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Domestic products should be self-improving, and the bloody ghost B930 optical axis gaming keyboard is coming to the finale! Mechanical keyboard recommended!

As an old domestic peripheral manufacturer, Shuangfeiyan's Bloody Ghost series has always focused on the e-sports game market segment. In addition to excellent quality control and the well-received balance optical axis, it also has a cool appearance and perfect Software support, the bloody hand B930 that Uncle V got this time features the third-generation balance optical axis and RGB color diffuse light effect system. Let’s experience it with Uncle V below.

Open the heavy packing box, you can see that besides the keyboard body, there is also a quick start guide and an additional pack of 63 DIY black keycaps. The numeric keypad that is less frequently used is simplified, and a compact design with 87 keys is adopted. The overall keycap is tilted back by 15°, which is more ergonomic for daily use.

For users who like DIY, the keycaps provided by the B930 this time are very practical. Users can replace some buttons with high frequency of use according to their own preferences, and can also make some personalized adjustments to the color matching. DIY keys The material of the cap adopts the same matte and waterproof design as the body keyboard, which is very considerate.

In addition, this pack of DIY keycaps also includes a key remover, which can be easily replaced and maintained daily by aligning with the gaps on both sides of the keycaps. The details are full of sincerity, and the entire keyboard frame is made of aluminum. The metal panel not only uses high-end anodized technology, but also has a slightly frosted texture when touched by hand.

B930, as a keyboard mainly for gaming, still adopts the most familiar USB cable connection method. Compared with wireless keyboard and mouse, the B930 has obvious advantages. Of course, the lower the delay when playing games, the better. The 1.8-meter-long USB cable can Nylon braided wire is used, which also looks very durable.

The bottom of the keyboard of the B930 also has a dual design of drainage grooves and drainage holes. Even if drinks or liquids are accidentally spilled on the keyboard, there is no need to worry. The four corners of the bottom of the keyboard are also designed with wide anti-slip rubber to prevent the keyboard from moving when in use. Students who are accustomed to a higher keyboard position can find a comfortable position by opening the heightened shelf under the keyboard.

The focus this time is the newly upgraded third-generation balance optical axis system, the trigger pressure is only about 40cN, and it comes with Fn+F8 to shield the Windows key function to prevent accidental touches during games. Download the software support from the official website, which can realize button macro editing, and easily defeat the enemy with one-click big moves.

The most amazing part of the whole product is the set of RGB color diffuse backlight effects. Up to 16.8 million colors can be set through the software on the official website. The side panels on the left and right sides of the keyboard also have a synchronous backlight design, especially when gaming at night. The atmosphere is great, with a cyberpunk sense of technology.

In the actual game experience, the small and compact gaming keyboard of B930 has great advantages. Whether it is a shooting game like Chicken Eater or a battle game like League of Legends, it has very sensitive and precise performance. The feedback of the keyboard is strong. It is also very comfortable, and with the keystroke sound of the optical shaft similar to gunshots, the game has a very strong sense of substitution.


Through the use of the past few days, the bloody ghost B930 has left a very deep impression on Uncle V. As a mechanical keyboard for gaming and e-sports, the B930 not only has a cool appearance, but also amazing RGB lighting effects. Solid workmanship materials and rich software support make B930 very cost-effective. If you are planning to change the keyboard or try a new switch body, I believe B930 must be the best choice.

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