Easy to customize - Nerd's kit is so easy to use!

Easy to customize - Nerd's kit is so easy to use!

In the DIY circle in the past two years, in addition to various RGB, various water-cooled, cool chassis.

Everyone can afford it, and what everyone loves to play may be the customized mechanical keyboard. The relatively simple way is to choose a mechanical keyboard that you like.

But in this way, many times when you choose the style and shape you like, the result is not what you like.

Or you found a keyboard with the feel you like, but you don’t like the color scheme

This complex combination requires a variety of permutations and combinations, with dozens or hundreds of possibilities. Manufacturers will certainly not make dozens or hundreds of customized keyboard products.

At this time, the customization service of customized keyboards is very important. I know that many players who are willing to toss around will choose keyboard frames, shockproof pads, shafts, keycaps, etc. by themselves.

Then assemble it into your favorite keyboard

In this field, Xiaobu Chong is a very cost-effective and playable brand

On March 3rd, the "Crazy Kit Festival" event of the little nerd started, and all the matching kits were unified for 238 yuan! Such a low price to buy a full stack of products. It's crazy!

Let's take a look at my custom keyboard for a little nerd today

The keyboard is in hand, and the outer packaging is simple and cute

with instructions

It is not a directly installed keyboard, but a customized keyboard base. This one uses a gasket structure, which is soft and comfortable, with a first-class feel and very good cushioning.

Come to a detailed picture

The workmanship of each shaft compartment is exquisite and can withstand frequent plugging and unplugging

There are a variety of keycaps to choose from, satisfying your little delicacy

The following is the shaft body, you can also choose your favorite shaft body touch, all can be installed

The installation process is very uncompressed, take your time, and install while listening to music

The space bar is relatively long and has a stable structure

Let's take a look at the finished product, isn't it beautiful? Show off?

Power on, the rgb mode is adjustable, handsome!

There is also a cable slot on the back, which is very convenient

2 levels of support, both high and low

The above is a simple list of the customized keyboard of the little nerd

If you also want to customize your own unique keyboard, at the same time you want a simple set of customization solutions and a wealth of accessories options

Then the brand of Xiaodu Chong may be a brand that you can't get past, try it!

If you have any questions, please leave a message in the comment area to discuss~

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