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Don't smoke or drink, what's wrong with buying a keyboard? ——iQnix F97 black warrior mechanical keyboard experience

My daughter-in-law has a habit of buying back all the same style and different colors whenever she encounters clothes or shoes she likes. And I seem to be influenced by her too. I just bought a F97 roaming guide from an aluminum factory in March. It is very comfortable to use. Recently, I couldn’t help but bought the F97 Black Warrior.

The F97 Black Warrior is a keyboard with 96% layout, 100 keys, and a small keypad. It is a good choice for people like me who need a digital area and want a compact size. The keyboard size is minimized.

The F97 Black Samurai is made of all-aluminum shell, which feels heavy to the touch. The shell is not integrally formed, but the frame and the base are fastened and connected by screws. Aluminum casing, so it is full of weight, and the excellent workmanship also makes it appear to be of good quality.

The feet are designed with conical rubber feet, which are supported by the feet, so that when the keyboard is placed on the desktop, an included angle of 6° is formed, and it feels very comfortable when coding.

F97 Black Warrior supports three-mode connection:

USB wired: This connection has the least delay and can provide continuous power. Gamers and users who like light pollution can use this connection method

2.4G wireless mode: You only need to plug in the 2.4G wireless receiver to achieve direct connection without installing the driver, and the response speed is very fast and the delay is very low.

Bluetooth connection: The Bluetooth chip is upgraded to 5.1, with faster transmission, lower delay, and stronger anti-interference ability. Multiple devices can be connected at the same time, and switching between devices can be realized through shortcut keys, which is very convenient.

F97 Black Warrior can easily connect up to 5 devices, and can basically handle all wireless devices on your desktop. At the same time, the three modes can be switched separately through shortcut keys.

The F97 Black Warrior is equipped with a set of two-color keycaps made of PBT. The sublimation process has better wear resistance, and it is not easy to oil up after long-term use. The hand feeling when typing is also very good. The color scheme of this set of keycaps is slightly low-key, but the feeling of getting started is still excellent.

F97 Black Samurai offers matte and RGB versions, and there are a variety of switches to choose from. Because I really like the feel of the quick silver switch, I bought the quick silver switch version this time. The only regret is that the keyboard of the F97 Black Samurai does not support the light-transmitting design, which makes the Black Samurai look not cool enough when the RGB backlight is turned on.

The F97 Black Warrior has a built-in 4000mAh high-capacity battery, which greatly extends the battery life of the keyboard. In Bluetooth mode, it can bring a longer battery life. With the keyboard RGB light off, it can be used for 8 hours a day, and the battery life can reach 260 days.

F97 Black Samurai provides a hot-swappable solution for all key switches, which is compatible with mainstream three-claw switches and five-claw switches. Users can replace them with their favorite switches by themselves, and get more different hand-feeling experiences through a keyboard. It has a good performance in practicality and playability.

The initial pressure of the quick silver switch 45gf is heavier than the trigger pressure of the gold powder switch, so it will take a little more effort to press it down than the gold powder switch, and the total stroke of 3.4mm is also shorter than the TTC gold powder, and the quick silver switch has a rebound strength. A little faster than the gold powder switch, it has a strong heel feel, and the starting pressure is higher and it is not easy to accidentally touch it.

The F97 Black Warrior supports the iMac system, and it comes with a few supplementary keycaps that the iMac system needs to use. You can switch to the iMac keyboard working mode through the shortcut key.

The keyboard has a built-in 16 million color RGB backlight, and the lighting effect is outstanding. Through the FN shortcut key control, players can also easily adjust the lighting effect mode and brightness. If you don’t like the RGB lighting effect, you can set it to a solid color backlight, and you can clearly identify characters when typing at night.


The F97 Black Warrior from the aluminum factory surprised me again. The 96% matching and black keycaps make the F97 Black Warrior a low-key keyboard with no lack of texture. Friends who like to show their personality may think it is too Understated, and that's exactly what I like. TTC’s Kuaiyin switch is very easy to get started. As a user who accounts for half of games and code words, I think Kuaiyin switch is very competent. It has a pure aluminum shell, stable and convenient three-mode connection, and perfect large key adjustment and design. It can provide a perfect user experience, and it also makes me happy to use it. Just because of the keyboard layout, it will take a while to get used to it.

The above is the entire content of the F97 Black Warrior mechanical keyboard experience. Thank you for watching. If you think the article is helpful to you, please like, bookmark, and comment. Your support is the biggest motivation for me to continue writing. I am evil Uncle Mai, see you next time!

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