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Double Eleven Desktop Goods Recommendation: Both appearance and strength, Heijue K690TPRO mechanical keyboard experience

Recently, I feel that the desk is too messy. I want to tidy up the desk and make the desktop more beautiful and concise. The 108-key keyboard used before takes up too much space, and after actual use, the usage rate of the number keys next to it is also very low, just in time. On Double Eleven, I bought this hot-swappable three-mode mechanical keyboard with 65% configuration and 69 keys on the Internet. It is the Heijue K690T PRO, a small keyboard with both appearance and strength.

Speaking of Heijue, friends who often look at keyboards should be familiar with it. The brand founded in 2009 has relatively high cost performance.


The packaging of the Heijue K690T PRO Bluetooth three-mode mechanical keyboard is still very simple. The front is the main picture of the keyboard and the specific model. The logo of the partner of the League of Legends professional youth training base in the upper left corner is still very eye-catching. This shows that Heijue His strength has been recognized by professional players.

After opening the box, you can see the main body of the keyboard. Let’s put it aside first. In addition to the main body of the keyboard, there are still a lot of accessories, including TYPE-C cable, 2.4G receiver, key puller, shaft puller, and instructions.

Because it is a hot-swappable mechanical keyboard with replaceable shafts, this time Heijue K690T Pro presented a key puller and a shaft puller, which is very considerate (I don’t know if it was installed more, I have a total of 2 of this one) key puller 2 shaft pullers).


Heijue K690T PRO provides two color choices, the color matching of the two colors is very small and fresh, and the name is also small and fresh, mint vanilla and lemon wafer. I chose lemon wafers this time. The overall color combination is white and yellow. The color saturation is also very low, which visually gives people a sense of elegance and freshness.

The layout of the key positions adopts a layout of 69 keys, so that the ESC key and the mode switching key are in a row on the top, the brand LOGO is in the middle of the two keys, and the indicator light is on the left of the mode switching key. So many elements are designed in an orderly manner. There is a sense of order and it also looks very refined.

Thanks to the 69-key layout, the keyboard maintains a compact body, which is very friendly to friends who travel frequently.

The keycap of Heijue K690T PRO adopts PBT double injection molding process, which has a great touch, clear font, very wear-resistant and not easy to oil; there are four huge anti-slip pads on the bottom of the keyboard, which is believed to be completely stable when placed on the table. Guaranteed.


The shaft body of Heijue K690T PRO is Heijue’s own Shanlan switch, which is made of PC material as a whole, and high-strength springs are used to increase stability. Some large keys are also equipped with Heijue’s carefully adjusted satellite switches to maintain Consistency of feel.

I have been using it for a period of time. Not only does it feel very good, but the typing sound is also very pure. This is due to the double-layer cotton inside, which avoids hard collisions inside the keyboard when typing, and makes the overall keys feel better. , The sound of typing is also more pure.

The key position adopts the layout of high and low keys, which is in line with ergonomics. It looks like an arc from the side, which can perfectly fit the movement trajectory of fingers when tapping up and down, making the hand feel more comfortable and not tired after playing for a long time.

hot swap

As a hot-swappable keyboard, Heijue K690T PRO adopts Kaihua hot-swappable shaft seat, which can support most of the three-legged and five-legged shafts on the market, plus the attached shaft puller, for those who like DIY Friends can transform according to their own aesthetics.


There are three connection methods of the Heijue K690T PRO keyboard, wireless 2.4G connection, multi-channel Bluetooth 5.0 connection and Type-C data cable connection. The mode switch button in the upper right corner can freely switch between the three connection methods.

The multi-channel Bluetooth connection allows one keyboard to connect to three devices such as a mobile phone, a tablet, and a computer at the same time, and can seamlessly switch between the three devices during use.


For a gaming mechanical keyboard, how can there be less cool RGB, but for people like me who have seen a lot of RGB lighting effects, I still like the pure color backlight of blue light or white light, and the lighting settings can also be downloaded from the official website. The driver can make more personalized settings for the keyboard, not only can adjust the light color or mode, but also can design the macro keys.

battery life

Heijue K690T PRO has a built-in large 2000 mAh battery. In wireless mode, turn on the RGB lighting effect and last for about 15 hours. The business trip party does not have to worry about the battery life at all. The TYPE-C data cable is used for charging. It’s ok, many mobile phones now use C-port data cables, and charging is also very convenient.


On the whole, the Heijue K690T PRO still has many bright spots, such as good looks, comfortable keyboard feel, multi-device connection, and long battery life. These highlights still impress me very much, and this keyboard really fits well on the table. It is simple and elegant at the same time. I plan to use it for a long time in the future. If you are also impressed by its highlights, you might as well hurry up Get one and try it out.

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