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[Double Eleven domestic product recommendation] Daryou A series mechanical keyboard

Hello everyone~ Double Eleven is getting closer and closer, and everyone must start to study what peripherals are worth buying this year. What I want to bring to you today is the chapter on domestic peripherals, which of the A-series mechanical keyboards of Kangkang’s domestic volume king Daryou are more worth starting.

Dareu A87 is the pioneering work of Dareu A series. From the initial theme version to the follow-up three-mode version and shaft seat hot-swappable version, not only the appearance is being updated, but the internal structure is also quietly improving.

The A87 hot-swappable series currently has a total of 5 color versions, and the single-mode version is the sky version and the purple gold version that are used in the subsequent A series.

The A87 hot-swappable series continues the design of the magnetic cover and steel fixed structure of the Dareu A series. In terms of the shaft body, it is the first time to use its own customized shaft, the sky shaft and the purple gold shaft.

Starting from the hot-swappable version, Dareu A series began to add a thick silicone layer between the PCB and the metal positioning plate to remove the cavity, and this is also the beginning of the Dareu mechanical keyboard structure.

After the launch of the A87 three-mode hot-swappable version, Dareu’s follow-up new products began to roll out, each of which is directly equipped with three-mode, hot-swappable and RGB.

The A100 chooses a brand-new layout design, which reduces the size while retaining most of the conventional buttons, further improving the user experience.

The switches on the A100 are the TTC gold powder and fast silver switches that have been very good at the time until now. The configuration is full, the switches and keycaps are good, and the hot-swappable design is also favored by many players who are getting started with customization.

Dareu A84 flame red can be said to be another leap forward of Dareu A series. The stunning keycap color matching and popular arrangement, there was a rare out-of-stock situation in mass production during the first release.

Since the first launch was TTC's newly launched flame red switch, the switch body with light guide column and Q-ball feel design has also become a major selling point of this keyboard.

The surface treatment process of the base is also very amazing. At that time, even if the keyboard was disassembled and sold as a kit, it was more expensive than the official price, and the price-performance ratio in the true sense was full.

Not long after Dareu A84 was launched, Dareu launched another explosive model, that is the A98 with a gasket structure. The soft and tough material gasket structure, which is rare in mass production, has been praised by many bloggers in the circle. Since then, A98 has been equipped with machinery in 98 The keyboard has become a popular choice.

Different from many mass-produced mechanical keyboards with gasket structure at that time, Dareu A98 chose PC material positioning plate with silicone layer as the supporting inner tank, and the edge was added with silicone layer to engage the upper and lower covers, and the bottom of the PCB was also added with thick silicone support. Real de-cavitation has been achieved, the hand feel of each part is more consistent, and the soft elasticity of the gasket structure is also particularly obvious.

As for the choice of the shaft body, it is its own sky shaft V3. The light and linear feel of the sky shaft is combined with the fence-type shaft core design of the V3 version, which further improves the stability of the shaft core, and has also been used in different subsequent Dareu products.

Dareu A84pro can be said to be a relatively niche product, and it is also Dareu’s first aluminum mechanical keyboard. The audience is more enthusiasts and customized players.

In terms of appearance design, the workmanship and surface treatment of the aluminum alloy material bring people a good texture and touch, and a sound control wheel and a more distinctive RGB pickup light strip are added above the keyboard, making the appearance of the keyboard very recognizable high.

In terms of structure, of course, the gasket structure of the explosive product A98 is used. The shaft body also adopts the sky shaft V3 mentioned above. It may be the sound reverberation effect of the upper and lower covers made of metal. It is easier for Dareu A84pro to create what is called "Mahjong" on the Internet. sound". Of course, everyone has their own preferences for the sound, and it is not recommended that you judge the quality of a keyboard by the sound of the keys.

Sure enough, 87key still has a higher audience. After going around with different configurations, the A87 was finally upgraded to the Pro version, and the structure was further improved.

Due to the upgrade to the gasket structure of the A87 Pro, the design of the magnetic upper cover has also been cancelled. Moreover, the silicone layer of 87pro has also been upgraded to a fence structure, and the edge wraps the PC positioning plate while strengthening the bite of the upper and lower covers. On the whole, Dareu's improvement in structure has not stopped, and it has been improved from different angles.

Dareu A81 is a recent new product of Dareu. This time, the new product has re-adjusted the structural design and adopted a steel-free gasket structure design.

The casing and keycaps are black and transparent, and the appearance is full of value. There is no steel structure, that is, no positioning plate, the shaft body is directly welded on the PCB, the bottom layer is supported by silicone, the upper and lower covers are occluded with a non-positioning plate structure, and the soft elastic feeling of the keys is softer. It is a brand-new gasket structure mechanical keyboard experience.

After looking at so many Dareu A series mechanical keyboards, I personally feel that A81 is the most anticipated one at present. For both daily use and light customization, I personally recommend A100 and A87 Pro. I hope that after reading it, it can bring you a little inspiration for buying a mechanical keyboard~

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