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Durga K610w, K620w CORONA mechanical keyboard evaluation: good feel and appearance

As a well-known domestic peripheral manufacturer, Dujia’s K series keyboards have been recognized by many users as soon as they were launched for their simple and attractive shapes and outstanding feel. It has gained a good reputation among overseas keyboard players. In the middle of this year, Dujia launched two three-mode hot-swappable mechanical keyboards, K610w and K620w, which have also received good praise from users. Recently, it has also upgraded the details of these two keyboards, providing white backlight and brand new Shaft collocation, let’s follow the author to have a look.


Durga K610w and K620w CORONA mechanical keyboards adopt a simple white packaging style, with light blue fonts and product display pictures, the overall look is neat and beautiful, and the side stickers provide product model and shaft type identification. In terms of accessories, it provides plastic dust covers, USB Type-C data cables, replacement keycaps, magic cable ties, key pullers, shaft pullers, Type-C converters and manuals. The accessories are still very rich and practical.


Duga K610w and K620w CORONA mechanical keyboards still provide two color schemes of "echo" and "island". The ones I got are all "echo" fog blue color schemes, with white and gray keycaps and embellishment of large blue keys. , making it look simple and fresh, natural and quiet, with the design style of the black and white double-layered fuselage, it is still very good in creating visual effects. The width of the top of the fuselage is reduced, and the bottom is treated with a black border and half-wrapped. With the layered and progressive keycap color matching, it also makes the look and feel more layered and brings higher product recognition. In terms of product specifications, K610w has a 104-key layout, and K620w has an 87-key layout, which is very convenient for users to choose freely according to their personal usage scenarios. The indicator lights of the two keyboards are also basically the same. The K610w has an additional number keypad status indicator, and the other indicators correspond to the wired and wireless states respectively. With the gray light indicator area, it is more convenient to identify.

In terms of key functions, in addition to the common connection mode switching and multimedia control functions, these two keyboards also provide combined key positions for lighting control, which is convenient for users to quickly adjust lighting effect mode, lighting brightness, dynamic speed and other functions, and the key The function of the key combination is also simply marked on the cap, which is convenient for users to get started quickly. Rich and practical combination key functions can make users more convenient and quick in daily use, and the user experience has been greatly improved. The power switch and USB Type-C interface are provided on the top side of the fuselage, which can be used for wired use or charging the keyboard, so that users can freely adjust the connection method according to different usage scenarios. These two keyboards provide three connection solutions: wired, wireless 2.4G and Bluetooth 5.0. Bluetooth supports two sets of configuration information storage, which is convenient for users to switch between different devices.

The bottom of the keyboard continues the double-layer design characteristic of Dujia, and the brand LOGO is embossed in the middle, which further enhances the overall brand recognition. The bottom provides two-stage support feet and four non-slip foot pads, and the right side also provides a storage slot for the wireless receiver. The overall layout scheme is simple and practical. The two-stage support feet and the built-in inclination angle of the fuselage also allow most users to obtain the best input angle suitable for them, ensuring the comfort of long-term use. The multiple non-slip feet also make the keyboard more stable on the desktop , The handling in terms of comfort experience is still very good.


In terms of shaft matching, Kaihua provides a new TURBO series shaft body, and provides four shaft body choices of red shaft, silent red shaft, silver shaft and brown shaft. The author got the silver shaft and silent red shaft. Both switches adopt a linear feel scheme, with a trigger force of 45gf, a trigger stroke of 1.2mm for the silver switch, and a total stroke of 3.6mm, and a trigger stroke of 1.7mm for the silent red switch, and a total stroke of 4mm. There are still some differences in handling. This series of shafts improves the precision of the mold, and Changrun has also been further optimized. With the POM shaft, it can bring smooth and smooth pressing performance. The silver switch feels light, rebounds strongly, and has a clear sense of bottoming confirmation; the silent red switch feels linear and soft, not hard at the bottom, moderate rebound, and noise control is also very good. The feel of the two switches is relatively good. The large key position adopts the satellite axis scheme, the feel adjustment is neat and simple, there is no unnecessary shaking and abnormal noise, and the overall key feel is very good.

