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Digital Products Part 7: Customized, high-value, good-feeling, all in one stop, this cheese-themed mechanical keyboard is so pretty!

For a long time, customized mechanical keyboards have been the favorite of enthusiasts. It has a very high DIY space, so that you can create a set of mechanical keyboards that suit you according to your needs and preferences, just like installing a computer. The product that Uncle Li will share with you today is a customized mechanical keyboard with a high-value cheese theme from Heijuejia, and the finished product is on sale. It has changed its customized tough appearance and replaced it with just the right cheese-themed elements, and its appearance is really beautiful. After unboxing, the first feeling is that the workmanship is solid and the weight is sufficient, the color of the keycap is simple, the lighting effect is cool after power on, and the hand feels soft and comfortable after getting started. Let’s take a look at my experience!

In terms of packaging, the Black Jue AC067 Cheese customized mechanical keyboard adopts a minimalist gift box design. The box is not too big, but it is enough to let you feel the heavy texture of aluminum in your hand. Family portrait: AC067 Cheese A customized mechanical keyboard, an instruction manual, an aviation plug-in cable in the same color, an Allen wrench, a key puller, and four MAC supplementary keycaps.

Heijue AC067 cheese customized mechanical keyboard looks very delicate, with a 67-key layout, a size of 327×118.2×43.4㎜, and a weight of about 1480.5g. This is a large piece of aluminum. If you want to process it into a cheese-like feeling, you cannot do without the meticulous carving of the CNC process. The pattern on the keycap and the "cheese hole" on the aluminum alloy shell make it more cheese-like. When my son saw it, he said it was too much like cheese, and he wanted to pick it up to see it. After trying a few times, he couldn't lift the heavy one.

I think this keyboard is designed for girls with a fever. It is simple yet elegant, do you like it? Let’s take a look at the front of the two keyboards. One is not plugged in, and the other is plugged in. The appearance is not bad.

I always pay more attention to the details of the products I like. The cheese holes on the frame of the Black Jue AC067 cheese customized mechanical keyboard are not uniform in shape, and the irregular layout makes it look more like cheese. Are you worried that these cheese pits will break your hands? In fact, it feels quite comfortable to the touch. The cheese holes treated with electrophoretic yellow process are in the same color as the frame, smooth and round without sticking to the hand, so beautiful.

Unfortunately, the Heijue AC067 cheese customized mechanical keyboard does not adopt the multi-mode design, and can only be used by connecting the host with a cable. Fortunately, the same color USB to Type-C aviation plug cable is standard, which can make your desktop more visible. Tidy, this can be regarded as a little comfort.

The back of the keyboard is fixed with 8 hexagon socket screws, which can be easily disassembled using the wrench in the accessories. The four corners of the bottom are also rounded to avoid the phenomenon of hand-cracking. There are no supporting feet, but with a certain input angle, it is also ergonomically designed. It is indeed a cheese-themed mechanical keyboard. There is a piece of cheese engraved in the middle of the back, which is full of texture. Do you want to touch it?

Have you seen these four white round anti-slip pads? The weight of the keyboard plus the support of the anti-slip pads, no matter how passionate you are, it will not shift.

Heijue AC067 cheese customized mechanical keyboard adopts a more expensive Gasket spacer structure, and a Poron spacer is set between the top case and the bottom case, so that the middle of the circuit board is suspended, and the positioning board made of PC is used for the keyboard. Provides a better and more flexible typing experience. The keyboard also has a built-in sandwich cotton and bottom cotton, which can effectively eliminate the noise when typing, making the sound of the entire keyboard more pure and pleasant.

You have to know that this is a customized mechanical keyboard, so hot-swappable switch holders and RGB lighting effects are indispensable. The factory-installed Kaihua customized cheese yellow switches have a trigger force of 45g and feel smooth. Kaihua's hot-swappable shaft seat design is compatible with three-legged and five-legged shafts, and you can also DIY according to your preferences.

In addition, this cheese-themed keyboard also provides 4 MAC supplementary keycaps for MAC Apple users, and there is no problem in switching between dual systems.

This is the effect of putting it on my computer desk. The same color aviation plug-in cable, a cheese yellow-themed mechanical keyboard, and a small grass building block, isn't it cute? The keycaps of Heijue AC067 cheese customized mechanical keyboard are designed with MDA height, among which ESC, space bar, and enter key are cheese-themed patterns, which are processed by dye-sublimation process, without fading or oiling, and the embellishment is just right.

I have to say that the driver interface of Heijue is also very tasteful, simple but not simple, the left side is the function switching area, and the right side is the function interaction area, which is intuitive and easy to use. There is no need to download the driver to use the keyboard normally, and it is very convenient to plug and play. If you want to change the default key settings, or customize lighting and macro schemes, you need to download the exclusive driver from Heijue official website. After installation, you can change the default settings, edit lighting/macro key schemes and upgrade the keyboard system.

In the "Main Settings", we can set each button individually, including key combination, macro editing, basic functions and mouse functions, or use different configuration layers to adapt to the individual usage habits of each device, up to support Four configuration layers to toggle. For example, I usually print a lot, and I arranged a "Ctrl+P" combination key for the "Alt" key on the right side, so that it can be executed with one key when printing is required, which is super convenient.

Do you all like lighting effects? Heijue AC067 cheese customized mechanical keyboard has 1680 colors of RGB lighting blessing. In the custom mode, one key can be adjusted. We can use the "FN+/" combination key to quickly switch between 18 preset lights effect, you can also achieve more color DIY through the driver.

Heijue AC067 cheese customized mechanical keyboard still supports full-key macro editing, which means that each key can complete a specific task independently. If you don’t want to set up macro commands yourself, you can also use the settings in the program sharing. oh. Like the macro editing feature? Through custom configuration, make your keyboard exclusive and have a stronger sense of manipulation.

It is not difficult to pull out the keys and shafts. When you want to change any keycaps and shaft accessories, you can easily do it with the key puller. In two days, I will see if I can change the Jiadalong G silver switch on the AK816Pro to AC067 Come up, I still prefer the feel of that keyboard.

The above is my experience. On the whole, the customized mechanical keyboard of Heijue AC067 Cheese Edition performs well. The color matching of keycaps is reasonable. It also comes with the same color matching cable and RGB lighting effect. damn. In terms of hand feel, the pressure in grams is not too great, and it is also smooth for playing games and typing. Coupled with the currently popular gasket structure design of customized key rings, it is very comfortable to use. If you like the cheese theme and want to customize it, I think AC067 cheese is worth taking home.

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