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Durga K610w&K620w three-mode hot-swappable mechanical keyboard evaluation: the new K series is coming

As a well-known peripheral manufacturer in China, Dujia's K series mechanical keyboards have a high degree of recognition and a good reputation among the user community. K series mechanical keyboards provide 60, 87, 104 different configurations, and have a variety of lighting versions and connection methods, rich color matching and wide price range coverage, which makes it known as the "one-size-fits-all" series keyboard by many users. Recently, Dujia launched a new product style of the K series, named K610w and K620w respectively, with 104 and 87 key arrangements, equipped with mainstream configurations such as three-mode connection and shaft hot-swappable, and then follow the author Let's see how these two keyboards perform.


  杜伽DURGOD K610w&K620w三模热插拔机械键盘提供了“回声”及“孤岛”两款配色方案,配合104与87两种配列布局,进一步丰富了用户的选择空间。在外观设计上,这两款键盘也延续了K330的设计风格,采用了双拼叠层的机身造型,配合不同颜色的键帽搭配,能为用户带来更具层次的视觉观感。在细节上,它们均降低了顶部宽度,更加略带棱角的造型风格也更能讨好用户眼球,统一的机身风格方案也能带来更高的辨识度表现。

The "Echo" color scheme uses light blue with white, and dark blue as embellishment. The look is fresh and elegant, comfortable and quiet. The white body panel and black frame design also create a more contrasting visual look. There are four status indicators on the right direction area, which are used to prompt the keyboard input status, and also take into account the pairing status and power indicator in wireless mode. The functional considerations are still very thoughtful.

The "Island" color scheme adopts a dark gray and dark green color scheme, and adds a few white keycaps for embellishment, so that the overall dark-colored keyboard does not look too dull. The two colors of dark gray and dark green also have more obvious color changes under different light angles, quite a visual effect of two-color gradient, and it looks more stable and majestic. The fuselage uses a dark gray panel with a dark green frame, with a little contrasting color style, which also makes it more recognizable. There are five status indicators in the upper right corner, which are used to prompt the current status of the keyboard, connection mode and power display, and the functions are still very complete.

  机身左侧顶端提供了电源开关及USB Type-C数据接口,方便用户根据不同使用场景来自由调整连接方式,独立的电源开关也可以进一步为用户节省电量,获得更长的续航时长。在连接方式上,K610w&K620w两款键盘均支持有线、无线2.4G和蓝牙5.0三种连接方案,蓝牙下支持两组的配置信息存储,方便用户在不同设备间切换使用。

The bottom of the keyboard provides two-stage support feet and four non-slip foot pads, and the right side also provides a storage slot for the wireless receiver, which is convenient for users to store the receiver and avoid loss. The bottom of the fuselage adopts a design style of up and down, with the English LOGO of Dujia in the middle, which not only enhances the visual layering, but also makes the inclination between the keyboard and the desktop more suitable for daily input. With the two-stage support, most of the Users can find their own familiar and comfortable input inclination. The four rubber anti-skid pads also allow the keyboard to be placed on different desktops with good stability and will not slide easily, further improving the user experience.


In terms of switch configuration, these two keyboards are equipped with customized crystal switch switches launched in cooperation with Jiadalong. There are four switches for users to choose from: brown switches, silver switches, red switches, and mute red switches. The new keyboard is equipped with mute red switches and brown switches respectively. This series of shafts belongs to the Jiadalong CAP shaft. On this basis, it has also been lubricated to make the pressing performance smoother and smoother, and has a lifespan of up to 80 million clicks. The silent red switch adopts a linear feel scheme, with a total stroke of 4mm, a trigger stroke of 2m, and a trigger force of 45gf. The feel is light and linear, smooth and smooth, and the noise control is also very good. The tea switch adopts the step-by-step feel scheme, the step-by-step feeling is very light, the trigger force of 55gf is relatively moderate, the trigger stroke of 2mm and the total stroke of 4mm also make the pressing feel comfortable and natural. The large key position adopts the satellite axis scheme and has been lubricated. The key feel is relatively stable, but the shaking control is relatively general, and there are still occasional noises such as noise and steel wire sound. The adjustment still needs to be further improved.

