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Digital Sharing Chapter 38: Keyboard and mouse also have a sense of ceremony! CHERRY MX8.2TKL + MC 8.1 keyboard and mouse cover sharing

When it comes to mechanical keyboards, CHERRY is definitely a brand that cannot be avoided.

As a heavyweight in the field of mechanical keyboards, the mechanical switch launched that year is really well-known in the world, and it is not an exaggeration to say that it has created the glory of mechanical keyboards. Especially before 2014, because of holding patents, it attracted the pursuit of countless players. At that time, CHERRY was like a belief.

It stands to reason that since CHERRY is the first brand to launch a mechanical shaft, coupled with patent protection, it can quickly occupy the market in one go and establish itself as the leader. It's a pity that CHERRY, as a German company, retains the meticulous and excellent quality of the Germans, but also inherits the self-styled concept in everyone's impression, especially the update frequency, which has been complained by players.

Fortunately, CHERRY also sensed the trend of the market. In order to quickly respond to market changes, it launched several new series. The main styles are different, and the only constant is the shaft and design. For example, the MX 2.0S based on the Bauhaus design concept, the MX3.0S with an aluminum shell, and the high-end CHERRY MX 8.2 series keyboard and mouse set that I will share with you this time.

▼MX 8.2 TKL three-mode wireless mechanical keyboard packaging box still uses the MX series unique aluminum storage box, pure black material, thickened corners, horizontal grain decoration, silicone handle and brand LOGO are highlighted in red, this packaging The style is nicknamed "Arms Box" by players. The overall structure is solid, the texture is good, and the contrasting colors of red and black are also very eye-catching.

▼There is a thick sponge inside the storage box as a buffer, which has excellent protection performance. The keyboard body and accessories have separate storage areas. The hard sponge at the bottom can be removed, so that you can also store some small items of your own, which is very practical.

▼MX 8.2 TKL keyboard adopts a standard 87-key layout with measurements of 350mm × 120mm × 35mm. The infrequently used number area is cut off to make the whole keyboard look capable and full. The floating design brings a full sense of technology. It is suitable for limited desktop space or It is very suitable for friends who like games.

▼" texture "It is my deepest impression on this keyboard. The upper and lower covers of the keyboard are made of aluminum alloy, which is enhanced by CNC anodizing process. At the beginning, you can feel the unique cool touch of metal, and you can really feel the delicate texture brought by modern technology when you touch it carefully.

▼The bottom plate can be clearly seen that the whole piece of aluminum is bent in one piece, and a small fence design is made on the edge of the bottom plate. The craftsmanship is really good. What does that sentence say" A craft tour of a sheet of aluminum ”。

▼Arrow keys place CHERRY's LOGO here.

▼The setting area on the top of the keyboard is a combination of aluminum alloy and plastic material. Here you can switch between three different modes: wired (charging), Bluetooth and 2.4G. The wired connection is also a common type-C interface, which is highly compatible. In addition, an independent power switch is provided here, which can be turned off when not in use to extend battery life.

▼At first glance, the bottom of the keyboard seems to be a whole piece of aluminum plate, but when I tap it, it feels more like plastic. Regardless of whether it is an aluminum plate or not, the strength is really high. Two long anti-slip strips cover the upper and lower areas, plus excellent self-weight, the self-weight is excellent when placed. Pay attention to the small round hole in the middle and bottom. I didn't figure out what it was at first, but later I found out that it is a reset button that is rarely seen on the keyboard, which can help users reset the keyboard settings or functions.

▼The back design is a place that most brands tend to ignore. ROG does a better job in this area. And CHERRY also has its own characteristics in this respect. Although the foot support is one-piece, it should be noted that the bottom plate is actually divided into two areas. The middle area naturally forms a slope, that is to say, it has a certain slope. When placed flat, it can meet the usage habits of most users.

▼The key cap is Original height ABS keycaps, two-color injection molding process, side engraved fine fonts, characters transparent , There is no need to pick the craftsmanship. There is one thing to say, don’t feel cheap when you see ABS. High-end ABS is much better than PBT. It’s not without reason that big brands like Razer, Corsair, and CHERRY have been using ABS keycaps.

▼ The keycap is delicate in workmanship, especially the coating on it is very smooth and feels really comfortable to the touch. The last keyboard that made me feel the same way was Razer's Pro Type Ultra.

▼The switches on my keyboard are MX green switches. As CHERRY’s switch, I think most players are familiar with it. The green switch is a typical paragraph switch, with a clear sense of paragraph, strong rhythm, and a crisp feedback sound when the keys are pressed, and it is also the most suitable switch for mechanical keyboards.

▼MX 8.2 TKL three-mode wireless mechanical keyboard is positioned for gamers. In addition to adopting a compact layout to meet players’ usage habits, it also incorporates self-developed Low Latency CAWT Wireless Technology . This technology can achieve an extremely fast response of less than 1ms, and experience the thrill of "zero" delay. For e-sports enthusiasts, it is definitely not to be missed. Note that this feature needs to be enabled in 2.4 GHz wireless mode.

