Easy to use and inexpensive, solid workmanship Lulian KU102 low-axis mechanical keyboard

When it comes to mechanical keyboards, I believe that many people know and have used them. There are all kinds of mechanical keyboards. How can you choose the one you need? Today I will share the one I recently bought - Green Link KU102 low-axis mechanical keyboard. The layout of 89 keys is more practical and easy to use. The overall weight is only 485 grams. It uses the high-tech LP short tea switch as the keyboard switch body, supports two connection modes of Bluetooth and wired, and can connect 4 devices at the same time. 4 levels of brightness, 15 kinds of backlight effects. Built-in 1800mAh lithium battery, when using the lighting system, the battery life can reach 150h, which reduces the number of frequent keyboard switches, and is more worry-free in use.

The packaging of Greenlink KU102 low-axis mechanical keyboard is very simple.

This is the Lulian KU102 low-axis mechanical keyboard, which can be said to be very beautiful. It adopts 89-key arrangement, removes the traditional number keypad, and saves more space for the desktop.

Greenlink KU102 low-axis mechanical keyboard, although the traditional number keypad is removed, but the F keypad is retained, and F1 to F12 correspond to different shortcut functions. In addition, on the left side of the keyboard, there is also a shortcut key area, including functions such as one-key screenshot, one-key emoticon, quick search, and quick lock screen. For office workers, these functions are very useful. The addition of these functions effectively improves the practicability of this keyboard and makes our work more efficient.

Lulian KU102 low-axis mechanical keyboard, the top mode conversion key and charging and data cable slots support charging and use.

You can see the details of the product, and the intentions are reflected everywhere, whether it is the appearance, configuration, or feel, it is full of quality. The keycap surface of Lulian KU102 low-axis mechanical keyboard adopts a concave design that fits the fingertips, which is more ergonomic and makes the input experience more comfortable.

This keycap design fully conforms to the ergonomic design of fingers. The characters are clear and stable, with a matte feel. In use, there will be no "oiling" phenomenon when typing for a long time.

Then there is the Lulian KU102 low-axis mechanical keyboard, which uses the high-tech LP low-tea switch as the keyboard shaft. The key travel of this type of shaft is shorter than that of ordinary shafts, only 3mm, so the trigger will be faster and more labor-saving.

The one I bought is a tea shaft, very delicate. The sound made when typing with it will be smaller, so you don't have to worry about the typing sound disturbing the people around you.

On the whole, the Lulian KU102 low-axis mechanical keyboard, the entire keyboard is relatively compact, with a narrow frame design. Supports two connection modes, Bluetooth and wired, and can connect 4 devices at the same time. It fully conforms to the ergonomic design of the fingers. Even if it is used for a long time, there will be no wear and tear. And in practice, it feels great.

The back of Lulian KU102 low-axis mechanical keyboard. It can be seen that the step design on the top can make the keyboard form an ergonomic tilt angle of 6 degrees as a whole, which can effectively reduce wrist fatigue.

After the Lvlian KU102 low-axis mechanical keyboard is powered on, it supports 4 levels of brightness + 15 backlight effects, adapting to environments with different light and dark lights, which can prevent accidental touches and is more eye-catching.

Then there is the Lulian KU102 low-axis mechanical keyboard, with a built-in 1800mAh lithium battery, and a battery life of more than 15 hours (with the light on). Coupled with the support of its smart sleep function on the hardware, the battery life can reach 150h without using the lighting system. In addition, in terms of compatibility, the Lulian KU102 low-axis mechanical keyboard is compatible with a variety of systems, including

Various systems such as Windows/Android/macOS/iOS/Hongmeng, support notebooks/desktops/tablets/mobile phones and other devices, allowing users to choose the operating system and platform more freely, making the user experience smoother.

Greenlink KU102 low-axis mechanical keyboard, in terms of use, there is no delay in office operations, and the rate of return is stable. In the simple game of eating chicken, the performance is quite good. In the actual combat process, in terms of game use and adaptability, its key response and feel feedback have a good performance. Secondly, the sound is smaller than the traditional switch. Not a lot. Coupled with 4 levels of brightness + 15 kinds of backlight effects, the keyboard is even more cool in use. In general, the Lulian KU102 low-axis mechanical keyboard supports wired/wireless dual modes and 4 levels of brightness + 15 backlight effects. Its built-in 1800mAh lithium battery has a long battery life, and it has an intelligent sleep function, and it also supports charging while using, which is excellent. Even in wireless mode, the performance of the rate of return is quite stable. Let the keyboard have an outstanding user experience, and its comfort, portability, and functionality are all outstanding, and it needs to be comfortable in the hand and thin and portable. Let’s just say this, if you are a player who pursues individuality, Lulian KU102 is a good choice.

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