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Double Eleven is approaching, a small article tells you how to arrange the mechanical keyboard?

Computer peripherals, the mechanical keyboard is the most important one, the choice can not rely on guesswork, several mechanical keyboards started today have their own characteristics, for consumers with different needs in different industries, the choice is better than the time cost of getting used to the keyboard, In your own words, everyone will have great knowledge and opinions, and hope to discuss in the comment area.

1. Simple fashion and comprehensive functions

B.O.W Hangshi wireless Bluetooth keyboard adopts punk retro keycaps and three-mode three-device switching connection. The keys are made of punk retro circular concave keyway, ABS material, 68 key positions, mini compact body, thin and portable, and the volume adjustment knob in the upper right corner of the keyboard.

The keyboard can be connected to up to three devices at the same time, and the system includes the basic system of Windows+iOS+Android, which can realize multimedia control with the Fn button and multi-function shortcut keys.

Built-in 350mAh lithium battery, charging for 2 hours can last for 120 hours, Type-C charging.

2. Good health

X-Bows Lite Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard Ergonomically arranged buttons, 86-key design, the overall key position of the keyboard is different from the standard QWERTY keyboard, the key distribution of X-Bows Lite, with the middle "triangular" area as the watershed, the keyboard is divided into There are two parts on the left and right. When the fingers are placed on the letter area, the letter area is divided into two parts. The distance between the two parts is relatively large, and the inward bending of the wrist is reduced, forming a straight line with the arm. Typing is not easy to fatigue.

The left and right keys are separated, the left and right middle finger keys are arranged at an angle of about 20°, and a triangular position is reserved in the middle of the left and right partitions. The keys are arranged in a natural straight line with the axis of the fingers, wrist joints, and forearms during actual typing, and each finger is natural. , and tap the button in the stretched state. The main key area is designed to conform to the natural opening angle of the wrist and fingers. The large key is made wider on the original basis. The space is divided into two sections directly located at the docking position of the two thumbs. The tendon tissue of the fingers and wrist The resulting stress is reduced to a minimum.

Almighty tea switch, Gateron switch body, with a stepped matte texture keycap, to ensure the comfort of the wrist at the same time, the rebound is easy and not easy to slip, and it supports all keys without punching.

3. Coexistence of comfort and technology

Luofei Xiaoqiao 68 three-mode mechanical keyboard has a comfortable layout and adopts PBT material sublimation technology keycaps. The material itself has high heat resistance, toughness, fatigue resistance, and can be self-lubricated and low-wear.

The ergonomic design is that the bottom naturally extends up to 9°, and the fingers hardly need to be lifted too high, which reduces the cumbersome process of lifting and lowering the wrist.

The Xiaoqiao mechanical keyboard supports full-key hot-swappable switches. The switch body adopts Gateron’s classic G yellow Pro switch. The keys feel softer, the paragraph feeling is small, the pressure and key travel are moderate, and the keyboard response under light touch is also full of flexibility. , the feedback is extremely obvious and fast, and it has generally become the favorite of customization experts.

The retro hinge setting adopts Bluetooth/wired dual-mode connection, and the keyboard supports Windows8/10/Mac/Android systems. You can set the switching between three devices at the same time, and combine shortcut keys to switch devices.

4. Low-key connotation fashion leading

Lofree Bluetooth mechanical keyboard adopts "split type", with a detachable magnetic top cover on the main body of the keyboard. The button layout adopts a compact 84-key full-function combination distribution.

The key cap is made of ABS material, the product has stable dimensions, good surface gloss, and is easy to paint and color.

The Lofree bluetooth mechanical keyboard uses a brown switch, and the overall feel is relatively comfortable and soft.

The retro hinge setting adopts Bluetooth/wired dual-mode connection, and the entire keyboard supports Mac/iOS and Win/Android systems.

The Type-C interface has a built-in 4000mAh lithium battery, which can last for more than one month under the condition of intermittent use for 8 hours a day.

Although the prices of several mechanical keyboards shared this time are different, they all have good convenience in actual experience. In summary, there are a few small suggestions for everyone to discuss.

1. In terms of functionality and usage habits, although the X-Bows Lite ergonomic mechanical keyboard is a bit uncomfortable in the initial use, when you get used to this method, you will find that the typing speed is much faster than other keyboards.

Luofei Xiaoqiao 68 three-mode mechanical keyboard has its own upturned keyboard surface angle, which conforms to usage habits and improves efficiency without tiring hands.

2. Friends who have higher requirements for appearance and fashion can choose Lofree Luofei Xiaolang Bluetooth mechanical keyboard, which is what function and fashion should do.

3. If you want to experience mechanical keyboards at low cost, B.O.W Hangshi Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard is a good choice.

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