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Double 11 peripheral recommendation, Dareu A84pro mechanical keyboard + A900 mouse

Dareu, as an old brand of peripherals, has always been of good quality and feel. The A84Pro mechanical keyboard is the flagship keyboard released by Dareu in the first half of the year. It has an all-aluminum body, three-mode connection, gasket structure, customized shaft, RGB The innovative integration of lighting effects and pickup lamps is highly praised by the majority of digital bloggers. The double ten has been reduced by 300, and the price can be obtained for less than 1,000 yuan. The discount is relatively strong, which is a good opportunity to start. Let me share my experience, hoping to give friends a reference.

Dareu A84pro mechanical keyboard

Packed in a black gift box, with the brand logo printed in the middle, and the surface has fine textures. The whole package gives people a sense of atmosphere and class, and it is also very face-saving as a gift. In addition to the A84 pro mechanical keyboard, there is also a keyboard data cable, a keyboard dust cover, a two-in-one key puller, seven spare keycaps, and an instruction manual.

This keyboard has three colors in total, flame red, white peach pink, and stone gold. Not only young ladies like pink, but as a boy, I fell in love with this pink at first sight. The keycaps are black, white, and pink, and the three colors are matched. The addition of pink adds a little playfulness and cuteness. The 84-key structural design is more compact, and the length is comparable to that of a 13-inch notebook, which can save more desktop space, especially for players with limited desktop space.

The body of the Dareu A84Pro keyboard adopts an all-aluminum alloy design. It is integrally formed by CNC, anodized and printed, and then multi-channel polished. The surface is smooth and delicate, and the look and feel are very good. The all-aluminum body not only increases the texture, but also adds a sense of heaviness, and the weight reaches 1.5kg. The 7 keycaps that come with it can just replace the pink caps on the keyboard and turn them into black and white keys. DIY keycaps are also a great joy of mechanical keyboards.

On the left side of the top of the keyboard, there is a storage compartment for the receiver, a Type-C interface, a toggle mode switch, and two pickup light adjustment switches, which correspond to the light mode and color of the pickup light respectively.

There is a scroll wheel in the upper left corner of the keyboard, slide to adjust the volume of the connected device, and press to scroll to adjust the brightness and darkness of the RGB backlight.

The Dareu A84 PRO adopts the Gasket structure, through the tight locking of the upper and lower covers, the high-toughness silicone is cleverly matched between the inside of the keyboard and the bottom case to ensure that there is almost no cavity inside the keyboard. Equipped with a high-toughness PC positioning plate, it can reduce the cavity sound and noise generated during percussion, and the pressing feels soft and elastic, and the percussion sound is clean and pure.

The axis body adopts our own sky axis V3, the wall-type cross axis design, the axis core shakes little, the stability is strong, the feel is similar to the red axis, the pressing feels light and smooth, the feedback is fast, and it will be triggered with a light touch. If you have not used the red switch before, you may be a little uncomfortable when you first get used to it. After you get used to it, you will feel very silky. All keys support hot-swapping, compatible with 99% of the mechanical switches on the market, you can change the switch at will, and customize your own exclusive mechanical keyboard. There are different switches on a keyboard at the same time, and different keys have different pressing tactile sensations, which is also a very wonderful experience.

Support RGB backlight, built-in 7 different lighting modes, you can switch the lighting effect mode through the combination key FN+“[”, FN+“]” to switch the lighting color, and provide 5 levels of brightness adjustment, FN+space can adjust the brightness, also Adjustable by pressing and sliding the scroll wheel in the upper right corner.

The addition of the pickup lamp makes the lighting effect of this keyboard more brilliant. The pickup ambient light will realize dynamic fluctuations according to the external volume, and the dynamic mode and light color can be adjusted by adjusting the button, which has high playability. With RGB backlight and pickup lamp, the table setting effect is also very eye-catching, and the atmosphere is directly full.