Duga K610w and K620w CORONA mechanical keyboards also provide a hot-swappable solution for all keys, compatible with three-legged axes and five-legged axes, and have good compatibility with most of the axes on the market. If you want to change the switches according to your personal preferences, you can experience different handles of different switches on one keyboard, which has high playability and practicality. The bottom sound-absorbing cotton and sandwich silicone pad are also added inside the keyboard, which can reduce the cavity sound and noise generated during tapping, and make the tapping feel more stable and solid, further improving the user experience.

The keycap part adopts the high-quality PBT light-transmitting keycap of the original factory, which is made of two-color injection molding process, and the closed character scheme provides a comfortable feel and can also make the keyboard lighting performance more outstanding. The surface of the keycap is comfortable and delicate to the touch. With the wear-resistant and oil-resistant properties of the PBT material, it can bring a better user experience, and the internal ribs further ensure the strength of the keycap, preventing the keycap from being bent and twisted. Better durability performance. The outer side of the space bar is treated with a circular arc, which can bring users a better tapping feel.

White backlight:

Durga K610w and K620w CORONA mechanical keyboards also provide white LED backlights, which together with the light-transmitting keycaps can also bring a good sense of lighting atmosphere to the user's desktop, making identification more clear and convenient in dark environments. There are 9 different lighting effect modes built into the fuselage, and users can switch according to their personal preferences. With the adjustment of lighting brightness, dynamic speed and dynamic direction, it also brings higher lighting playability. The overall brightness of the light is soft and natural, the dynamic performance is smooth and natural, and the visual performance is still good, but the overall brightness is somewhat low, which also leads to incomplete display of some keycaps. It must be for battery life in wireless mode, which is also understandable.

Use test:

In terms of connection methods, Dujia K610w and K620w CORONA mechanical keyboards provide three mainstream three-mode connection solutions: wired, wireless 2.4G and Bluetooth 5.0. Under 2.4Ghz, it supports a rate of return scheme up to 1000Hz, which is also very friendly to gamers, and it is more handy to use in intense game scenes. Through the Dugazeus driver software, users can also set key functions, key masking and other functions, which further enriches the functionality of the keyboard. With three sets of configuration file storage, users can easily cope with various usage scenarios. Further enhance the user experience. In the 2.4G wireless state, it can also bring lower latency and stronger anti-interference wireless performance. It can quickly respond to user key operations, and the connection is stable and continuous, and it can bring users a better experience.

The fuselage is equipped with a large-capacity lithium battery. Under the ideal state of 8 hours of use per day, it can provide about 200 days of battery life in 2.4Ghz mode, and up to 360 days in Bluetooth mode; after turning on the backlight with the highest brightness, The battery life of the two connection methods is about 7 days, which is no problem for basic daily use. Coupled with the excellent popularity of USB Type-C, it will be more convenient for users to recharge the keyboard, and a full charge can be achieved in 3 hours , You can basically get rid of the anxiety of battery life. At the same time, the built-in chip of the keyboard can also automatically identify the currently connected operating system, realize the automatic switching function under Windows/MacOS, and the commonly used keys have also been independently adapted, making it easier to get started. The device also has good compatibility performance, and is very friendly to users with multiple platforms and devices.


On the basis of the original keyboard, Duga K610w and K620w CORONA mechanical keyboards have added a white backlight and a variety of new shafts. The feel of the large keys has also been further optimized, further improving the overall appearance and feel of the keyboard. As a small facelift and upgraded version of the replacement product, it is still very worth buying. These two keyboards are currently on pre-sale at the durgod flagship store, and it coincides with Double Eleven. Users who like them may wish to pay more attention.

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