▼Starting up with a sense of ceremony, the moment the lights are on is really cool

▼MX 8.2 TKL three-mode keyboard has more than 16 million RGB illusion lighting effects The display has a variety of built-in lighting effects, and the brightness and speed can be adjusted independently. The color is soft and not dazzling, and the equivalent conversion is smooth and natural. It does not have the cheap marquee texture of the low-end keyboard. color style.

▼A sound effect display of tapping the keyboard, by the way, let everyone see the feedback of the key position, especially the large key position is not as loose as many friends said, and the rebound follows the hand, and there is no tilt or force on the left and right sides inconsistencies.

▼MC 8.1 is a very innovative mouse launched by CHERRY in 2020. The split structure adopted is a change from the traditional closed shape of the mouse. The middle of the mouse is completely hollowed out and only connected by the base in the middle, which gives people a full sense of technology at first glance.

▼The size of the mouse is 117 X 90 X 40 mm, and it weighs about 148g. The one-piece button design of the mouse has sharp edges and corners, but the turning points are slightly chamfered, giving the mouse a cool and smooth feel.

▼The main frame of MC 8.1 also uses CNC anodized aluminum , The edge, middle, and bottom of the mouse all have the unique silver-white quality of aluminum. The aluminum support makes the mouse extremely strong, but the weight will increase a lot. The advantage of the hollowed out middle part mentioned above came out, which greatly lowered the weight of the mouse. Although it has nothing to do with lightweight mice, under the same weight, the strength of MC 8.1 is definitely in the first-class echelon.

▼MC 8.1 not only has great innovations in appearance, but also adds a lot of features in hardware. For example, this crawler structure roller uses double rollers to ensure rolling stability, and the crawler belt provides a more accurate sense of scale. Most importantly, the double rollers form a large area of ​​stability, and the index finger is comfortable to place here, unlike single rollers. It feels like a foreign body, long-term use can effectively reduce the frequency of lifting the index finger, and the index finger will not sting when you move it frequently.

▼The tilt angle of the mouse cover can also be customized. Fix the underside of the roller with magnetic suction, engraved with " CHERRY "Remove the metal strip, then use the key provided in the accessories to adjust the tightness, and then tighten it after confirming the inclination. After this adjustment, the mouse can perfectly adapt to different hand shapes and usage habits, and the flexibility is MAX.

▼If you want, you can even separate the entire top cover and bottom plate.

▼The side skirts of the mouse are also magnetically fixed, and can also be replaced according to personal preferences. The original side skirt is suitable for gripping without a finger rest. Friends who like to grip can replace the side skirt with a finger rest. It has to be said that this mouse basically has full skill points in terms of adaptability.

▼There are two large-area anti-skid pads on the bottom of the mouse, and the opening is the position of the optical sensor. With self-adaptive features, it can adapt to different material surfaces. The small black dot above is the DPI adjuster, with 6 gear cycles.

▼As the current high-end gaming mouse of CHERRY, MC8.1 is equipped with the flagship high-precision optical sensor, It can provide up to 400 inches per second movement speed and 50g acceleration at the limit speed, and the DPI can be fine-tuned between 50~16000 , using the exclusive driver CHERRY Gaming can also adjust various lighting effects, speeds, and return rates for the keyboard/mouse to fully meet personal usage habits.

As CHERRY's most high-end keyboard and mouse combination, the experience during this period is quite perfect.

If you want to ask me the biggest feeling, the texture of the keyboard and the creative design of the mouse should be my favorite.

Let’s talk about the keyboard first. In fact, it is difficult for pictures and text to accurately restore my true feelings. Let’s put it this way, even if you are a person who doesn’t understand the keyboard at all, you can feel the quality of the keyboard just by the touch. In addition, CHERRY's unique low-latency CAWT technology should have a big bonus for e-sports players.

However, the lack of the keyboard also has. First of all, it does not support hot-swapping of the shaft body. Secondly, the keyboard itself cannot accommodate a 2.4G receiver. The two functions that are basically standard in domestic keyboards, CHERRY MX8.2 TKL, are all missing. This makes me a player who is used to customization. It's hard to accept.

The CHERRY MC8.1 mouse is really interesting. Generally speaking, the actual experience of such creative things is often mediocre. MC8.1 completely breaks this curse. The addition of aluminum did not make the mouse’s weight unreasonable, but improved the texture and touch; the appropriate size design also meets my needs for the mouse, and the variety of adjustment methods can almost meet everyone’s usage habits, and there is also a light, the light display area It's still big, the hardware is still powerful, and the performance is really good. It is strongly recommended to start with.

Of course, MC8.1 is not perfect, and I still have some feelings during the time I use it. First of all, the mouse at this price only has a single-mode version for the time being, and secondly, the wire is not an ultra-light umbrella cord, which affects the control of the weight of the mouse.

In general, the CHERRY MX8.2 TKL + MC8.1 set of high-end gaming mice is really comfortable to use, but the price of the whole set is really high for ordinary users. This time Tmall’s 88 Members’ Day event, a set is available for less than 2500. This price is very affordable compared to the original price, and it is worth taking the opportunity to start.

I am Zhao Huayu , an idler who likes to share the joys of life.

Writing is not easy, and code words are laborious. If my article can be recognized by you, I hope you can help me to like, bookmark, and leave a message below. Your interaction is the motivation for me to write. Thanks to all the friends who read here, see you in the next article.

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