Easy-to-use keyboard recommendation-Keychron Q6

The Keychron Q6 is the sixth generation of Keychron's customizable Q-Series keyboards. Similar to previous models in the series, it features a dual pad mount design, hot-swappable PCB (printed circuit board), screw-in stabilizers, and round PBT keycaps. It also comes with a variety of tools to help customize your keyboard. The main difference with this model is its size, as this is the first full-size (100%) keyboard in the series.

While it's not specifically designed for gaming, the Keychron Q6 is an excellent gaming keyboard. It is made of high-quality materials and well-crafted. You can use custom software to program macros to any key, adjust RGB lighting, and remap buttons. The Gateron G PRO linear red switches on this unit feel very light and smooth, but they have a much longer pre-travel than most linear switches. This is a hot-swappable keyboard, which means you can replace the original switches without soldering. Latency is fine for casual gaming; however, it's a bit high for competitive gaming.

The Keychron Q6 is a purely wired keyboard, not designed for use with mobile devices and tablets. However, it includes a USB-C to USB-C cable. That means you can connect it to a device with a USB-C port, though this will quickly drain the device's battery, especially with the backlight enabled.

The Keychron Q6 is perfect for office use. It feels very nice and offers excellent typing quality. The sound-isolating foam layer makes it very quiet, and the Gateron G Pro Red switches on this unit make the keys feel very light. That said, this keyboard is also hot-swappable, which means you can change the default switches if you choose. This keyboard also features powerful customization software compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux. Unfortunately, the ergonomics are only good, as it has a high profile and no wrist rest.

The Keychron Q6 is a great keyboard for programming. It's made of high-quality materials and feels very solid in the hand. The customization software is compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux, allowing you to adjust the full RGB backlight, remap keys, and program macros for any key. Unfortunately, the ergonomics are only decent. It has a high-profile design, and since there's no included wrist rest, you'll need to tilt your wrist up quite a bit to reach all the keys.

The Keychron Q6 is a sub-par keyboard for a home theater PC setup. It's a wired-only model, which limits how far you can be from your PC. It also lacks a trackpad for on-screen navigation. On the plus side, it has full RGB backlighting, and while the key legends don't see through, the LED lights are south-facing and provide enough illumination to read the legends in the dark.

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