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Draw graffiti on the keyboard, IQUNIX F97 Graffiti Diary Keyboard

In addition to typing, the keyboard is also a platform to show personality. In addition to the stereotyped solid-color keyboard, a colorful and personalized keyboard is also a good choice. Recently, the F97 graffiti keyboard that I bought from IQUNIX is a very distinctive keyboard, which uses a very cool graffiti theme to show its personality.

Aluminum factory, IQUNIX, is well known for its various aluminum alloy peripherals and fine workmanship. The author is a loyal fan of the aluminum factory and has already bought a variety of keyboards. It can be said that each keyboard has its own characteristics and personality. Bright, I like it very much. Buy and buy and become a keyboard enthusiast.

The color design of the keyboard I bought this time is quite different from the previous keyboards. The previous keyboards were all in a combination of solid colors, gradient colors, and contrasting colors. This time, the theme is graffiti, and the color matching is radical. A lot of graffiti elements are used directly on the keyboard. From the effect point of view, it is still very "eye-catching".

Let’s take a look at the appearance of the keyboard first. There are 3 colors to choose from for the border of the keyboard, namely red, white and black borders. The author chose the red border, such a cool keyboard, of course I chose the RBG version.

The all-aluminum alloy casing used in the keyboard is heavy in the hand, and it is particularly stable. The colors are black, white and red. Special keys use a lot of graffiti elements. The color scheme is bold but unique.

The switch body is TTC’s Kuaiyin switch V2 version, which has a fast trigger and quick rebound, and is currently my favorite.

The packaging of the keyboard is the consistent style of upper-layer keyboard and lower-layer accessories in the aluminum factory. There are all kinds of accessories, which reflect the quality of a thousand-yuan keyboard. Connectors, adapters, C-port data cables with shielding rings.

The F97 keyboard is an improved and upgraded version of the aluminum factory's F96 keyboard, which uses a compact layout that is 30% smaller than the full-size keyboard. However, the keypad and many useful function keys are retained. It is convenient for users who need to use a small keyboard. Compared with the standard-sized keyboard, the arrow keys are combined with other keys, and can be controlled by the up key and the three raised dots on the 5 of the small numeric keypad in the initial use. I can use it proficiently.

The keycaps on the keyboard are made of spherical keycaps, made of PBT material, which is durable and does not wear or oil. The KDA height used has a certain height difference. The graffiti on the big keys, especially the space bar, can be said to be very individual, and the text on the SSR is also full of European style. In addition, the large keys of IQUNIX are all designed with a balance bar, and the adjustment is very in place, and the space bar and shift key are not loose.

The keyboard comes with a certain inclination angle, and the included angle with the desktop is 6 degrees. With the height of KDA, it is very comfortable to use and typing, which is very suitable for long-term use.

The frame shell of the keyboard is surrounded by 4 aluminum alloy frames, the supply of processing is very exquisite, the four sides are fixed with screws, the frame is very smooth and tidy

The interface of the keyboard adopts the Type-C interface, which has the functions of charging and communication at the same time. at the front of the keyboard. In the same position, the nameplate of IQUNIX of the aluminum factory is inlaid on it.

On the back of the keyboard, there is a whole piece of metal plate with eye-catching graffiti of F97 characters on it. There are non-slip rubber on the 4 corners of the keyboard, which is very stable to use. The switch is on the right.

RGB wireless keyboards still have high power requirements. F97 has a built-in battery of 4000mAh, which makes it stress-free to use RGB lighting effects for a long time.

The keyboard is tri-mode, and the switch allows the keyboard to switch freely between wired and wireless modes. The Bluetooth mode can also be used to switch between multiple devices, and the wireless mode supports Bluetooth 5.1 and 2.4GHz connections.

Let’s talk about the experience of the TTC fast silver switch again. The ultra-fast response speed and percussion feel are very crisp and pleasing to the ear. The speed of rebound is the biggest feature of the fast silver switch, and the trigger of the press is also just right, and it is not easy to accidentally touch it.

The shaft body adopts a full hot-swappable design, compatible with ttc and cherry shaft bodies, and different shaft bodies can be replaced by the shaft puller, which makes the subsequent use of the keyboard more customizable. Experience different axes.

The RGB functionality of the keyboard is also excellent. The keyboard has a variety of RBG lighting effects built in. During use, you can flexibly adjust and switch the lighting effects through the combination of FN keys. The graffiti theme that matches the keyboard is even more cool.

Finally, the author's experience summary:

IQUNIX F97 Graffiti Diary has been used for a period of time and I am very satisfied. Under the gorgeous appearance, the experience of using it is also excellent, and it is worth a try.

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