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Don’t blame me for empathizing with others, just because this keyboard is so beautiful——Amilo Minilo static capacitance keyboard evaluation experience

Hello everyone, I am Taotie

I think when mentioning Amilo, many friends will definitely think of their classic themed keyboards such as Huadan series and Koi series. Indeed, these keyboards are very good-looking, but with the development of the times, players are more interested in keyboards. Different needs have taken place. For example, key rings are now more popular with small and exquisite appearance, exquisite arrangement, various connections, delicate feel, and more personalized functions such as hot swapping and trimming separation. Therefore, the market demand determines the characteristics of the product. I think Amilo has also seen this, so this new Minilo series keyboard was born.

Then this Minilo keyboard adopts 65% of the layout of the recent key circle fire, and it is also equipped with the front teeth arrangement that is common in customization; there are a variety of Amilo electrostatic capacitance V2 switches and the brand-new Kaihua customized mechanical switches. Body, with diverse and rich hand feel; ABS two-color keycaps are used for the keycaps, which are directly full regardless of color matching or texture. Of course, this time the keyboard has also added a Bluetooth connection to meet the needs of more consumers.

OK, the introduction is almost done, let’s experience the actual performance of this Amilo Minilo keyboard.

This time, the packaging of Amilo Minilo is very simple, and the logo of the product can be seen on the front.

When you open the package, the first thing you see is the standard dust cover. For the dusty north, this thing is really easy to use.

After opening the package, you can see that the accessories of Minilo are quite rich, including key puller, power cord and supplementary keycaps.

The supplementary keycaps are all individually packaged, like it.

In addition, the texture of the key puller is also quite good, and the Varmilo logo is printed on the surface with a slightly matte texture.

After the introduction of the accessories, let's take a look at the body of the Amilo Minilo keyboard.

The first impression of this Minilo keyboard is that the color scheme is really good-looking, especially to highlight the theme of eucalyptus, it uses gray-green, gray-blue and milky white to match the actuality of this plant. The visual effects are unified.

In addition, in order to keep the overall look low-key rather than coquettish, this keyboard also adopts the classic Morandi style in terms of color system, so the combination of the three colors is more soft, natural and comfortable.

The appearance of this Minilo keyboard adopts 65% configuration. Compared with 60%, it adds direction keys and commonly used functional areas, and finds a balance between size and practicality.

It can be seen that in terms of arrangement, this keyboard adopts the very popular incisor arrangement in customization, and two indicator lights are added to it.

Compared with the ordinary ship shell, the keyboard shell is surrounded by an extra layer at the edge, which makes it more layered and more three-dimensional.

In addition, this Minilo keyboard uses a Type-C power interface in the middle, which maintains a symmetrical structure.

Turning it over, you can see that the bottom plate also adopts the gray-green color of the same color system, with white foot pads, which is unified with the overall style.

The foot support adopts a two-stage structure, and the angle adjustment is more abundant.

In terms of the switch body, the Minilo keyboard in my hand uses the static capacitor V2 daisy yellow switch.

The trigger pressure of this shaft is 35CN, and the feel is linear, so the tapping is very soft and smooth, which is suitable for players to input code words for a long time.

After all, the pressure rating of the V2 daisy yellow switch is too small, so in order to improve the flexibility of the big key, a different switch body is used at this position.

The satellite shaft adopts a steel plate structure, filled with grease inside, and noise-absorbing cotton is added inside the cavity, which can effectively suppress the cavity sound.

In terms of keycaps, the Minilo keyboard uses two-color ABS keycaps, so the texture is excellent, the characters are clear, and the color is correct. And in order to help players find the function of the FN layer, side engravings are added to the keycaps, which is quite considerate.

Turning it over, you can see that the production quality and craftsmanship of the keycaps have reached the level that ABS two-color should have.

Attached below is a percussion sound test.

In terms of wireless connection, this Minilo keyboard supports Bluetooth connection. After coding the code, there is no problem in terms of delay or stability.

There is a 3400mAh battery inside the keyboard, which can be used at high intensity for 20 days without turning on the light.

By the way, since the one in my hand is an electrostatic capacitor version, it does not support hot swapping.

However, the mechanical switch version supports hot-swapping, so the playability of the keyboard will go up to a new level.

Through the use of these days, this Amilo Minilo keyboard really surprised me. Whether it is the appearance design, appearance and texture, or the feel of the shaft body, and the matching of keycaps, this keyboard is almost perfect. Really, when the real thing is put in front of me, for me, the feeling of joy and excitement is completely beyond words.

I still have to sigh with emotion that the development speed of domestic mechanical keyboards is really too fast, and those of us who like keyboards and peripheral products just caught up with this good time. In the end, I still hope for Amilo, and hope that our domestic brands can do better and better.

Well, the above is the whole content of this article, thank you for reading!

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