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Double 11 Good Things Sharing Issue 6 - Cute style in the keyboard world? This Daryou small cube sugar mechanical keyboard is very suitable for girls!

Why does this society "volume"?

Even many of the products we use every day are very innovative and different from each other. As a keyboard user, Xiami is well aware of the involution of the keyboard industry. Everyone is not satisfied with being able to use it well, but more in the workmanship, material, design, and positioning of the keyboard to show their talents! If you talk about mechanical keyboards suitable for girls and targeting women, then this "Daryou Small Cube Z82 Three-mode Mechanical Keyboard" must be among them.

Simply open the box, the outer packaging of "Dalyou Small Cube Z82 Three-mode Mechanical Keyboard" is simple and cute, and the overall appearance of this keyboard is outlined on the front, giving people the artistic conception of "still holding a pipa half-hidden"! With a folded packaging design, unpacking is full of ritual. In addition to the small cube sugar keyboard, there is also an accessory box, which contains a replacement keycap, a multimedia rotary button cat claw cover, and a Type-C charging cable.

This "Dahlou Small Cube Z82 Three-mode Mechanical Keyboard" has two colors of "Vitality Powder" and "Canvas White". The key shafts used in different colors of keyboards are also different. Compared with the youthful vitality of the "Vitality Powder" color scheme, Xiami prefers the warm and lovely "Canvas White". This warm white color is like a cup of milk tea, which is very heart-warming!

Small cube sugar adopts small 86 keys, compact layout, small and exquisite appearance design, suitable for carrying at any time, and is better adapted to users who commonly use 108 keys; It's hard not to be moved. The small sugar cube keycaps adopt a smooth square keycap. Except for the space bar, they all adopt a concave design. Do you think it looks good?

Looking at the front of the small cube sugar keyboard, there is a multi-functional knob in the upper left corner to adjust the volume, press to mute, etc., and put a "cat claw cover" on it, which is like a "finishing touch" Practical and attractive;

Turn over the back of the keyboard, and there are non-slip foot pads, which make the keyboard stable, two-stage foot support, and three height adjustments; and the switch of wired, bluetooth, and 2.4G three modes and the charging port are set at the rear. side.

Xiami believes that all eye-catching designs should be built on the basis of the original experience. It is not worth the candle to lose the main experience because of the unique appearance. And this "Dalyou Small Cube Z82 Three-mode Mechanical Keyboard" did not disappoint me. How is the overall experience?

The small cube sugar adopts a smooth square keycap, and the middle of the keycap is concave so that it wraps the fingertips, which conforms to the ergonomic design; the PBT material is wear-resistant and slip-resistant, bringing a comfortable touch. We often type, and this comfortable "typing pressure" makes people feel happy and forget about fatigue! Shrimp still likes this kind of touch~

The white model of "Dalyou Small Sugar Cube Z82" adopts Kaihua light sound shaft. What are the characteristics? The trigger force is small and the pressing is soft. When using it, there is no noisy feeling of ordinary mechanical keyboards. The sound of the keys is pure and the volume is low. It is suitable for public areas such as dormitories/offices, and will not affect others. The key shaft and the key cap really match. The delicate texture of the key cap + the soft tone of the key shaft is indeed better than my previous mechanical keyboard experience. The official said that this kind of shaft has a service life of 7000W times, so it will last for a long time!

As a three-mode mechanical keyboard, "Daeryou Small Cube Z82 Three-mode Mechanical Keyboard" must have three connection methods: wired, Bluetooth, and 2.4G wireless. Bluetooth and 2.4G wireless can be switched through the toggle switch on the rear side. In addition to connecting tablets, mobile phones, and computers, it is also compatible with Mac and Win dual systems. Press the Fn+Del key to switch, and it is quite convenient to use. These experiences are very good!

I have to say that the mechanical keyboard without backlight seems to be short of something? Fortunately, this small sugar cube did not abandon the backlight design. Although the backlight has only one kind of white light, it blends well with the sleek sugar cube design and "canvas white" color scheme of the entire keyboard. In addition to adding fun, the multi-mode backlight also has practical functions, such as displaying the battery level of the keyboard through the digital backlight and so on.

In terms of battery life, the small cube sugar has a built-in 2000mAh battery. Without using the backlight, the battery life can last for about 15 days. How would you rate the battery life of this keyboard?

If the keyboard industry is very rolly, then the Dareu brand may be the "rolling king" in the keyboard. This "Dahlou Small Sugar Cube Z82 Three-mode Mechanical Keyboard" is small and portable, with sleek and comfortable keycaps and light-tone key switches, bringing you the ultimate experience! Taking into account both appearance and experience, the price on Double Eleven is only 409, is it worth it?

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