Digital Sail Talk Chapter 78: In-depth Experience of Royal Axe L98 Rabbit Axis! TTC Rabbit Axis First Launch! The quietest domestic mechanical key switch!

Based on my knowledge of the keyboard, I can only be called a user. But this does not affect me to experience various keyboards, and then show you those fun and easy-to-use keyboards from the perspective of ordinary users. Today I’m going to talk about Yufu’s L98 Rabbit Switch RGB model. Its core is the latest TTC Rabbit Switch, which is the first keyboard of the Rabbit Switch. After actual experience, this keyboard should be the most suitable keyboard for late-night workers. ,none of them.

The brand of Royal Ax belongs to Dongguan Zhenghao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., which is a digital peripheral company just established in 2019. It can be said to be a very young domestic brand.

Royal Axe can quickly become known to everyone because of its highly recognizable shape of the R series/Y series mechanical keyboard, as well as the impressive mode switch key.

After I have experienced two Royal Axe products, I can clearly feel that this is a brand that focuses on both quality and R&D.

The previous experience is Y98 and R108, two keyboards that people like very much.

The TTC switch that is often mentioned in peripherals refers to the keyboard switch product of Huizhou Zhengpai Technology Co., Ltd., which was established in 1998. The core product is the keyboard switch. TTC's gold powder switches and quick silver switches are very famous in the field of customization, so that ordinary keyboard circles are also familiar with their switch bodies.

After I experienced TTC's gold powder switch for the first time, I was shocked by the "switch". Since then, the red switch of Cherry's family has been abandoned by me. It has always been said that the red switch is the most suitable switch for codewords. After using the gold powder switch, you will know how uncomfortable the red switch is.

The rabbit shaft is a new member of the TTC Zodiac Commemorative Edition shaft body. It adopts the Lego structure and integrates the national style and Chinese rhyme culture carving. The internal metal is made of anti-oxidation coating, zero penetration, anti-pulling, de-gluing and other processes, combined with the light-transmitting design of the shaft body. , It is really no one to make the key shaft into a handicraft.

What's more, the rabbit pattern on the top cover is carved with a thin line of only 0.3mm. The pattern is very delicate and exquisite. Although the shaft body is hidden under the keycap, the design full of details is a must. Everyone will fall in love with the craftsman spirit!

The product is packaged in a black box, which is relatively simple.

The accessories come with a key puller + shaft puller + customized data cable + 4 rabbit shafts + several replacement keycaps in different colors. The quality of the data cable is very solid, and it is very considerate to send 4 shafts, considering the user In the future, the customized axis body is broken or lost or something.

The keypad of the L98 adopts a wrap-around design, and the overall design has a strong industrial style. The layout of 98 keys satisfies the needs of users of small keyboards without making the whole keyboard look too bulky.

The biggest feature of the L98 is the integration of a TFT color screen, which displays the time, connection method, power and system in the factory state, but it would be too boring if the color screen is just for playing like this.

Install Yufu’s PC software, and users can upload pictures, GIFs, etc. to make their own screen patterns. For example, I used a running gif to upload to the keyboard.

His effect is like this, the pattern on the screen is the reason for the camera to shoot, and it doesn’t look like it actually

Of course, Yufu’s software provides a large number of GIFs uploaded by users. If you like it, you can directly download and replace it, which is very fun.

There is a silver nameplate of L98 on the back, and a two-stage heightening pad.

This two-stage heightening pad seems to have become the standard configuration of major manufacturers.

On the top right is the data cable interface and switch key of the C port, and the 2.4G connector is also inserted here, and a silver decorative strip is added to divide the area.

In addition to the special decoration on the left side, the three-mode switch button is also here. This is a three-mode keyboard with three connection methods: Bluetooth + 2.4G + wired.

Pay attention to the colorful line on the front side, which is actually a light strip. It is synchronized with the keyboard light, but it is very reserved, and the light is well controlled. It will not give people the feeling of killing Matt. It has a kind of advanced fashionable.

The same goes for the RGB lighting of the keyboard. The overall brightness is very suitable, without the blinding brightness of cheap keyboards.

Similarly, the caps lights and keypad lights of the keyboard are also placed on the decorative edge on the left side, making the keyboard more recognizable.

The keycap L98 is made of PBT material with two-color injection molding process, which is more wear-resistant and non-slip, and its appearance is also high. And it adopts a five-pin hot-swappable shaft seat, which supports full-key hot-swappable. Most of the three-pin and five-pin shafts on the market can be replaced. Players can change their favorite shafts at will, and the playability is very high.

The RGB version of the TTC rabbit switch is a linear switch, which is very light and completely silent. Simply put, it has fast triggering, quiet sound and soft feel. According to the official introduction of TTC, the trigger stroke of the rabbit shaft is 1.2mm, and the total stroke is 3.5mm.

Of course, I am not saying that this axis is only suitable for typing. After all, it is a design with an extended axis. The overall data is similar to that of Kuaiyin. It still considers the needs of gamers, but for me, the greater feeling comes from The pleasure of coding.

The multi-function key combination has always been my favorite place for the Royal Axe.

Supporting IOS, MAC and win systems, L98, like other Royal Axe keyboards, supports the keyboard to control the volume, brightness, open the player and many other functions through the combination of FN keys, and the additional functions are printed on the side of the keycap. , very convenient to use.

The L98 is equipped with a 6000mAh battery, which can be used for 75 hours without turning on the light, and the battery life is extremely impressive.

The Gasket cushioning structure is adopted. The cushioning can be seen from the official exploded diagram. It can be seen that the cushioning is realized by the use of silicone gaskets, and the slotting of the positioning plate makes the cushioning space large. In addition, the cushioning required for the rabbit shaft to be muted, the overall use feeling It is very light and feels more comfortable than many pron-structured keyboards.

From my personal experience, the feel of L98 with the rabbit shaft is very light, which is very suitable for coders, especially when working in the office or coding at home late at night. I don’t like the loud sound of the keyboard. This is simply the best. good choice. Of course, Royal Ax positions it as a gaming keyboard, which is also very convenient for playing games.

From another point of view, this is a keyboard that is very suitable for girls. I specially asked the girls to try it, and they also feel light and comfortable, and the feeling of quietness is amazing.

Yufu L98 is a keyboard with an absolutely excellent comprehensive feel experience. If you happen to like the appearance of this style, it is already a domestic keyboard with first-class appearance and feel. Coupled with the top-level mute switch body rabbit switch, the keyboard itself really has nothing to say.

The price of 1299 yuan is a little expensive for domestic keyboards, but combined with the first release of the rabbit switch + small screen, this is not a high-volume model in itself, and the cost performance is not its core. The most important thing is to meet your aesthetics and preferences. It's not expensive if you really like it.

That’s all for today’s sharing~

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