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Easy Consumption Part Thirteen: m2 mac mini talks about some issues that really noobs care about

You always have a reason to reject a mac, and you always have a reason to choose a mac.

The reason why I chose mac mini this time may be the reason why Apple will produce the product mac mini.

Because when you are amazed by the exquisiteness and compactness of mac again, you find that the price of the entry-level model is only more than 3,000 yuan. As a "barbarian standing outside the door" (the language of stock trading, not bullying), if you don't buy it at this time, you always feel that you have lost something.

This is probably the theory carried forward by Richard Thaler, who won the Nobel Prize in Economics - "behavioral economics".

So, I bought this mac mini 2, 16G+256G version, with an education discount of 5049 yuan on the official website. (Yes, who isn't an educator?)

As for why I didn’t choose the 8G version with the lowest configuration, it’s because mac Xiaobai, based on his experience using windows, 8G memory is really not enough, but now I see many evaluation accounts saying that the 8G memory of mac is completely enough.

Behavioral psychology tells us that after making a new choice, what we pay attention to is often not what we get, on the contrary, we tend to pay more attention to what we have lost, which is called "loss aversion".

Like I changed my laptop to Microsoft surface laptop3 last year. After getting started, I automatically ignored its advantages such as one-handed opening and closing, light weight, and stronger battery life.

And when I found out that it really couldn't play games like "Hades" that don't require high computer configuration smoothly, I felt a lot of resentment. Like, I didn't know this before.

Therefore, I thought that with this mentality, choosing mac mini might not be the wisest choice, but after unpacking the experience, mac mini gave me an unexpected little luck.

As a novice, I started with mini again, I don't really care about the parameters, what m2 chip is better than m1 or m1 pro? Or whether the hard drive of the m2 version has slowed down or not, these actually have nothing to do with me.

I am more concerned about its appearance and adaptability.

When I open the package of the mac, even though I know it is an industrial product produced on an assembly line, I still feel emotional—this is a work of art.

Many people complain about mac: buy such a pure mainframe without a screen or keyboard, and then you go to buy accessories such as monitors and keyboards, won’t it cost thousands of dollars? So, might as well just buy a MacBook Air. It's a bit more expensive, but it has everything you need.

This looks like an old player who has already landed on an Apple notebook, or a cloud evaluation player.

Like me, I already have a Windows laptop, and Windows hosts have been eliminated by the years. We choose mac mini because we need a low-cost opportunity to try.

Not only the price of the product itself, but also the low cost of accessories.

Who doesn't have a monitor these days? For example, mine has been with me for 7 years. It is large in size and heavy in weight. The resolution is only 1080p, and the color performance is dull.

When connected to the mac mini, the 1080P old display is also relatively grainy. When displaying the software interface, the picture will be a bit large, but as long as you don’t care about these details, you can use it first.

As a host, mac mini has more interfaces than a laptop, and even has its own audio system—although, the effect is a bit stretched.

The keyboard I used before is Xiaomi’s wired mechanical keyboard, which is compatible with both Mac and Windows systems. When I bought it, I didn’t plan to buy a Mac. This time I don’t need to change it. It’s great.

There is also a Logitech 380 Bluetooth keypad that has been idle for a long time at home, and it can also be used. If you think the desktop is too messy, you can use it as an emergency.

The hard disk is only 256G, which is not enough. I tried the original Seagate mechanical hard disk. Can read the content inside, but can't copy things into it. After checking, it turns out that mac does not support writing to hard drives in ntfs format.

Then take out the LaCie hard drive that was originally installed on the Xbox series s to expand, and after inserting it, the Apple system will directly prompt to modify the format apfs, and then both reading and writing can be used.

Not to mention, you can still use the old wired mouse - friendly reminder, the wired mouse is necessary, because the wireless mouse needs to use the wired mouse to complete the initial configuration, after all, the host is not equipped with a touchpad.

Connecting to Xiaomi ark speaker, the effect is very bad. When playing audio by myself, the effect is still good, but connecting it as a Mac’s Bluetooth speaker, the sound is inexplicably very small.

It's better to directly connect the most common small speakers on the market.

In fact, the Mac mini comes with its own audio, which I didn't expect before, although the sound quality sounds very thin.

Most review accounts will tell you that if you buy an Apple computer, you can only stay away from the game.

When I bought it, I didn't have any hopes for games, but I finally decided to buy the 16G version, and I still had a little bit of luck in my heart that I could play games.

Let's talk about the Xbox handle first, it is fully compatible with Mac. Open steam, there are indeed many games that cannot be played, but there are more games that can be played than expected, such as "Hades" and "Oxygen Deficiency" that I like very much, and "Elysium Disco" " Tyrelia, Famine, and Civilization 6, I even think it's enough to play.

Not to mention that there are more than 200 free games for members of arcade members available outside of Apple.

alright. To sum it up in one sentence, the price of the Mac mini itself is not expensive, and you can directly use the old accessories, which is indeed cost-effective. And for an adult with only a limited amount of time to devote to video games, maybe that's just right.

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