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Double 11 missed, three-mode hot theme Daryou A84Pro+A900 Huqing share

Double Eleven is getting closer and closer, and I don't know what you have stored in your shopping cart. In fact, there is no need to really wait until Double Eleven, there are already many products with very good prices. Taking advantage of the recent price cuts, I also bought a set of my favorite peripherals - Dareu A84 Pro (flame red) and A900 Huqing version. I have been interested in these two products for a long time, but there have been no promotional activities before. After this price reduction, I really saved a lot. After a period of experience, this combination is very good in terms of appearance and practicality, so I quickly sent it out to share with you.

keyboard out of the box

Dareu A84 Pro was also a hot item when it was first released. As a thousand-yuan-level keyboard, its packaging is quite solid. The black box is printed with a bronzing brand logo, and the texture design gives it an atmospheric and high-end feeling.

The whole keyboard in the box is wrapped in thick sponge.

Accessories include dust cover, Type-c data cable, shaft puller, and manual. It can also be regarded as Dareu's own consistent characteristics, and the overall is relatively simple.

Dareu A84 Pro has three colors of white peach powder, black gray powder and flame red. Considering that the black keyboard has been used too much, after comprehensive consideration, I still feel that the flame red is more passionate, and it matches the red customized version of the A900 mouse better. Flame red is not pure red, but has three transitions of white, pink and red, which not only ensures the beauty of the product, but also increases the degree of recognition.

This keyboard uses an 84-key layout, but it is very different from the general 84-key narrow frame. Its biggest design highlight is at the top of the keyboard, where RGB pickup lights and a volume adjustment wheel are added. Although it does not use a narrow frame design because of the material, the slightly wider frame also makes the overall look more coordinated. The layout of the keys on the machine itself is relatively compact. After the keyboard is widened, its length does not maintain the same level as the conventional 84 keys.

The length of the pick-up lamp runs through the F key area, and it can respond to the surrounding sounds with a full sense of atmosphere, which can be called a lighting artifact. The metal scroll wheel on the right uses a continuously variable speed, and half of it is embedded in the keyboard body, which is restrained and not obtrusive. The volume can be adjusted by scrolling, and the one-key mute can be realized by pressing down. The operation is quite comfortable.

The switch key and interface on the keyboard are designed in the upper left corner. Including the receiver storage compartment, Type-C interface, mode switching switch, and the lighting mode and color adjustment buttons of the two pickup lights.

The Dareu A84 Pro itself is a piece of "aluminum lump", which is full of weight, reaching 1500 grams, and the whole body is not light and thin. The lines on the bottom and back of the keyboard tend to be tough, which is also in line with the characteristics of the metal material, and it looks more layered. The support module is designed above the bottom, so that the keyboard has a certain sense of inclination, which can bring a good typing experience.

button feel

The so-called radish and cabbage have their own preferences, and it is not certain whether the appearance of the Daryou A84 Pro can satisfy everyone. But the feel of its keys is really not picky. It uses the Gasket structure + sky V3 axis, 40gf trigger pressure, 2mm trigger stroke, linear feel of pressing, refreshing keys, rebound with the hand, and good stability.

The shaft part has also been lubricated at the factory and has a pressing life of 80 million times. The large key uses a fine-tuned satellite axis, which feels smooth when pressed, without shaking or abnormal noise.

The keyboard itself supports full-key hot-swapping, and the mainstream three-legged and five-legged axes are compatible, allowing for a higher degree of freedom in customization. Gasket structure, the interior adopts a multi-layer sound-absorbing structure with positioning plate filling, which makes the keyboard sound-absorbing more pure, and the pressing feel of each key is also very consistent.

The keycap is a double-color injection molded PTB keyboard, and the PBT material is better in terms of durability and oil resistance. The surface of the keycap has a slight frosted feel, which is delicate to the touch.

light show

Dareu A84 Pro uses RGB backlight and has 7 built-in lighting modes. You can adjust the lighting changes and brightness through the keyboard. Combined with the pickup light on the top, it is extremely playable. At least for lovers of "light pollution" like me, there is no resistance.

Three-mode connection

Dareu A84 Pro supports three-mode connections, including wired, 2.4GHz, and Bluetooth 5.1. For me who usually use multiple platforms, I can easily switch between computers and tablets, and there is no conflict with the full key. Even playing some mainstream games is not a big problem, and the overall use is still very smooth.

In terms of battery life, it has a built-in large 4000mAh battery, which can last for almost a month without turning on the light, and the performance is not bad.

A900 Huqing

Dareu A900 Tiger Edition, as the name suggests, is a customized version for the Year of the Tiger. The packaging box and the mouse are both in red + gold color matching. Standing among many mice, the recognition is definitely second to none. Especially after pairing with A84 Pro, it has a proper Chinese style.

The mouse uses a right-hand lightweight design, weighing only 77 grams, the body theme is red, and the button part is gold. The tail is changed to a golden "tiger" character, which, together with the golden auspicious pattern, expresses the theme of the product more intuitively. The surface is coated with piano paint, and with the smooth body lines, the grip is also very comfortable. The mouse itself is on the small side, making it suitable for small to medium hands.

Compared with the normal version, Dareu A900 Huqing version has more changes in appearance design, and the buttons are the same. Two side buttons are provided on the left, with a narrow front and wide rear design, plus textured stripes, making blind operations easier.

The two main keys use a separate design, adding Dareu's KBS 3.0 technology, a two-axis cantilever design, and the left and right buttons can be triggered at 360° without dead angles. While achieving zero-space travel, it also greatly improves the trigger consistency. The 50 million micro-switches customized by Dareu, which are micro-switches, feel light when pressed, rebound and follow the hand, and the feel of the keys is still very good. The anti-skid ring is added to the roller, and the damping is moderate. There are also three indicator lights below, corresponding to the power and DPI.

There are vertical and horizontal textures at the bottom, and two Teflon foot stickers, which slide smoothly. Switches, DPI switching buttons and Bluetooth pairing buttons are also designed. There is a special storage compartment for the USB connector, and the cover uses a magnetic design, which is easy to disassemble and prevents loss.

The sensor uses PAW3370 optical sensor, supports 19000DPI, supports 400IPS, 50g acceleration. There is no problem with performance, whether it is for daily office work or for various online games. Usually playing League of Legends and CF can achieve accurate positioning. I basically use the wireless scene on a daily basis. In the state of 2.4GHz, the connection is stable, and there is no frame skipping or freezing.

In terms of battery life, Dareu A900 Huqing Edition has a built-in 500 mAh battery, 2.4GHz can last for 7 days, and the Bluetooth mode is about 25 days, which is basically enough. Surprisingly, it supports fast charging, charging for 15 minutes, and fighting for a month.


Generally speaking, Dareu A900 Huqing Edition and A84 Pro still have no problems in daily experience, and the double red color scheme is also very eye-catching. At present, both products have participated in the Double Eleven promotion. Among them, the keyboard has been reduced by 300 yuan, and the mouse has also been reduced by 180 yuan, which really saved me a lot.

Among them, the A84 Pro is a customized keyboard with an aluminum alloy body with a Gasket structure. Its workmanship and materials are very solid, and its functionality is also directly full. It's all arranged. Users who like metal style and ambient lighting effects are worth considering.

As a customized lightweight mouse, the A900 Huqing Edition mouse has an excellent grip. In particular, the KBS 3.0 technology makes the buttons feel even better. Whether it is daily office work or mainstream games, it can be competent.

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