Digital Sail Talk Chapter 81: Evaluation of the Cheap Donkey RS6丨I declare! This is the best-looking 96-arrangement keyboard in 2023!

The 96-arrangement keyboard is the most suitable keyboard arrangement for ordinary people, because it has a number keypad and a completely separated F-key area, but the keys that most users do not use are removed, and the overall use is not different from the 104-key area. It is too smooth for users to switch from 104 configuration to 96 configuration, so the flagship products of major keyboard manufacturers are often 96 configurations. Today I will tell you about this cheap ass RS6 in my hand, and why I say it is the best-looking 96-array keyboard in 2023.

The brand James Donkey was born in 2014. It is a mouse, keyboard, and earphone-based peripheral manufacturer. Their most famous product may be the mechanical keyboard manufactured for Beijing. In the peripheral circle, there are too many brands with all kinds of cool names. I think this is also the reason why the brand name is cheap? A little self-deprecating, self-confident, stubborn and dreamy little person, basically people will never forget it when they see or hear it for the first time.

Of course, the peripheral circle is based on the product. The popular fried chicken of the cheap donkey is the RS2. "The most worthwhile mechanical keyboard for beginners" and "the best cost-effective mechanical keyboard" are the names of many evaluation experts.

What I need to show you today is another product of theirs, RS6.

When I first saw the promotional page of RS6, my first emotion was "Oh my God, why is it so beautiful!"

So it was taken by me~

Black box, bright font, marked on the box to support mac and win dual systems and three-mode wireless.

The accessories are a dual-purpose key/shaft puller, data cable and dust cover, and there are no redundant replacement keycaps and key shafts.

When the real thing is taken out, I believe many people will understand why I lamented its beauty earlier. The translucent keyboard frame is matched with dark blue keycaps, and then embellished with orange + light blue keycaps, which gives a comfortable but slightly impactful aesthetic.

The transparency of the transparent shell can be seen thoroughly at the bottom. The long metal plate in the middle not only increases the weight and rigidity, but also increases the aesthetic feeling, making the bottom look more balanced.

At present, mechanical keyboards are almost all two-stage booster pads. The RS6 booster pad is not only wide enough, but also extremely comfortable visually. It also uses orange and light blue bottom plates to make a visual difference. The 2.4G receiver also happens to be hidden here.

The product name brand in the middle of the bottom, the strips of horizontal bars, make me feel like EVA. The brand doesn't seem to mind that users can see the battery pack. This is the real transparent case!

On the left side are the three-mode switching and system switching keys. You can see the text on the system switching, so why is there no text printed on the three-mode switching?

Because there is an opening on the top, when we switch the connection mode, we can see the current mode from the opening~ this carefulness makes RS6 look full of design details.

Viewed from the side, the height of the RS6 is combined with the curved keycap, which makes the keycap appear to be parallel to the desktop, and I really like the frosted semi-transparent shell when viewed from the side.

The orange one in the upper right corner is the multimedia volume knob. Rotate it to control the volume, and press it to start/pause playback. This kind of multimedia key is highly recommended for all mechanical keyboards! It's so practical!

Next to the numeric keypad are the keypad, uppercase and charging lights, which look very special under the translucent case.

The key switch uses Jiadalong tea switch (G tea). The structure design of G tea is similar to that of cherry tea. I don’t use much cherry tea. The contact point with the shaft core adopts a smoother design. It seems to be softer and smoother than cherry tea in actual use. I don’t like too hard ones, but I think it just fits. I can find a very comfortable point for typing and playing games.

On the keycap, it is not just because the price is not high. It is also made of PBT material with two-color injection molding process, which is more wear-resistant and non-slip, and its appearance is also high. And the full key supports five-pin hot-swappable shaft seat, supports full-key hot-swappable, most three-pin and five-pin shafts on the market can be replaced, and players can customize their favorite keyboards at will.

The lighting uses 1680W color LEDs, which can be adjusted with the software to match the color of the lights. I don’t have high requirements for this, but the girl saw the combination of the translucent keyboard and the lights and said: This looks different from the others. !

It is equipped with a large 5000mAh battery. The official battery life is 4-6 weeks. After actual use, it can be charged once a month, and the battery life is still good.

For such an entry-level mechanical keyboard with a perennial price of over 400, I have a good impression of it after using it for a period of time. Whether it is coding or playing games, it can bring me a very satisfactory feel.

The key is that I really like this translucent style and color scheme. Every time I see it in the study, I feel happy. I never thought that a good keyboard can have such an effect before.

If you happen to want to try a mechanical keyboard, it can be the first keyboard for young people.

If you have a mechanical keyboard and want to feel the difference, it can let you experience the joy of another mechanical keyboard.

If you love its appearance, but want to change the key shaft, full-key hot-swappable can also meet your needs.

That’s all for today’s sharing~

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