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Easy to use and inexpensive mechanical keyboard: 89 yuan to start with Rapoo V500PRO red switch to replace Cherry MX3800 black switch

I bought the keyboard myself. Our company does not provide mechanical keyboards. Lenovo’s membrane keyboards have been used for ten thousand years. The office chair, keyboard, mouse, and mouse pad are all bought by myself, including a solid state in the host. There are many colleagues who have very low requirements, as long as it is free, they can accept it. I always think that it is better to make myself more comfortable in the office. My computer chair is the best, it can be turned down at 125 degrees with one click at noon to rest. Hahaha. Let's get down to business.

It turns out that the quality of this Cherry MX3800 black switch is too good. I bought it in 2015, and it is still not bad in 2022, and a single key is not bad. In fact, I always hoped that it would be broken and replaced, there must be a valid reason, but the quality is indeed good. At that time, I bought the joint model at JD.com for 350 yuan, as well as JD.com’s LOGO. This time I wanted to replace it mainly because the black shaft was too hard. After using the strong diamond finger for so many years, now I suddenly like the relaxed feeling of typing, and I started to think about it. The most important thing is to change the green switch and the red switch, but I have used the green switch for a year before, and the sound is too loud, which will make my colleagues uncomfortable, so after thinking about it, I should buy the red switch.

The scope of consideration is these two models. Pennefather is the cheapest. The black switch in the station is 79 yuan, and the red switch is 89 yuan.

The quality of MSI’s GK50Z is good. When the new product was released before, I bought one for our leader for 120 yuan. She used it for more than a year, and the workmanship and lighting are good in all aspects. I also deliberately added money to buy a 3-year warranty, which is redundant now. MSI's GK50Z is much better than this Pennefather V500PRO, and I recommend everyone to buy this at this price. But I want to buy a black red switch. We have been out of stock here, and only white ones are available. I want to buy black when I work in the company, so I settled for the next best thing and bought the Rapoo V500PRO. The Rapoo V500PRO is okay, after all, it is cheap, 1/3 of the price difference, comprehensive evaluation, the Rapoo V500PRO is also good in cost performance.

This Rapoo V500PRO is made of metal matte material, including the keycaps, which also have a metal matte feel. Generally speaking, it is good for typing.

The metal panel and frosted design give people the feeling that it is firm, stable, and looks good.

Logically speaking, if you have a mechanical keyboard under 100 yuan, what kind of bicycle do you need, but Rapoo has done a good job in low-priced mechanical keyboards, including membrane keyboards.

The biggest disadvantage of this Rapoo V500PRO single-light version is that the light is monochromatic. Haha, it supports several flashing modes, and it does not support the single-light mode of a single key. No matter which key you press, it will not be alone. The bright ones are all uniform golden backlights. Partners who mind this problem should not buy it. The lighting is very LOW, after all, it is only 89 yuan.

If I remember correctly, FN+SCROLL LOCK, the key combination to change the flashing mode, which are constant light, breathing, wave, superposition, and falling.

Breathing, waves, overlays, drops are ugly, I just use constant light all the time. Only constant light can see.

FN+ESC is to turn on and off the light. Finally, there is a backlight, so let’s turn it on.

Speaking of the switch body, I feel that the self-developed switch of Pennefather feels good in the hand. This red switch has a relatively long keystroke, and it is definitely not suitable for playing games. It is only suitable for office work. The typing strength is very light, lighter than the green switch. There is no sense of paragraph, even less than the black switch, and the sense of paragraph is only a little stronger than the membrane keyboard. It is suitable for office work. I just want to type fast and not tired. I am quite satisfied with this shaft.

This is a commonly used 26-key switchless switch for games. Red and green switches are not recommended for games, and black switches are recommended for games.

The Rapoo V500PRO black switch version is 79 yuan, and the red switch version is 89 yuan. The daily price may be lower during activities, and the cost performance is very high. If you choose a mechanical keyboard within 100 yuan, Rapoo is a good choice.

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