duga Hikeys keyboard can last for nearly a year using Bluetooth wireless connection when the ambient light is turned off. Long time, only charging once a year is believed to be the benefit of many lazy people, even if you use a 2.4G wireless connection, I believe the battery life of 200 days is enough to meet everyone's expectations.

In addition to these main selling points, we might as well take a look at the back of this Durga Hikeys keyboard. You can tell whether you are conscientious or not at a glance. The bottom design adds Durga’s characteristic logo, and the long anti-skid pad design on the top It is also quite exaggerated, with a large area, and it is naturally very stable to use.

The keycap design of this Duga Hikeys keyboard is also a bit unique, with a round shape and a parabolic physical curve. The ABS keycap material is matched with the printed material, and the fingers still feel a little bumpy.

As a dual-mode and wide-compatibility keyboard, Dujia’s keyboard supports mainstream systems such as Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android, and it is not difficult to switch between multiple platforms and cross-device.

Moreover, this keyboard supports the MacOS system, and the following keycaps adopt the combined text logo corresponding to MacOS/WIN. The F1~F12 keys all adopt the combination key design, and there are corresponding function icons under each key to facilitate user identification, which is still very detailed.

After a recent period of actual use, this Duga Hi Keys mechanical keyboard has really left me with a deep impression in terms of its outstanding appearance, the comfortable feel brought by the silent Kaihua red switch, and the comprehensive compatibility. Impression, the key is its price of less than 500 yuan, I personally think it is still very good, I wonder if you think it is appropriate to start with such a Duga Hi Keys to meet our daily study and office needs?

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