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Durga K610w wireless mechanical keyboard: highly customizable 104-key multi-mode keyboard

The keyboard is probably the ideal digital product in the heart of every big boy who loves digital products, and of course I am the same. Under the influence of my college roommate, I fell into the pit of the keyboard. I clearly remember that it was a vacation in college. My roommate wanted to DIY a keyboard. He started to work on it when I was sleeping at night and hadn’t finished it when I woke up in the morning. After finishing, he likes it very much, this is my first impression of the custom keyboard.

I am also an old user of mechanical keyboards. I have used many brands of mechanical keyboards, and I still like 104 keys. It not only has the number keyboard I like, but also I am satisfied with the size. As for business trips, I prefer to choose a more The folding keyboard that is easy to store, the brand of Dujia was also known to me during college. At that time, the classmates in the dormitory opposite me were using this brand of keyboards, and the grass was planted at that time.

After using this keyboard for nearly a week, I have an initial impression of it. Let me talk to you about my experience with this Durga K610w keyboard.

First of all, this is a 104-key mechanical keyboard. Its packaging is larger than that of ordinary mechanical keyboards with dozens of keys. Some information about the product, mine is K610W, and there is K620w of a similar model.

When you open the package, you can see all the accessories inside. In addition to the keyboard, it also comes with two key pullers, a Type C cable and three replacement keycaps. The overall package is quite complete.

Let's look at the main body of the keyboard. The mechanical keyboard I received is mainly dark green. The frame is designed in dark green, and the other parts are black. The overall look is very stable.

The back of this keyboard is a black plastic design, with a brand logo in the middle of the product, and anti-skid pads are set on the four corners of the back of the keyboard, which can effectively prevent the keyboard from sliding.

On the front of the keyboard, there is only a product logo on the right, and the other parts are very simple. The keycap layout of the keyboard generally has a certain inclination angle, and the middle part is relatively low, which is in line with ergonomics during use.

It can be seen that Dujia K610w is equipped with the original high-level PBT two-color keycap. The high-content PBT material is durable and wear-resistant, and the touch is relatively delicate. The surface will not be shiny after long-term use. The front of the keycap adopts a two-color closed-end molding process. The characters will not be easily worn out, and the keycaps are round and smooth as a whole, without burrs.

On the upper right of the keyboard are indicators for various modes. You can see that Duga K610w supports three-mode connection, Bluetooth 5.0, 2.4G wireless and Type C to USB wired connection, which can meet various usage needs.

It is worth noting that Duga K610w supports dual-system automatic recognition function. The replacement keycaps included in the package can match the corresponding system. Commonly used keys are compatible with mobile and host devices. For example, if I use a Mac system, I will The corresponding keycaps were replaced with the keycaps of the Mac system, but unfortunately the Alt keycap on the right did not replace the keycap.

There are various mode symbols on the side of the keyboard, and you can switch between different modes according to the corresponding key combination. For example, I use the Bluetooth mode most often, and I can press Fn key + Q to switch to the Bluetooth mode.

There is only one interface on the fuselage, which is arranged on the left side of the fuselage. The Type C interface can be charged, and it can also be connected to a computer to switch to wired mode. Next to the interface is the switch key of Dujia K610w, which is placed on the It's not easy to miss here.

On the back of the Durga K610w, there are two feet of different heights, which can switch the tilt angle of the keyboard according to personal habits. Compared with the one angle of many keyboards, the Durga K610w is still very careful in this regard.

Next to the feet is a hidden wireless receiver module, which can be placed in this slot when not in use, and the cover is not easy to lose.

The switch body of Dujia K610w adopts the customized shaft body cooperated by Dujia × Jiadalong, which is called the crystal switch. After Tujia’s adjustment, it feels smooth and comfortable. The measured key travel is shorter than the red switch I used before. There is no sense of paragraph, and the sound is not loud when it is tapped.

The two-color keycap made of PBT looks very good-looking. This original keycap can be used for a long time without feeling greasy, but I may change keycaps of other colors later, even if this original project Already excellent. It supports hot swapping, and the shaft body can also be replaced at will, making it easier to create a keyboard you like.

There are also some commonly used patterns engraved on the side of the function keys, such as volume increase and decrease and switching tracks, etc., which are very convenient when using.

In the past few days of use, my first impression of this keyboard is that it feels very good. First of all, its key travel is not so long, and its key travel is relatively linear. The rebound strength is similar to that of the red switch. There is no tea The sense of section of the shaft, adding silicone pads and sound-absorbing cotton, reduces noise and resonance, and the overall sound is relatively small, even if you type the keyboard in the dormitory, it will not disturb other people resting.

The computer I usually use is dual-system, so Durga K610w has good support. Due to the wireless design, my desktop looks more refreshing, and I like the overall color of Durga K610w. It can be used as a background It is pleasing to the eye.

As for the battery life, I have only used the Duga K610w for seven days, so I haven’t used up the battery yet. According to the official introduction, this keyboard Bluetooth mode can have a battery life of 360 days, and even the 2.4G wireless mode can have a battery life of up to 200 days. , so I feel that there is no need to worry about battery life.

The Bluetooth device connection supports two groups. After the first connection, switching to the Bluetooth mode will automatically connect to the computer. I hardly feel the delay, and what I click is what I get.

In addition to Bluetooth mode, Dujia K610w also supports wireless connection and wired connection. The connection method is also very simple. You only need to press the corresponding key combination. It is a MacBook Pro with four Thunderbolt ports, so I need a separate USB-to-Type C adapter, which is why I prefer to use Bluetooth mode.

In addition, Duga K610w also supports driver software. Through the driver software, you can edit keyboard keys, macro settings and various exclusive configuration files. Since I mainly use the Mac system, I have no need for this aspect. Friends who use the Windows system can try it. one time.

Overall, I feel very good about the Durga K610w. Whether it is the calm color scheme, the three connection modes, or the hot-swappable shaft, it is the reason why I fell in love with it. I think the only regret is that it does not support lighting, but this is just my own opinion, and some friends may not like fancy lighting.

For this price, this keyboard has certain competitiveness. Its excellent feel and low sound are also very suitable for students and office crowds. For such a high-value keyboard, will you fall in love with it?

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