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Efficient Silver Switch|Customized Aesthetics: Rapoo MT 510 PRO Multi-mode Mechanical Keyboard Review

As the most frequently contacted peripheral for daily work and entertainment, the keyboard, from the ordinary keyboard in the early stage, to the mechanical switch body and stylization in the later stage, can be said to have evolved all the way. Rapoo, I have more contact with the keyboard. As a domestic brand, its cost-effectiveness has a high evaluation among consumers. In recent years, in addition to maintaining stable innovation in hardware technology, it has also made full efforts in design style. What everyone is talking about is a new work of Rapoo - MT 510 Pro customized silver-axis multi-mode wireless mechanical keyboard. Friends who are interested can refer to whether it can meet your requirements.

The Rapoo MT 510 Pro uses two colors and patterns with completely different appearance styles, named respectively: "Cute Holiday" and the "Navigation Diary" in my hand. From the perspective of colors and patterns, they adapt to the The perception of men and women, while the sailing diary is more suitable for boys.

The keyboard adopts a compact design with 84 keys, which reduces the size of the entire keyboard by more than one-third compared with the traditional keyboard. It has a backlight function, and can distinguish uppercase and lowercase input through different displays of the backlight, which reduces the space occupied by the independent indicator lights and makes the overall look more harmonious.

The keycaps are KC-8A keycaps, and some of the pattern elements of the keycaps are a unique style of this MT 510 Pro. Keys such as the ESC key, the uppercase key, the space bar and the Enter key are all embedded with seabirds, fish, etc. Beautiful nautical elements such as boats, submarines, etc., bring users a very relaxed mood. In addition, the keycaps also use PBT sublimation technology, which has anti-aging, anti-wear, anti-fouling and other characteristics, and is not slippery The hand is also a unique feature, which can ensure that the user can accurately touch the touch without mistaken touch.

As for the slightly poor light transmittance of the sublimation keycaps that some friends are concerned about, according to my actual measurement, the backlight effect of this Pennefather MT 510 Pro mechanical keyboard perfectly solves this problem. Even in a dark environment, it also has a good effect. The transparent effect can meet the needs of different light scenes.

Rapoo MT 510 Pro's aluminum alloy frosted disc base doubles my favor. It feels first-class and has a very high-grade look and feel, which improves the keyboard to a high level. It is similar to the Apple-style CNC cutting and chamfering process, all of which highlight the details of the process. Attention, worthy of affirmation.

The keyboard itself has a certain weight, which is close to 800g. With the four long anti-slip cushions at the bottom, the stability is quite good, but the tripod can only be adjusted up by one level, which is a bit regrettable. The tripod will be more user-friendly, making the height adjustment more comprehensive.

The shortcut combination keys are relatively comprehensive. Through the combination of Fn and numbers 1-5, you can quickly switch between the three modes of Bluetooth, 2.4G and USB wired connection. Among them, Bluetooth can be adapted to three devices to realize the five-mode mode of 3+2. Even if there are 5 computers, one keyboard can handle it, and the battery life of wireless use is also very good. When the 4000mAh lithium battery is fully charged, it can reach 225 hours of long battery life. In terms of normal use range, It can be fully charged for one month at a time, and its wired mode, in case the keyboard runs out of power during use, can also realize the convenience of charging and using at the same time, and there is no need to worry about interruptions in work. In addition to quick switching of modes, shortcuts for multimedia combinations are also in place. Through Fn+F1-F12, 12 kinds of media functions can be quickly operated. In addition, functions such as keyboard backlight brightness, lighting effect, frequency and depth adjustment can also be adjusted through Fn+Ctrl/Arrow keys to adjust, various control methods are still very convenient.

The Rapoo MT 510 Pro keyboard has a compact body but has a good percussion effect. It does not cause trouble because of the compact keys. On the contrary, it greatly shortens the travel of the fingers. In addition, its full-key non-conflict input feature in wired mode , for the pursuit of productivity or end game players, it is a very big boosting feature, whether it is the productivity output at work or the double output of the big move in the game, it can bring excellent blessings, as for the wireless mode , and can also realize 6-key conflict-free operation, which can basically meet great usage needs.

In addition, Rapoo MT 510 Pro is also equipped with its own self-developed linear fast silver switch. In the actual measurement, the tapping of this switch body brought me a kind of tactile feedback that is different from the mechanical keyboard I usually use. Good mechanical crisp feedback, and at the same time has a fast rebound effect, quite sensitive and cool, can enjoy the feedback of the mechanical shaft body, and has a low noise effect, the best of both worlds, no need to worry about disturbing others, it is a choice Quite a good new shaft, friends should pay attention to it.

In view of the characteristics of this pair of keyboards, Rapoo also provides corresponding macro-driven applications for this keyboard, which can customize backlight effects and different button macros according to your own usage habits and different usage scenarios, such as office and games. Configured and stored, you can quickly switch in one step when needed, and at the same time, you can also upgrade the firmware through the application to obtain stable optimization.


Rapoo MT 510 Pro is a compact customized mechanical keyboard. In addition to the new style and elements that bring a good look and feel, its key design and space distribution are more reasonable. At the same time, the innovative linear fast silver switch also brings It comes with mechanical and sensitive feedback and mute effects, and referring to its price of 300, it has a good advantage among keyboards at the same price. Friends who need it can learn about it.

Note: The product is provided by [ZAKER Group]

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