Connection mode, supports wired, wireless 2.4G, Bluetooth 5.1, three modes of connection, compatible with Win/Mac/Android/iOS system, supports tablet, mobile phone and other multi-device connection, one-key switching, more usage scenarios. The keyboard has a built-in 4000mAh lithium battery, which can be used for four hours a day. It can be used for 30 days with the lights off and 15 days with the lights on. At the same time, it supports charging while using, eliminating the trouble of low battery, and playing more fun.

All-aluminum body, Gasket structure, three-mode connection, RGB backlight, hot-swappable, customized shaft body, built-in lithium battery, RGB pickup light, Dareu A84 Pro can be said to be fully equipped in terms of configuration, detail processing and feel He also has a good performance in terms of quality, he has all the qualities that a high-end keyboard should have, and even has a better performance.

Dareu A900 Mouse

Dareu A900 mouse is also the flagship positioning, lightweight design, three-mode, fast charging, PAW3370+KBS3.0 button technology, full performance, and online value.

This mouse has four colors to choose from, trendy yellow, year of the tiger version, starry sky black, and bright moon white. I chose the trendy yellow. The color matching does not use a cheap shiny design, but a matte finish. , with a bit of calmness in his publicity. The package contains a mouse, a data cable, an instruction manual, a brand logo sticker, a pair of non-slip mouse stickers, and a pair of foot stickers.

The A900 mouse has an overall size of 120*64*39mm and a weight of only 77g. The integrated design of the upper cover and the side cover is beautiful and at the same time, the wall thickness is controlled to achieve overall light weight. On both sides of the mouse, ergonomic arcs are designed, which can fit the palm well and make it more comfortable to hold. On the left side, two buttons for forward and backward are designed.

The mouse shell adopts skin-like anti-slip coating, which feels very delicate and has a certain anti-slip effect. With the attached anti-slip sticker, it can also have a good anti-slip effect when sweating.

The power switch, DPI switch, and mode switch of the mouse are concentrated on the bottom of the A900. There is a 2.4G receiver storage compartment at the bottom of the mouse. The cover is magnetically designed and can be opened by pressing the right side with your finger, which is very convenient.

The split left and right buttons are equipped with Dareu's latest independent button technology KBS (Key Balance System) 3.0. On the basis of the previous generation, the connecting rod shaft is added, and the double-axis cantilever design ensures that no matter from which point the button is pressed, the force can be kept consistent. There is no dead angle in the 360° trigger, and the trigger consistency is greatly improved. At the same time, it can reduce fingertip pressing. The intensity makes it easier to press, and you won't feel uncomfortable when you use it for a long time.

This mouse is also equipped with PAW3370 optical sensor, a flagship sensor with high performance and low power consumption. It supports up to 19000dpi resolution, 400IPS tracking speed, and 50G acceleration. The movement details of the frame bring gamers excellent positioning accuracy and tracking performance, and can easily cope with different usage scenarios such as daily office work and game entertainment.

Support wired, wireless 2.4G, Bluetooth 5.1, three connection methods, adapt to multiple operating systems of Win/Mac/Android/iOS. It provides 5 levels of DPI in wired/2.4G wireless mode, and 3 levels in Bluetooth mode. It can be adjusted through the DPI button at the bottom of the mouse, and the DPI value can also be set through the driver software. Rich and diverse DPI designs can meet the different needs of different players and different usage scenarios for DPI. In terms of battery life, Dareu A900 has a built-in 500mAh battery that supports fast charging. It can be used for 168 hours after 15 minutes of charging. The long battery life allows for uninterrupted gaming.

Dareu A900 has a simple appearance, boldly abandons the RGB lighting effects that affect wireless battery life, and pays more attention to performance and overall experience. It is positioned as a purer wireless gaming mouse, lightweight, comfortable to the touch, three-mode, KBS3.0, fast charging , long battery life, overall performance is still very good.

Now the official price of the Dareu A84 Pro three-mode mechanical keyboard is 1299 yuan, and it only costs 999 yuan on Double Eleven. As the flagship keyboard of Dareu, it is still very worth buying. Dareu A900 mouse, the official price is 499 yuan, and the double eleven price is 319 yuan. The discount is relatively strong. Don’t miss it if you like it.

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