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Double combination of technology and aesthetics-Rapoo MT510 Pro "cute" multi-mode wireless keyboard evaluation

In recent years, technological products have been replaced rapidly, and the development of mechanical keyboards is also constantly moving forward. A few years ago, people paid more attention to the brand when buying keyboards, but with the continuous improvement of the aesthetics of modern young people, the demand has increased, and the color matching, shaft body, convenience and comfort of the keyboard have become the focus of modern consumer groups. . At the same time, in order to meet the major needs of consumers, design developers have launched a variety of novel products such as high-value, manual DIY, and cross-border joint names. The multi-mode wireless keyboard has become the new desktop favorite of current users. The latest MT510 PRO wireless multi-mode keyboard released by Rapoo not only has a cute appearance design, but also has very technological super functions. Next, let’s share with you Share your experience with this keyboard.


Rapoo MT510 PRO adopts 84-key layout design, 75% arrangement, the whole keys will be relatively compact, the volume is 310*120*35.5mm, small and compact, will not take up too much desktop space, very suitable for those who pursue a minimalist desktop style user. It can also be used on a small table, which meets the requirements of home office stars (such as me).

In terms of material, it can be seen that the high-strength aluminum alloy frame is used around the keyboard, and the corresponding sandblasting oxidation process and CNC trimming treatment are carried out at the same time, which not only greatly improves the texture, but also increases the user experience for users. , so that it has a more delicate feel.

The upper part of the frame is a USB-C opening, which adopts a key line separation design, which can be charged through this interface, and can also be operated in a wired mode. This separation design makes it more convenient for users to carry out.

Take a closer look, the design of this set of keycaps is also very user-friendly. The PBT sublimation keycaps used are made of PBT material, which is also called white rock. Compared with ABS in terms of hand feeling, this material makes the keycaps not easy to oil, and has a strong grainy feel when used. It is not easy to oil or fade after long-term use.

In terms of keycap color matching, Rapoo MT510PRO provides two keycaps: Voyage Diary and Meow Holiday. The one I bought is Meow Holiday. The style is very cute and cute. The corners of the keycap are rounded and well-made. The dyeing is very delicate, and many patterns on the keycaps are very cute, including cute cats, summer beach and other patterns, which make people love it.

Since the keycaps are designed to be opaque, the keyboard is equipped with a backlight system with ice blue lighting effects, and the backlight system can be adjusted in 4 levels. The backlight shines through the gap between the keycaps, so you don't have to worry about not being able to see the keyboard when you use it at night.

The back of the keyboard is equipped with four long strips of non-slip feet, which are ergonomically designed. The silicone feet and non-slip feet on the back can effectively ensure that the keyboard is stable when used on a smooth desktop, and you can also use it as you like. Adjust the height of the keyboard.

actual use

The advantage of the multi-mode keyboard is that it is convenient and free to switch. The Rapoo MT510PRO adopts a wireless multi-mode design and supports four connection methods: Bluetooth 3.0, Bluetooth 5.0, 2.4G and wired. The keyboard mode switching is to use the Fn key and the numbers 1-5 In combination, the 1-3 key combination supports pairing and switching of Bluetooth-enabled devices, Fn+4 is used through a 2.4GHz wireless receiver, Fn+5 can be switched to USB connection, and the 84-key full key has no impact.

On the back of the keyboard is the USB Type-C interface. The Rapoo standard cable is 1.8m long. Wired and wireless connections make it easy to cope with most usage scenarios, and can quickly switch between 5 devices.

Rapoo’s own mechanical fast silver switch is used on the switch body, the trigger pressure is 45±10N, the key travel is short, the trigger feel is also very sensitive and fast, and the rebound is strong and fast, bringing users a more comfortable input experience .

The input sound is also very light, and it will not affect others in the slightest when going out to work or typing on the keyboard in the office.

This keyboard also has a unique feature, through the supporting driver software, it supports 84-key independent programming in wired mode; it can set the lighting effect; it can also save the relevant settings in the driver to the cloud, intelligent cloud storage , so that when using other devices, you can log in to your account to obtain your own related keyboard settings, which greatly improves the user experience.

Battery life is also very important for a wireless connection-based keyboard. This mechanical keyboard has a built-in 4000mAh battery. Without using the backlight function, it can provide 225 hours of battery life with Rapoo's low-power wireless technology. , basically only need to charge once a month.


Rapoo MT510PRO has a beautiful and elegant appearance design, and the keyboard has a compact layout design of 84 keys, which saves desktop space; the multi-mode connection design can quickly switch between multiple devices; it uses Rapoo’s own linear fast silver switch, which has strong rebound and comfortable feel; battery life long time. As a high-value, high-quality multi-mode wireless mechanical keyboard, it is suitable for both office and game players.

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