E-sports keyboard and mouse recommendation: the best in the world of cuteness, teaming up with domestic brands, the sense of scientific research will become cute in seconds

Nowadays, co-branded products in the digital circle are more and more popular among young users. On the one hand, they can own a digital product they need, and on the other hand, they can get along with their favorite IP day and night, killing two birds with one stone.

Speaking of Sanrio, it is the top class in the cute world. Although the name of this company may be unfamiliar to you, Hello Kitty, Cinnamon Dog (also known as Big-eared Dog), Melody...you must have heard of one of these famous images, and they are all created by Sanrio The famous IP star, the leader of the cute show world.

Promoting "interpersonal communication" is the business philosophy that Sanrio has always been adhering to, and Dareu, as a well-known domestic peripheral equipment brand, has been implementing the brand concept of "reach China, then, and optimize the world".

This time, the editor has experienced the joint launch of the Cinnamon Dog set by Dareu and Sanrio, which includes the Cinnamon Dog Cube Mechanical Keyboard, the Cincinnati Dog A950 gaming mouse, the Cincinnati Dog H105 wireless game controller and the Cinnamon Dog Co-branded products such as mouse pads. In addition to the excellent hand feel, I also feel the cuteness of Yugui Dog, which really makes me put it down.

In fact, I have experienced the A950 three-mode wireless mouse before, and it is a mouse with excellent feel and control.

The A950 adopts a lightweight design, the body size is about 123mm×64mm×39mm, and the weight is only about 88g. Very small, easy to move flexibly on a small desktop.

The fuselage is a right-handed symmetrical design. The introverted waistline of the fuselage and the surface treated with a skin-like coating bring a delicate and smooth touch, which is not only non-slip but also easy to clean.

A950 has a total of six buttons, and there are two side buttons on the left side. The shape with narrow front and wide rear is very clearly recognizable to the touch, and the force is moderate, which is convenient for thumb manipulation.

The Dareu A950 mouse adopts the second-generation KBS technology, which effectively solves the empty travel of the buttons, has a smaller trigger force, can achieve all-round trigger without dead ends, and easily adapts to large and small hands. Equipped with Dareus new generation exclusive wireless high-performance gaming optical engine, it can provide 300IPS tracking speed, 12000DPI positioning accuracy and a maximum speed of 35GB.

The main button adopts a split structure, combined with KBS 2.0 key balance technology, the trigger is stable and sensitive. The micro switch is equipped with a 50 million micro switch customized by Dareu, with a moderate key stroke, a clear sense of confirmation, and a very comfortable hand feel. Rubber anti-slip rings are installed on the rollers, which has less resistance during operation and no abnormal noise and shaking. Support 50-12000DPI custom adjustment, users of different games can meet the use needs.

The bottom of the fuselage is designed with three large-area foot stickers and two shorter foot stickers, which can ensure that the mouse has sufficient smooth and stable performance on the surface of different materials.

The bottom is also designed with a mode switching switch, code pairing button and receiver storage compartment, which can quickly switch between different usage scenarios.

The A950 mouse supports 2.4G, Bluetooth, and wired connections. It has a built-in 950mAh rechargeable lithium battery. Thanks to the customized AIM-WL low-power sensor, it has a battery life of up to 120 hours.

It is worth mentioning that the A950 three-mode wireless mouse also comes standard with a magnetic charging base with independent streamer RGB lighting effects, which not only charges quickly, but also has a variety of magical lighting effects that make it full of technology. The front end of the base is also designed with a USB socket, which can effectively shorten the distance between the mouse and the signal receiver and improve signal transmission efficiency.

It has to be said that with the addition of the image of Yugui Dog, a gaming mouse that was originally full of e-sports feeling has become a cute desktop item in seconds. The sharp temperament is subtly neutralized by the Yugui dog. You must know that the setting of Yugui Dog is calm, friendly and amiable. When holding it, in addition to the comfortable feel, the peace of mind and joy make people relax.

If you are a game fan, it is recommended to include both the Yugui Dog Custard Mechanical Keyboard and the Yugui Dog H105 Wireless Controller.

The small sugar cube mechanical keyboard has a compact 82-key layout, and it is also a three-mode connection method. Kaihua's silent mechanical shaft and small sugar cube PBT keycaps allow you to enjoy a comfortable, quiet and efficient typing experience without interference.

Yuguigou H105 wireless handle has a gaming-grade Hall trigger and "zero" dead zone joystick adjustment, which makes aiming and shooting more accurate, and the response speed of electromagnetic induction is also one step faster. It has an asymmetrical vibration motor, bringing more real immersion style experience.

The price of the joint peripherals of Sanrio and Daryu is 329 yuan for the Yugui dog A950 wireless mouse, 499 yuan for the Yugui dog small cube sugar mechanical keyboard, 299 yuan for the Yugui dog H105 wireless handle, and 999 yuan for the full set at the same time. Yuan also presented a custom-made Yugui dog mouse pad, friends who like it, hurry up!

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