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Double 11 good things recommend Shuangfeiyan 3 players variable speed mechanical keyboard T98 Yongjie

Today, I will bring you a mechanical keyboard with variable speed. It is the joint product of Bloody Ghost and Eternal Calamity-Shuangfeiyan 3-player variable-speed mechanical keyboard T98.

What is 3 players and 3 speeds, it can support 3 different players, can have 3 speeds, 3 feels; it adopts the technology that can reach 3 speeds and 3 feels without changing the shaft body, we only need Press the LT key on the keyboard to switch the speed at will, so that no matter we are ordinary players, e-sports players, or professional players, we can find the feel that suits us.

Its first gear is the standard 2.0mm stroke, the color is blue; the second gear is the accelerated 1.5mm stroke, the color is yellow; the third gear is the ultra-accelerated 1.0mm stroke, the color is red; the logos of various colors can be It enables us to identify which gear stroke we are using now, and the design of the product is still very humane, so that a keyboard can meet the different needs of three players, and it will bring good results when we play games. Gaming experience, just like we have three mechanical keyboards.

When we use variable speed 2, the stroke is 1.5mm, and the speed is increased by 50% compared with the normal speed; when we use variable speed 3, the stroke is 1.0mm, compared with the normal speed, the speed is increased 100% can make our hand speed reach triple jump.

The T98 mechanical keyboard uses a new patented technology - patent number: ZL 202020497911.0. The biggest feature of this patent is that it can precisely control the light change of the LT optical axis, which can make our keyboard reach the same speed in triggering and resetting, and also has the ability to increase the speed instantly after repeated flashes. It is called faster hand speed, and finally one step faster.

The T98 mechanical keyboard has a LT optical axis linear mechanical feel. It has a 45gf linear axis with a pressing feel. It adopts a straight up and down design. This design is similar to the red axis feel of traditional mechanical switches. It is smooth and light, allowing us to operate very stable.

The T98 mechanical keyboard has the characteristics that the trigger and reset are almost completed at the same point, because it uses the LT optical axis reset stroke, it can achieve trigger + reset = continuous stroke, making the stroke limit short, and the high-frequency continuous stroke is fast and fast, so that we During the game, more combos can be completed.

Compared with the traditional optical axis, the optical axis of the T98 mechanical keyboard has a deflection angle of 0.5° when touched. This touch design can make our hand feel more stable when playing games.

The shaft core of the T98 mechanical keyboard is selected from the gear material of the clock. It has oily and wear-resistant properties, which greatly reduces the wear of the shaft core. It also has a high dustproof and waterproof design, which greatly increases the service life of the mechanical keyboard. .

Although the T98 mechanical keyboard is a mechanical keyboard, it is also very quiet, because its bottom point is controlled by TPE soft rubber, and there is a sound-absorbing structure sponge inside the keyboard, which minimizes the cavity volume. This design can effectively Eliminates the noise we make when we use it intensively, making our typing on the keyboard quieter.

In terms of waterproofing, the T98 mechanical keyboard uses a dust-proof and waterproof nano-coating. This nano-coating can well protect the internal circuit board and achieve a high degree of dust-proof and waterproof. It can easily cope with daily splashes and no longer have to worry about the game process. In the case of knocking over the water glass.

The T98 mechanical keyboard uses the well-received OEM keycaps on the material of the keycaps, the thickness reaches 1.3mm, and the surface of the keycaps is designed with ultra-fine frosted texture, which can make the keycaps durable and oil-free . It also has a full-key no-reverse design, and we can quickly lock WIN when we are gaming.

The T98 mechanical keyboard uses the popular 98-arrangement configuration, so that while saving desktop space, it can also retain the integrity of use requirements. It also uses USB Type-C pluggable wires, and the feet behind the keyboard also have two height adjustment methods: 8° and 3°.

As a joint product of Eternal Tribulation, it also has a mouse. It can be seen from its design that it is a joint product of Eternal Tribulation. There is a portrait of Zhulong on the mouse, which looks really cool.

And it weighs only 78g, and we don't need to adjust the sensitivity. Its four-stage height adjustable function allows different players to lift the mouse in the game to control the game character to turn around or move, delay, virtual floating and other positioning functions.

This mouse has a 12K sensor in terms of hardware, so that it can capture our operations well in the game, accurately capture the movement of the mouse, and achieve real-time response.

It can also set 5 kinds of RGB lights in different colors, which can fill up the atmosphere of the game. In terms of buttons, it also supports 7 custom macro programming buttons. We can set single-key or multi-key combination macros in the game to improve our game skills.

This keyboard has two colors to choose from. There is always one of the two colors of Tianhai and Ning Hongye that suits you. The mouse also has two colors, black and white, both of which are classic colors.

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