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DIY your own personalized keyboard—Lofree Xiaoqiao three-mode mechanical keyboard

In such an introverted era, innovation and personalization are very important. It can reflect your unique personality. Presumably everyone wants to be that unique self, and they are not willing to be a person engraved in a template. The same is true in the field of mechanical keyboards. There are many kinds of mechanical keyboards, but today this brand Luo Fei is too individual. It breaks the definition of traditional keyboards and designs the Xiaoqiao series. This kind of vitality is particularly young. The playful keyboard of modernization.

Lofree Touch Xiaoqiao three-mode mechanical keyboard has 2 colors and 2 versions, namely tofu color and cement gray, with 68 keys and 100 keys to choose from. There are many types of shafts, such as Jiadalong-G yellow, TTC-gold powder, Kaihua-BOX white shaft, etc. Everyone can choose according to their own preferences.

The keyboard is equipped with 3 AAA alkaline batteries and TYPE-C interface.

The design of the entire keyboard conforms to ergonomics, and the side of the keyboard has a 9-degree tilted angle. Maybe this is the origin of the small tilt, which makes it more comfortable to use. The PBT sublimation keycaps also have a very good hand feeling. All keys are hot-swappable, and each small keycap is particularly round and cute.

The knocking sound of the shaft body is relatively soft compared with the traditional keyboard, and the resilience is very good. Even if it is knocked 100 times per minute, it can be used for up to 5 hours a day, and it can be used for more than 7.3 years 365 days a year. This is the official test of Xiaoqiao. The data is well-founded.

This keyboard has three modes to choose from, 2.4G mode, Bluetooth mode and wired mode. You don’t have to worry about the battery life if you switch between the three modes at will. When fully charged, the battery life is 4 weeks.

Optional main body keycap is another major feature of Xiaoqiao. The designer co-creates themed keycaps and can be combined with the host for DIY. If you like cool style, you can choose the main body with street attitude. If you like funny, you can choose Worker, social animal banana theme, if you like a small, fresh and cute style, you can choose, summer invasion plan, cat taming human daily life and other themes, in short, there are many themes, there is always something you like.

If you have no inspiration for the design, you can find it in the small program and refer to other people's designs.

In terms of use, in addition to the multi-link mode, it can also handle mobile phones, tablets, computers, etc., and the multi-compatible systems include win8/win10/Android, etc., and there is no obvious delay during use, and no driver or binding operation is required.

In short, this is the most special one among my many keyboards. Because of the DIY features, it can almost meet the needs of most people. If you have to pick out one shortcoming, then I think this keyboard must be so good-looking that I can’t bear to start with it, okay~ If you want to have your own unique keyboard, I recommend this Lofree small warped keyboard .

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