The two keyboards support the current mainstream switch hot-swapping solution, and are compatible with tripod switches and five-leg switches. They have good compatibility with most of the switches on the market, which is convenient for users to replace the switches according to their personal preferences later. , You can experience different handles with different shafts on one keyboard, which has high playability and practicality. The bottom sound-absorbing cotton and sandwich silicone pad are also added inside the keyboard, which can reduce the cavity sound and noise generated during tapping, and make the tapping feel more stable and solid, further improving the user experience.

In terms of keycap selection, these two keyboards are PBT keycaps made of two-color injection molding process, and the original factory height scheme. Opaque design, closed character technology. The surface of the keycap is comfortable and delicate to the touch, and the concave curvature can better fit the curve of the user's fingertips, providing a better hand feeling experience. The PBT material is more wear-resistant and prevents the keycaps from oiling. The internal ribs also further ensure the strength of the keycaps, avoid bending and twisting of the keycaps, and bring better durability. The outer side of the space bar is treated with a circular arc to bring users a better tapping performance.

Use test:

  在连接方式上,杜伽DURGOD K610w&K620w三模热插拔机械键盘均提供了有线、无线2.4G以及蓝牙5.0三种连接方案,三种模式均支持全键位无冲方案,有线与2.4Ghz下支持高达1000Hz的回报率方案,多键位同时按压也能快速响应生效,应对日常使用或是激烈的游戏对抗使用也非常轻松。通过杜伽宙斯驱动,用户也可以对键盘键位来进行设定更改,进一步丰富了键盘的功能性表现。三组预存配置文件也让这款键盘轻松适应不同使用场景,让用户使用起来更加轻松方便。

Compared with K310, K320 and other wireless version products that are based on the wired version, these two keyboards are designed based on the concept of wireless connection, and have better performance in terms of structural scheme and visual consistency. It is equipped with a large-capacity lithium battery inside. Under the ideal state of 8 hours of use per day, it can provide about 200 days of battery life in 2.4Ghz mode, and up to 360 days in Bluetooth mode, which can easily meet the needs of most users. needed. The highly versatile USB Type-C interface and the charging-while-using solution allow users to use it with confidence and get rid of battery life anxiety. Of course, in order to ensure the endurance performance in the wireless state, neither of these two keyboards provides a backlight solution, and users who just need lighting effects may wish to wait.

In 2.4Ghz mode, Dujia also further optimizes the connection transmission performance, which can provide lower latency and stronger anti-interference wireless performance, and can quickly respond to user key operations, and the connection is stable and continuous, and it can bring users Better user experience. At the same time, the built-in chip can automatically identify the currently connected operating system, realize automatic switching under Windows/MacOS, and the commonly used keys are also independently adapted, making it easier to get started, and also has good compatibility with mobile devices such as iOS/Android , which is very friendly to multi-platform and multi-device users.

In terms of additional functions, these two keyboards provide configuration file switching, multimedia control and other functions, which can provide users with higher convenience in daily use. The addition of configurations such as hot-swappable shaft body and built-in noise-cancelling cotton have also further optimized and improved the user experience, and the overall performance is still very good. However, I don’t know if the adjustment of the large key position is a problem with the sample obtained by the author, and it still needs to be further improved.


  杜伽DURGOD K610w&K620w三模热插拔机械键盘作为杜伽K系列全新的换代产品,依旧保持了该系列键盘的“万金油”属性,并在外观设计、规格配置上都有着不错的表现。与当下主流的三模机械键盘产品相比,超长的续航和轴体搭配上这两款键盘还是有着不小的优势,对于键盘灯光无感的用户还是非常值得购入使用的。这两款键盘将于今天20点正式发售,售价749元起,更有新品发售优惠,喜欢的用户不妨关注一下。

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