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Easy to enjoy the fun of DIY, Luofei Xiaoqiao 68 keys can be combined freely, and the shaft body and keycap can be easily replaced

DIY does not necessarily require a strong hands-on ability, the key is to create and participate freely. In the digital circle, there may be more DIY in the aspect of computer hosts. Processors, graphics cards, motherboards, memory sticks, radiators, etc. can be selected and assembled by themselves. But for efficient office work or mobile applications suitable for rich scenarios, computer peripherals can actually be chosen as you like. Let’s DIY a mechanical keyboard together today!

After getting used to the feel of mechanical keyboards, I am no longer interested in membrane keyboards. Factors such as speed, sound, feel, and appearance are all related. Many people around me like Lofree mechanical keyboards, and their looks account for more than half of them. This time, the release of Lofree’s new spring products is really eye-catching. Today we DIY a set of mechanical keyboards by ourselves. The main unit, the switch body, and the keycaps are packed in three boxes, and the rest of the time is left to assemble by ourselves.

I chose the TOUCH Xiaoqiao 68 three-mode mechanical keyboard, because it can be switched freely in the three modes of wired connection, Bluetooth connection, and 2.4G receiver wireless connection. It is very suitable for small partners who work at the desk for a long time, whether it is a desktop computer , laptops, tablets and even smartphones can be connected and used.

Original themed keycaps are one of Lofree’s hot spots this time. There are many options for high-value appearance, such as cute cats, community animal bananas, laborers, street attitudes, sea fantasy, etc. are all original designs. Because I have been listening to Jay Chou's songs recently, I remembered the classic "Love in BC", so I chose "Pharaoh's Gold Parade", and I like the deep, mysterious and retro feeling.

I believe that all enthusiasts must want to customize their own switches and keycaps. Go to Luofei to build a small program to find the right one. There are so many choices that you are afraid that you will be entangled.

The shaft body is Kaihua BOX white shaft, which is packed in a small bag, a total of 70, and the extra 2 shafts can be replaced to prevent damage.

The next job is to assemble these three things together. It shouldn't be too difficult, right? Just press the shafts tightly on the host one by one, and the keycaps must be seated properly.

The straight up and down feeling brought by the paragraph axis is very comfortable, and the crisp feeling brought by the percussion is also very direct. Just pay attention to the direction when installed on the host, and then "brainlessly" match them one by one.

Because it is a 68-key layout, there is a gap with the conventional 100, 104, etc., so the keys need to be seated correctly so that there will be no mistakes in the later stage. The use of high-content PBT keycaps, first of all, the retro design is very good-looking, and secondly, it will not become oily when touched and tapped for a long time, and the color will not fade after long-term use is also the key point.

The reason why Xiaoqiao is "upturned" is that its ingenuity lies in the exact 9° tilt design. At first, I was afraid that I would not be used to it, but after typing and typing for a while, I feel that it really conforms to the ergonomic design. When using other mechanical keyboards, the brackets on both sides of the back are also supported. The Lofree series is already very famous. The key of the three-mode mechanical keyboard is to switch by turning the top knob. The three modes of wired, Bluetooth 5.0, and wireless 2.4G are very convenient for manual switching.

In terms of accessories, there is a data cable with a USB Type-C interface, three AA batteries and a key puller. The 2.4G receiver is stored next to the battery compartment on the back, so you don’t have to worry about losing it in daily life. Daily desktop computer connection is basically wired connection, but for the sake of clean desktop or only wireless connection, there is no need to worry about battery life. The official data is that the life cycle of three batteries is 3-4 weeks, depending on each person. frequency of use varies.

Because it is a 68-key layout, there are still some tricks in use. The triggering of the multimedia keys requires the Fn key in the upper right corner to be used in combination with other keys. For example, FN+1 is F1, and FN+Del is Ins. It should also be noted here that the combination keys after Windows and Mac devices are connected are slightly different, and you can refer to the manual for proofreading.

The 68-key hot-swappable design can increase the fun of DIY and reduce the cost of later replacement. In this era when appearance is king, the original themed keycaps have given many people a reason to like and replace them. Many men and girls around them have their favorite keycaps, and some of them were even out of stock for a time.

When I first heard the word "Pharaoh", I felt very retro. Ancient Roman numerals replaced commonly used Arabic numerals (1 II - 2 III - 3 IV - 4 V - 5 VI), staffs, animals, graffiti, pharaoh heads, etc. etc. are designed on the keycaps. The combination of dark blue and dark green keycaps has a deep feeling, coupled with pink and yellow staggered embellishments, you can feel the designer's intentions in creation.

Although the 68-key layout is not as big as the 104-key layout, it is small and light, and it is very convenient to carry when going out, which meets the needs of many scenarios. There are many application scenarios of the three-mode mechanical keyboard, so there is no need to worry about the simplification of use. It is a pity that there is no backlight design, at least it is necessary to install an ambient light when using it at night. Lofree gives enthusiasts more choices and DIY fun. The free replacement and assembly of the shaft and keycap is really fun. Of course, the appearance and design are also within the control range.

In order to avoid dust or other stains on the inside of the keycap, it is best to store it for daily use. Don't throw away the plastic cover used to store the keycaps in the box, it can be covered and well covered when placed on it.

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