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DIY Today: Changing Wired Mouse to Wireless

Wireless mouse is more convenient than wired mouse. In order to show the DIY ability of our university students, how can we buy such a low-level thing as wireless mouse? The spirit of science and technology is to cut off the cable of the wired mouse and toss out a wireless mouse with different looks. Just do it, but I found that doing this is not a simple job. After reading more than n materials, I sorted out the doorway. Next, please see my little brother's wired to wireless work.If a worker wants to do well, he must first dry his tools! In other words, this is a loser's equipment that looks a little more professional.Two paired transcoding ICs, a pile of capacitors, resistors, rosin solder, and all of Shenma's are in place first.

DIY Today: Changing Wired Mouse to Wireless 1

A pair of wireless transceivers. Because it's too complicated and troublesome to do this by yourself, it's decisive x treasure.A colorful wired mouse was only available for more than a month, so I had to sacrifice it,The rest are all wireless mice.

A circuit diagram. Since the tda1808 was discontinued and had not been available for a long time, it was resolutely replaced with a pair of transceivers starting from X Bao. A6 / D6 A7 / D7 are two data line interfaces of USB. The rest is ready to work.Circuit board god horse, directly save! This is the technology of cutting feet and welding things, slag!More than half of the USB receiver is ready. Go on with the receiver!

The feet of the receiver are a little thick and smooth. They always fall off. These three feet have been a loser for at least half an hour.After welding, apply hot melt adhesive decisively, so as not to fall off again.At this time, the benefits of the circuit board are reflected. It is directly inserted and welded.

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