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Does this pink cherry suit your appetite? ——Cherry (CHERRY) KC200 MX mechanical keyboard evaluation experience

Hello everyone, I am Taotie

I think when it comes to cherry CHERRY, many friends will think of mechanical switches or mechanical keyboards. Indeed, as the originator of the mechanical axis, Cherry has too many classic products that can evoke people's memories. As a well-known keyboard hero of Aunt Zhang, I have naturally touched a lot of various cherry keyboards, such as the king of red switches G80-3000, the all-metal flagship MX8.0, the small and classic MX1.0, etc. . It can be said that Cherry's past product line is a chronicle of the development of mechanical keyboards.

However, with the development of the times, consumers' concept of mechanical keyboards has also begun to change, especially for friends in the office environment, the plain black and white keyboards can no longer show their personality and pursuit. Therefore, mechanical keyboards with new color schemes, new appearances, and new features were born. For example, the CHERRY KC200 MX mechanical keyboard displayed this time is such a new office-oriented product that meets the current trend.

Let's take a look at how it actually performs.

The packaging of this CHERRY KC200 MX keyboard adopts the design style of white background with color pictures, and the front is a mosaic picture of keyboards with three themes and colors, which still has a sense of design.

The slogan "DESIGNED BY CHERRY IN GERMANY" can be seen at the top.

Open the package, take out the keyboard body, the light pink + purple color combination is really eye-catching, in line with the candy theme style of "delicate red strawberry". And the large white characters used in the matching keycaps this time also increase the visual impact.

In terms of arrangement, this Cherry (CHERRY) KC200 MX keyboard still uses a full-size arrangement of 108 keys, but in order to reduce space, it adopts a relatively compact layout. In addition, 4 multimedia buttons are added in the upper right corner for quick manipulation.

At the same time, the narrow frame and suspended structure also make it smaller in actual sense.

From the side, the top cover with metal matte technology also adds theme elements, and it is matched with the bottom shell of the same color to make the consistency more uniform.

The logo of Cherry can be seen above the arrow keys.

This Cherry (CHERRY) KC200 MX keyboard does not use the design of key line separation, but the pink power line has a good texture.

The bottom position uses the same pink plastic shell, and the product information logo is pasted in the middle position.

The foot support adopts a one-stage telescopic structure, which can meet different needs of use. And a non-slip pad is added at the bottom of the foot support, so that the keyboard can be used stably on the desktop under two angles.

In terms of switches, this CHERRY KC200 MX keyboard uses four classic switch bodies of green, black, tea and black, and I chose cherry red switches.

Needless to say, the hand feel is linear, light and smooth. Although the rise of domestic shafts is very rapid now, in terms of stability, cherries are still the most reliable batch.

The position of the big key still uses the steel plate satellite shaft, which is very firm when shaking. Grease is added to the inside of the dummy shaft, and the smoothness is also maintained well.

The consistency of the space position is quite good after tapping, not scattered, not fleshy, which is very rare, but because no noise reduction measures are added, there is still some cavity sound.

In terms of keycaps, this CHERRY KC200 MX keyboard uses PBT double-color injection keycaps with a height similar to SA, and the shape is more refined than the height of the original factory and OEM.

At the same time, the PBT material is also more durable and reduces oiling.

As a mechanical keyboard positioned as the main office and secondary game, it also has the characteristics of full key without punching, anti-ghosting key, low delay, and high return rate (1000hz).

In addition, an uppercase key, a number key, and a scrolling status display light are added to the Caps key, which is convenient for viewing the keyboard status.

From the above introduction, it can be seen that compared with the design style of the previous Cherry keyboard, this Cherry (CHERRY) KC200 MX keyboard has a very big change, more diverse color matching, more compact body design, and more simple The new design style, for workers who work from 9 to 5 every day, the new keyboard brings changes in the office environment, and naturally brings more vitality and motivation, self and self-confidence.

It just so happens that Double Eleven is approaching recently, and CHERRY will have great promotions during this period, so if you need to try fresh cherries, choose a suitable keyboard for a change of taste.

Well, the above is the whole content of this article, thank you for reading!

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