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Double Eleven keyboard recommendation! Portable and stylish, Dareu A98 three-mode mechanical keyboard experience sharing

As an essential computer peripheral product, the keyboard has been defined with multiple meanings. The keyboard has undergone all-round upgrades from being usable and office-able 10 or 15 years ago to today’s high-value appearance, multiple axes, good experience, and strong game sense. The current keyboard is developing in a diversified way, which is reflected in the mechanical keyboard. field. As a game enthusiast and a desk enthusiast, I have high requirements for the keyboard. But in real life, I've rarely been able to find a keyboard that I've been using for months or more and still be happy with it. Until I met the Dareu A98 three-mode mechanical keyboard with Gasket architecture. This keyboard has undergone a major upgrade around the user experience. The sound of typing on the keyboard is not only pleasant, but also relatively quiet.

I pay more attention to this when using the keyboard, and I like the soft tapping experience, so after many rounds of comparison, I chose the Dareu A98 three-mode mechanical keyboard. Of course, this is just one of the highlights that I personally value. Dareu’s keyboard attracts me a lot. From the keyboard switch body to the appearance design, and then to the actual experience, I think Dareu has really achieved the ultimate level of the industry, full of flagship experience.


The keyboard provides us with three cool colors in terms of selection specifications, such as wind and waves version, mecha version, and industrial gray. The one I bought is industrial gray. The reason why I choose gray among these three colors is mainly because I personally like this color system. I personally think gray looks low-key and business-like. You can choose according to your own preferences. Anyway, the specifications of these three different colors are currently relatively popular colors.

Although the body of the keyboard and most of the keycaps are gray in color, Dareu has added white keycaps to enhance the visual experience. The overall appearance of the keyboard is eclectic and lively. The number of keycaps on the fuselage is 98 keys. Compared with the older 108-key keyboard, its volume has been reduced to a certain extent. At present, this type of key-position keyboard has been widely promoted. I personally still like the 98 keys very much. Both hands can grasp all areas of the keyboard, and the number key area has been reserved. The keycap is made of durable high-purity PBT material, with two-color injection molding process, so there is no need to worry about color fading.

Compared with the conventional mechanical keyboards on the market, the Dareu A98 three-mode mechanical keyboard has an extra screen, which can display the power of the keyboard in real time, so that we can grasp the remaining power of the keyboard in time so that we can spare time to charge the keyboard. In fact, I think this function is really just needed. Dareu has turned it into reality, and I have to say it deserves praise.

In the area on the left side, Dareu has designed a three-mode control switch, which can adjust the corresponding connection mode according to your own habits. Specifically, it has three modes: 2.4G connection, USB connection, and Bluetooth. I usually use the 2.4G mode the most, so I turned on the 2.4G connection mode by default. Of course, this method is also extremely simple, slide to 2.4 mode in the slider, and then insert the receiver to use normally.

There is a storage place for the receiver on the right side of the keyboard. Usually, the keyboard is often carried. It will be very convenient to put it into this dark hole, and it will be easy to put in and out.

The bottom of the keyboard has some information about the keyboard, such as the model of the keyboard, charging specifications, and so on. Of course, the biggest highlight of its bottom is the use of 5 strip-shaped anti-slip pads, which can effectively prevent the keyboard from slipping. The height of the keyboard is adjusted for a better experience.

There is also a very heart-warming point worth mentioning. Dareu also took into account the needs of some friends for wiring, and specially added a three-way wire slot. The keyboard embodies the humanized design everywhere. I have to say that this confirms the old saying that professional people do professional things. Dareu designed the Type-C interface on the top of the keyboard, which is convenient for us to charge or connect with cables. In addition, careful friends may find that its card slot adopts a special design, and it will appear very stable after inserting the Type-C cable.

Dareu A98 three-mode mechanical keyboard adopts the currently popular sky switch V3. As the name mentions the sky, the color of the switch body is mainly blue, which is quite surprising in terms of appearance. This shaft body is manufactured by Huannuo. Its biggest advantage is that it has a good mute effect and an extreme sense of continuity. It is very comfortable to go straight up and down without that kind of blunt experience. After two iterations of this shaft, the user experience has ushered in a major upgrade. Thanks to the excellent workmanship and the advantages of its own shaft type, its lifespan is as high as 80 million times, so there is no need to worry about lifespan in daily use. After I actually experienced it, I felt a feeling that I had never felt before. The tapping is very quiet, specifically there is a "click" sound, and the feedback of keyboard tapping is very soft.

I personally think that this axis is not only very friendly to gamers, but also takes care of group friends such as offices, and the mute effect is very good. On the basis of the sky switch V3, Dareu also innovatively added the Gasket structure design, and added high-toughness silicone filling between the keyboard liner and the bottom case. In the case that the switch body already has a mute feature, Dareu has improved the hardware. It has been upgraded again, and the silence has been achieved to the extreme. Even if it is used in libraries, dormitories, office areas, etc., it will not affect the people around you.

As a three-mode wireless mechanical keyboard, battery life is also one of the highlights. It is equipped with a large battery of 4000 mAh. The large-capacity battery can guarantee up to 40 days of battery life, even when the RBG light effect is turned on. Its battery life can also reach 7 days. With the power display screen on the keyboard, you can always grasp the power status.

Dareu A98 three-mode mechanical keyboard is a mechanical keyboard with a very good comprehensive experience. It not only stands out in terms of appearance, but also adopts the ceiling of the current switch type - Sky Switch V3, which has an excellent mute effect , the keyboard can be used in various occasions. Relying on the advantage of 98 keys, there are not only more keys, but also more practical, and it will not be too troublesome to carry it on a daily basis. The battery life of the keyboard is remarkable, and it can be used for a long time after a single charge. Mom no longer has to worry about battery life. On the occasion of Double Eleven, I highly recommend this keyboard. With the blessing of various discounts, its price is even more beautiful. It is a mechanical keyboard that can be entered with eyes closed.

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