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Digital Product Recommendation Part 25: Hi Keys, what kind of experience is the unique round keyboard

Important note: What I have done in this article is only my evaluation of the product from the perspective of an ordinary consumer.

In fact, I really didn't expect that Dujia would launch such a different keyboard. I am used to using Dujia's keyboard, just like the K310 keyboard called a typewriter. "The design is the same, no matter how fast touch typing is, it can be effectively recognized.

I also came into contact with Dujia products from the typewriter of Dujia's family. Because of different working environments, I have purchased many different models of Dujia keyboards. At the moment, I use Duga’s K620W wireless keyboard for typing. In order to make the desk more aesthetically pleasing, I use an 87-key wireless keyboard for myself.

Sometimes it is easy to use products, I suggest that you should not let your family members experience them. For myself, I really have no choice. Sometimes LD will bring work home, and my computer becomes her office tool. After she finished using it, my monitor is also high-definition, and the adjustable desk is also comfortable. Now, my keyboard is even more handy.

Then, I can only choose various options for LD. When I saw this Hi Keys keyboard from Dujia, I decided to give this keyboard to LD. First of all, I am very familiar with the shaft of the Durga keyboard. It is very smooth to use, and it will not oil up after a long time of use. Secondly, it is its appearance, yes, it is the appearance. Appearance is very important sometimes, especially for girls.

The Duga Hi Keys keyboard adopts a new design, 84-key layout, which is more simple, and the keycap also adopts a new square round keycap, which is comfortable to the touch, and the curve of the entire key position is an arc shape, which is not only comfortable to look at , It is also more convenient to use. The combination of three-color keycaps also makes the entire keyboard more attractive. The dark blue of the multi-key position is like a distant mountain, the pale gray function keys reflect the height of the mountain, and the orange three keys are more like the sun. afterglow.

In terms of the switch body, I chose the quiet red switch for LD instead of the tea switch I usually use. After all, in the office environment, it is better to be quieter. The silent red switch adopts a carefully tuned satellite switch, which not only maintains the stability of the mechanical switch, but also shortens the key travel. When used in the office, the sound will become lower and the percussion will become easier.

Originally I thought that the Duga Hi Keys keyboard was a three-mode keyboard. I didn’t realize it until I started using it. It supports Bluetooth and wireless but not wired connection. What about wired connections? In fact, for me personally, I only use wireless and Bluetooth connections for the three-mode mechanical keyboard. After all, there is a wireless connection, so what is the wired connection?

After I bought the Dujia Hi Keys keyboard, I used it for a few days. After using it, I was a little reluctant to let LD be brought to the company to use, so Dongdong is really reluctant. The Duga Hi Keys keyboard is also equipped with white ambient lighting, a variety of lighting effect modes can be adjusted, and the brightness of the lighting can also be adjusted. You can change the mode at any time to change your mood.

The Duga Hi Keys keyboard is also equipped with adjustable support feet, which can adjust the height of the keyboard in two stages. The support feet are equipped with non-slip rubber, which is very stable on the desktop. I don’t remember when there was a Durga’s exclusive coffee cup, and it feels unique to use it with the Durga Hi Keys keyboard.

Finally, let me make a brief summary of this Durga Hi Keys keyboard. The Duga Hi Keys keyboard adopts a brand-new design. The configuration of the three-color keycaps makes the entire keyboard look amazing; the new square and round keycaps, arc-shaped key curves, and multi-mode lighting effects make it easier to use when using. Comfortable; Equipped with a well-tuned satellite mute red switch, it is quieter and easier to use in the office. Overall, the Duga Hi Keys keyboard is a more fantasy keyboard, with a comfortable and quiet sense of paragraph, unique roundness, it is a unique good thing for office girls, it is worth owning, and it is worth recommending.

Digital products are often accompanied, hot news spreads more, Yanyu Hongchen looks forward to it more, pay attention to repost and like it. Thank you so much!

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