Duga mechanical keyboard K320 with online appearance and good hand feel

As a code word party, one of the ways to improve productivity is to have an easy-to-use mechanical keyboard. I think it's easy to use, but it's actually very simple, and it just feels comfortable in the hand. Coincidentally, there is a demand for replacement recently. After understanding the keyboard market, I found that there are many keyboards that meet this demand, but after comprehensive consideration, I finally chose the dujia mechanical keyboard K320 matte version.

Dujia mechanical keyboard K320 has four colors of deep space gray, blue ink, natural white and light fog blue, six kinds of switches such as black switch, green switch and red switch are available, and there are white light limited version and matte version , There are so many options, there is always something that suits you. I chose the space gray red shaft matte version. Because the frequency of use of the digital area is not high, the matte version is more cost-effective, and I prefer the calm space gray for its appearance.

I got it in a cardboard box, black and blue, with product logo, product name and model, and five selling points in English. The style is simple and international.

Open the package and take out the contents one by one, and found that in addition to the main body of the keyboard, accessories include a transparent dust cover, key puller, cable management Velcro, manual, A to C cable and C to C cable. At the same time also presented a beautiful coaster. The materials are rich and delicate, and there is a feeling of great value.

Duga mechanical keyboard K320 is designed with 87 keys. Its dimensions are 357.5*132.5*24.5mm, and it occupies a small space. Gray + silver gray, mysterious and low-key, stable and restrained.

The surface of the Duga mechanical keyboard K320 adopts a carefully adjusted painting process and incorporates frosting technology, which presents a metallic texture as a whole and improves the grade; the base has a three-way wire slot design, and the wired connections are neat and orderly, keeping the desktop clean; Five non-slip feet, flat on the table, stable and non-slip; the center of the bottom cover is embedded with keyboard information.

The Duga mechanical keyboard K320 adopts a key-wire separation design, and is equipped with A to C and C to C cables as standard, covering the interfaces of electronic devices such as desktops and thin and light notebooks, which is more comprehensive.

The Duga mechanical keyboard K320 has its own tilt angle, and with the two-stage foot support, it can be adjusted in three levels of height, and the keyboard can be raised from a flat position to a comfortable angle, making typing easier.

The Durga mechanical keyboard K320 is equipped with four LED indicators, which can indicate the indication status of upper and lower case, key lock, etc. at a glance.

The corners of the keyboard are naturally rounded, the base and the frame are tightly combined and flat, free of stubble and excess, and the details are handled well.

The Duga mechanical keyboard K320 uses the original German "Cherry switch". This keyboard has six switch types including black switch, green switch, and red switch. The switch body is different, and the experience is naturally different. If there are a lot of games, I recommend the green or brown switches, which have a strong sense of paragraph and feel more. If you are mainly used for code words like me, and occasionally play games, it is recommended to choose the red switch. The trigger pressure of this switch is 45cN. The range is 2mm, the trigger is smooth and sensitive, the pressure is moderate, and there is no sense of paragraphs. It is suitable for long-term coding, and the game can also experience a certain sense of refreshment. In addition, the large keys in this keyboard all use fine-tuned satellite axes to ensure that the keys feel more consistent.

Duga mechanical keyboard K320 adopts high-content PBT two-color closed keycaps, OEM height stepped design, fine frosted surface makes the hand feel delicate, PBT material is durable and wear-resistant, and it is not easy to oil up after long-term use. At the same time, the curved design of the keycap fits the fingertips, saving effort when tapping, and conforms to ergonomics.

For gamers, the full key without punching is a very important design, which can be done by combining keys on the keyboard according to their own ideas. The Durga mechanical keyboard K320 supports this function. During the game, even if multiple buttons are pressed at the same time, it will instantly respond to the trigger command, one step at a time, helping to become the king of the game.

For users of the Durga mechanical keyboard K320, in addition to enjoying the feel, they can also change the keycaps and even play with the novel definition of "macro". Through the onboard storage supported by the mechanical keyboard K320, and with the Dugazeus driver software, all keys except Fn can be customized. Especially by setting the macro definition by combining keys to complete complex operations, it provides great convenience for game lovers. You can imagine that when others are still busy with operations, you have already completed them first, which can be said to have taken the lead. Enjoy the feeling of opening and hanging.

After some experience, I think the Durga mechanical keyboard K320 has an exquisite appearance, and the Cherry cherry switch feels comfortable to the touch. It is smoother to play games with full keys and no impact, and the onboard storage plus key customization is beyond my needs. This keyboard is undoubtedly a good choice for friends who have code words and slight gaming needs.

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