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Easy to use and inexpensive Daryou A81 three-mode mechanical keyboard

When it comes to mechanical keyboards, I believe that many people know and have used them. There are all kinds of mechanical keyboards. How can you choose the one you need? Today I will share the one I bought recently - Dareu A81 three-mode mechanical keyboard. The 75% layout is more practical and easy to use. The overall key design is very simple and not messy.

It supports three-mode connection, full-key hot-swappable, equipped with sky axis V3, and feels stable and smooth. Various RGB lighting effects, 4000mAh battery, can be used for about one month when the light is turned off, and about 6 days when the light is turned on; and the smart sleep function is set to reduce the number of frequent keyboard switches, making it more worry-free to use.

This is Dareu A81 three-mode mechanical keyboard, which can be said to be very beautiful. It adopts 75% configuration, removes the traditional number keypad, and saves more space for the desktop.

It can be seen that the details of the product reflect the intentions everywhere, whether it is the appearance, the configuration, the feel, or the sense of quality. The surface of the keycap of the Dareu A81 three-mode mechanical keyboard adopts a concave design that fits the fingertips, which is more ergonomic and makes the input experience more comfortable.

PBT two-color keycap, and this keycap is stepped, which fully conforms to the ergonomic design of fingers. The characters are clear and stable, with a matte feel. In use, there will be no "oiling" phenomenon when typing for a long time.

Dareu A81 three-mode mechanical keyboard adopts the sky axis V3, and its characteristics are: smooth feel, crisp sound, and fast response. Moreover, this switch body supports full-key hot-swapping, and is compatible with standard 3PIN or 5PIN switch bodies of various brands, and the playability is extremely high.

Dareu A81 three-mode mechanical keyboard, the entire keyboard is relatively compact, with a narrow frame design. Support 2.4G+Bluetooth+wired three-mode connection and full-color RGB lighting effects. Completely in line with the ergonomic design of the fingers. Even if it is used for a long time, there will be no wear and tear. And in practice, it feels great.

On the whole, Dareu A81 three-mode mechanical keyboard supports three-mode connection, key line separation design, 4000mAh rechargeable lithium battery, and can connect three devices, making switching more convenient. Feels smooth and smooth. Therefore, a good game mechanical keyboard has a very good feel, a stable base, a frosted design, no slipping, and no oiling, which can ensure a long-lasting feel.

The Dareu A81 three-mode mechanical keyboard adopts the elastic arm Gasket structure, that is, the overall structure is a screwless design, and the interior uses Poron cotton blessing, and the soft elastic feel is even better. This design plays a good role in isolating the sound. Thanks to these, the sound is crisp and soft to the touch during operation, but the volume is not high, so knocking at night will not affect the sound quality. To the rest of the family. In addition, its full key also supports hot swapping. Whether it is playing games or working, it is very suitable.

Dareu A81 three-mode mechanical keyboard, as far as use is concerned, there is no delay in office operations, and the rate of return is stable. In the simple game of eating chicken, the performance is quite good. In the actual combat process, in terms of game use and adaptability, its key response and feel feedback have a good performance. Secondly, the sound is smaller than the traditional switch. Not a lot. The RGB lighting effect plus the choice of monochrome, multi-color, brightness and speed make the keyboard more cool in use.

In general, the Dareu A81 three-mode mechanical keyboard supports wired/wireless and Bluetooth three modes and RGB lighting effects. Its built-in 4000mAh lithium battery has a long battery life, and it has an intelligent sleep function. It also supports charging while using it. It performs excellently, and the rate of return is quite stable even in Bluetooth mode. Let the keyboard have an outstanding experience. Speaking of which, if you are a player who pursues individuality, the A81 three-mode mechanical keyboard is a good choice.

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