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Digital Product Recommendation Part 2: The new normal of mechanical keyboards, three-mode support is more convenient

Important note: What I have done in this article is only my evaluation of the product from the perspective of an ordinary consumer.

How should a lazy cancer patient choose a keyboard? It must be the one that doesn’t charge for a year. I thought I was joking, but I didn’t expect such a keyboard to exist. Duga K620W three-mode mechanical keyboard has a built-in large-capacity lithium battery, which can be used after being fully charged. If calculated as 8 hours a day, the wireless mode can be used for more than 200 days, and the Bluetooth mode can be used for one year.

The battery life of the Durga K620W three-mode mechanical keyboard is really too strong, but choosing a keyboard should not only depend on the battery life, but more on the control. I have used many Dujia keyboards, the most famous one is the K310W, which is called a typewriter keyboard in the industry.

The new Duga K620W three-mode mechanical keyboard, the key design is almost the same as the K310W, but the interior has been greatly improved, bottom shell, sound-absorbing cotton, PCB board, silicone pad, metal positioning plate, top cover, The multi-layer design of the shaft body and the PBT keycap, especially the silicone pad and the sound-absorbing cotton at the bottom, greatly reduces the noise during use. In terms of hand feel, you will feel more shock-absorbing.

For the switch body, I still choose the brown switch I am used to. After all, the universal switch may be more suitable for users like me who often code and occasionally play games. The shaft body of Dujia K620W three-mode mechanical keyboard adopts Jiadalong CAP shaft, which is a crystal axis customized by Dujia and Jiadalong. After in-depth tuning by Dujia, it feels more comfortable and smoother.

The shaft body of the Duga K620W three-mode mechanical keyboard supports full-key hot-swapping, and you can customize your own PCB keyboard according to your own usage habits. One of my friends who likes to play King of Fighters likes to replace the common keys with ones that are more suitable for games. silver shaft. As we all know, Dujia also has a special Zeus driver software, which can configure your macro settings and exclusive configuration at will. Anyway, my personal habit is to change the infrequently used F7 and F8 keys to copy and paste.

In fact, I often recommend friends around me to start with Durga keyboards. To be honest, there are very few styles of Durga keyboards. The most common ones are typewriter series, 310 with 104 keys, 320 with 87 keys, and then white light version and RGB version. , Dujia's latest launch is the 104-key 610 and 87-key 620 that I use. Why do I often recommend Durga keyboard to my friends? I think it is more due to Dujia's focus, there are not many styles, but every time a new model is launched, it must be a product after long-term research and development and improvement, and the details are quite in place. For example, for this Duga K620W three-mode mechanical keyboard, the wireless module is also specially designed with a storage compartment, which is convenient to store when not in use and not easy to lose.

Durga K620W is a mechanical three-mode keyboard, wired mode, wireless mode, bluetooth mode, windows, MAC OS dual system automatic identification, computer, mobile phone, tablet can be connected freely. I personally think that in the future, users' choice of keyboards will tend to be multi-device and multi-system, which is why I say that the new normal of mechanical keyboards will be three-mode keyboards.

Duga K620W three-mode mechanical keyboard is very convenient to switch between the three modes, win key + Q, W, E, R. When I use it normally, I often use wireless to connect to the computer, and Bluetooth to connect to the tablet. When the computer and the tablet are used at the same time, the switching is very easy. It is convenient and does not require too many settings. At the same time, the Dujia K620W three-mode mechanical keyboard also supports multimedia shortcut operations, which is especially convenient for me to watch some video tutorials.

The Duga K620W three-mode mechanical keyboard has a non-conflict design for all keys. When coding, I use the Wubi input method. The touch typing is very cool, and there is no need to consider key conflicts or lack of recognition because it is fast. Speaking of which, I would like to insert a little fun. Some time ago, I went to a friend’s house to process a document for a friend. I typed quickly on his keyboard at my usual speed, but I often made mistakes. Later, I found out that it was because of his keyboard. The response speed is too slow. When I asked my friend how much the keyboard cost, the friend said dozens of dollars.

It’s not that cheap keyboards can’t be used, but when we pursue a faster and more powerful feel, or a sense of gaming experience, an easy-to-use keyboard will bring you a better feeling. Maybe we are like this sometimes. When we have not used a good product, we always feel that the good stuff is just like that. After we have used a good product, we will never choose the original product again. For the keyboard, I think friends who have used mechanical keyboards will definitely not want to use dozens of keyboards again.

Finally, I will make a brief summary of this Dujia K620W three-mode mechanical keyboard. Durga K620W three-mode mechanical keyboard is a new keyboard just launched by Durga. Compared with Typewriter 310, Durga K620W three-mode mechanical keyboard is more silent and stable because of the addition of silicone pads and noise-absorbing cotton inside; wired, Wireless and Bluetooth 3 modes can be switched at will, multi-system and multi-device are available, and the control is more convenient; the exclusive Jiadalong shaft body is more comfortable and smoother; built-in large-capacity lithium battery, long-lasting battery life, Bluetooth mode can be used for 8 hours a day Use for one year. Overall, when using the Dujia K620W three-mode mechanical keyboard, it will bring you a faster and more powerful experience, smooth without oil, comfortable and quieter, it is worth recommending and worth having. I personally think that the new normal of mechanical keyboards should be multi-mode, multi-system and multi-device keyboards, because we have more and more devices, such as computers, tablets, mobile phones, etc., and one keyboard can operate all the devices, which is convenient. And simplicity, the key is to save money.

Digital products are often accompanied, and the recommendation of good things is more diffused. Yanyu Hongchen looks forward to it the most, follow and repost it and like it. Thank you so much!

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