Don't you like this kind of mechanical keyboard? Hi Keys Dual Mode Mechanical Keyboard

As a productivity tool, the keyboard is frequently used every day. Sometimes I think that this kind of appearance and design seems a bit boring. However, I have recently entered the key ring and bought several mechanical keyboards. The keyboard shared today is Dujia’s Hi Keys dual-mode mechanical keyboard.

▲The packaging of Dujia Hi Keys, the graffiti elements seem to explain the uninhibited Hi Keys. Just looking at the packaging makes it difficult to think that this is a keyboard. Maybe such a personalized design will make this keyboard very fun. Speaking of the keyboard itself, the biggest change is the use of Kaihua’s new Turbo switch. Let me share with you the experience of this keyboard!

▲The display of accessories after unpacking just makes me a little confused, why is there no key puller. The accessories are as simple as a line, an instruction manual, and the classic coasters of Durga are gone.

▲ Dujia's products have always had their own taste, and they will not cater to similar products because of what is popular in the market. According to the official statement, the overall shape of Hi Keys this time is inspired by toast bread and bottom shell The rounded shape matches the square keycap with a little edge, which seems to reveal a little roundness, and friends who are tired of looking at square and square keyboards will definitely shine.

▲In addition to the eye-catching shape, the keycap of Hi Keys is a brand-new design, which is different from the most used OEM height on the market. The keycap of Hi Keys adopts a curved height + square contact surface, which is ergonomic and at the same time Make the overall feeling a little avant-garde.

▲The 84-key arrangement of Hi Keys should also be Dujia's first attempt. After seeing a lot of Dujia's previous 104 and 87, will you get used to the somewhat special arrangement of 84? But on the other hand, this kind of arrangement is very helpful to save desktop space!

▲Compared with other 60% keyboards, it can be seen that the overall volume of Hi Keys is not too large. Maybe it is not a big problem to try to put it in a computer bag. It is quite friendly for friends who have portable takeaways. However, will you carry a mechanical keyboard every day?

▲ Compared with the conventional 104 keys, the 84 key arrangement of Dujia Hi Keys lacks the small number area on the right side. Compared with the 87 keys, a few Function keys that are not commonly used are deleted, so the length is also shorter than the 87 keys. Save more desktop space.

▲There is a ball-shaped power switch on the upper left side of the fuselage. The raised height of this position is more suitable for blind operation. At the same time, the matching white status indicator light is gentle and not dazzling. It will also flash when the battery is low.

▲There is an independent indium-plated dial switch on the left side of the top of the fuselage. You can switch between 2.4G, Bluetooth 1 and Bluetooth 2 devices by toggling. The damping feeling is quite strong. It is very convenient to use this small dial to switch and adjust.

▲Dujia Hi Keys is a dual-mode keyboard, so the C port in the middle of the top can only be used for charging. How to use the charging head, remember to connect the 5V2A port, and you can have a fast charging protocol that can be fully charged in three hours.

▲In terms of color matching, the official name of this blue is dark blue, and the lemon yellow Esc key, space bar and Enter key are interspersed in the middle. The overall coordination is beautiful and eye-catching, especially the character design. The bottom function keys also have Windows and Mac labels, look very advanced!

▲About the switch body, this keyboard only gives two choices. My model is the Kaihua Turbo Brown Switch, which has a stronger sense of paragraph when tapped. Of course, I personally think it is a slight paragraph feel. If you want to experience the tea switch in a quiet way, you can choose the silent red switch. But it is a pity that this keyboard does not support hot-swappable switches, and there is no way to replace the switches you like.

▲ Check the workmanship of the keycap. The material is relatively solid, and the details of the nozzle and the chrysanthemum are well handled.

▲I like the big logo on the back. Of course, there are many details hidden besides the big Durgod logo at the bottom. For example, the entire strip is designed with anti-slip mats. It is not easy to slip when not using the feet.

▲There is a hidden receiver storage compartment on the side of the foot support. The cover and the cabin are both magnetically designed. The proper magnetic force makes it easy to take out the gusset and avoids the problem of losing the receiver.

▲In terms of light effects: Duga Hi Keys supports 8 different ambient modes, but they are all white backlights. The brightness or changing speed of the ambient light can be adjusted independently, and different light source modes can be switched by using the combination key operation.

▲This kind of opaque atmosphere, simple white. For friends who don't like rgb, this is the reason for liking it. All it takes is a little white vibe to accent it.

▲It is also worth mentioning that the battery life is calculated based on 8 hours of use per day. When the backlight is turned off and Bluetooth is turned on, it can meet 360 days of battery life, and 2.4G can support 200 days. It's also a nice flash.


从售价来看,杜伽Hi Keys双模机械键盘属于性价的存在,400多的价格加上独一无二的颜值,甚至有点潮玩的味道,当然在实用性上也丝毫不逊色,支持蓝牙、2.4G无线连接,出众的续航,同时还支持win&mac多设备连接使用。个人觉得很值,推荐入手。

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