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Encounter again after 20 years-【Shuangfeiyan-Blood Hand Ghost: Player T98】

Shuangfeiyan has been mainly engaged in the entry-level market for the past 20 years, and because po has been burning peripherals, there has been no intersection since the first computer was installed in 2002. For various reasons, when I haven’t written anything for a long time, I can pick up the camera again. Experience Shuangfeiyan's high-end model T98 may also be a kind of fate, let's take a look at this keyboard.

After 20 years, I came into contact with Shuangfeiyan's products again. Judging from the packaging, I wanted to make a high-end product to test the waters. Is the official price of 599 worth the fare?

As the name suggests, T98 has a 98-key layout, and the shaft has a variable trigger stroke that has never been experienced before. It can realize three-speed adjustment. After checking, it is Shuangfeiyan's patented technology.

There are two colors of T98, one is green and the other is black. The one I have is black. At the same time, it comes with 25 PBT keycaps. Among them, the SHIFT and space bar are digital camouflage colors.

The selling point is the optical axis with variable trigger stroke. There are three modes to choose from. You can cycle through the red LT key in the upper right corner. There are no other functions, and the manual is much simpler.

The included 25 PBT keys are hard to the touch, and the PBT content should not be low. The keycaps provided seem to be for the welfare of gamers, and the keys that are frequently used by the left hand are basically covered.

The level of craftsmanship is not bad, the thickness is also good, and there is no obvious nozzle burr.

The whole set of products is shown in the picture above, key puller, TYPE-C data cable, 25 PTB keycaps, dust cover, and keyboard body.

The separation of keys and wires can be regarded as the standard configuration of the current keyboard. The three-outlet design is designed to meet the needs of different occasions. The anti-slip rubber pads are large in quantity, and there are four silicone pads in total. But what is puzzling is that I don’t know why they are all on the lower part of the keyboard, but not on the upper side. As a result, the two adjustable feet will slide a little when they are not lifted.

The upper side feet can be adjusted in two levels, and the keyboard is more stable after opening. However, when they are all folded and laid flat, there is no possibility of sliding due to the absence of anti-skid rubber on the upper side, but most of the time, the lower one will still be opened. That file, if you like to lay it flat, you can consider adding two rubber pads to solve it.

The 98-key layout is quite small, compared with the standard 87-key arrangement, it is only one more keycap width, but in exchange for the number keypad.

Then let’s talk about the feel. I tried to press the corners of a few large keys, and there was no feeling of sluggishness or stuttering. The shaking performance can be said to be the best among the several keyboards at hand. Moreover, the manufacturer made a silent adjustment when it came out, and the noise control is very good.

According to the manufacturer's words, it is the standard red shaft, pink shaft and other shafts. Although there is no explicit name, everyone knows it well. It's just that when I press it, it seems to be a little bit shorter than the cherry red keys. I happened to have a caliper, so I came to test it. The FILCO cherry red switch on hand has a key travel of 4.45mm. (The test process has controlled the variables, but it is still not a rigorous test, only for comparison.)

Then look at the T98, it is 4.18 measured several times, it is a bit shorter, maybe it is cushioned for quietness like the powder shaft? But only a distance of less than 0.3mm can be pressed out. Is it necessary to have a pair of diamond hands in addition to golden ears?

After metaphysics, we will talk about the axis body, using the optical axis developed by ourselves, and has obtained a patent, the patent number: zl 2020 2 0497911.0, interested students can check it out.

Out of curiosity, I went to check it. It is not the traditional infrared tube optical axis, but this patent does not explain how to achieve different key travel triggers. A bold guess seems to be related to the color of the light?

In fact, you can think of the chrysanthemum above. There is no problem with the compatibility of the keycaps, and there are no weird exclusive interfaces.

The same is true for the large keys, except that it does not use satellite axis balance, which is more like a variant design of the dragon boat dragon bean. The thicker dragon bean firmly holds the balance wire rod, and the keycap shakes very little.

After turning on the power, come to the Tathagata palm first, um, there is no doubt that the whole key will have no impact.

By the way, in fact, T98 is also a macro editing software that supports bloody hands, but the manual does not point it out. If you didn't visit the official website, you probably wouldn't have found it. It’s just that this interface UI………, I found the feeling of youth, Emmm.

The function of the software is quite powerful, and it also has a simple recording function, which can fully satisfy the loop operation of some online games, and there is no need to take out the button sprite code script.

Since the selling point is the adjustable trigger key travel, it is necessary to test it. FILCO 87 Red and Bloody Hand T98 also select the middle H key to test the trigger key travel. The result of FILCO is 2.6mm after pressing.

The trigger key strokes of each of the three modes of T98 switching are as follows: Normal player blue light: 2.6mm e-sports player yellow light: 1.7mm super player red light: 1.2mm Although the actual trigger key stroke may differ from the manufacturer’s nominal , but it is not ruled out that it is caused by the error of the test environment, but the interval between several key strokes is still in line with the nominal.

After touching it for a few days, I feel that T98 has a completely different feeling, which is quite different from the few keyboards at hand. The first is the keycap shaking, the T98 is like a solid new car, while the daily FILCO is as loose as a 30w km Jetta.

But it is a little too tight, and the rebound is not so crisp. It seems that it is not particularly appropriate to call it a mechanical keyboard, and it is more like a static capacitor disguised as a mechanical shaft. As for the shaft body itself, since there is no mechanical contact on the optical shaft, naturally there will be no contact oxidation and smelly shaft due to environmental problems (FILCO green and duck red have been washed several times and the shaft is big). It can also be regarded as the confidence of a small target (100 million) in the service life. The adjustable trigger stroke can be said to be a major selling point. It is indeed much more convenient to adapt to different keystrokes according to different usage scenarios without changing the shaft body or keyboard. It's just that the backlight is suitable for travel switching binding, so there is not so much freedom, and it cannot be turned off.

In general, T98 can be seen in terms of workmanship fineness and hand feeling. It can be seen that it has really taken a lot of effort to create a high-end model. FPS and MOBA players who like to mute (reduce the chance of being beaten) can consider it. look.

As an RTS blind man, this po wants to digress a bit. I don’t know what driving scheme is used. The delay of the first character repetition seems to be so high. If the manufacturer can insert a character acceleration function into it, I swear I immediately lost my Duck Red.

It’s been a long time since I’ve written code words, and it’s a lot clumsy to write. Please forgive me, but I have basically written what should be expressed. I feel pretty good. I try to come back as often as possible to see everyone.

At the same time, I wish you all the best, and don't forget yourself while taking care of your family in these extraordinary times.

The author declares that there is interest in this article, please respect the author and the content shared, communicate friendly, and make rational decisions~

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