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Encounter between Durga K330w Plus and TTC Quick Silver Switch V2

Sometimes your good opinion of a brand may really be remembered because of a product.

I still remember the joy and touch when Dujia released Fusion for the first time. In addition to the retro design, I couldn’t put it down. Dujia's serious attitude towards making products gives the greatest Respect...

It was also the first time I saw the colorful changes of ice cream color matching on the Dujia K330w series keyboards on mass-produced keyboards, but it was a pity that I couldn't taste the color of ice cream I liked for the first time, but this time with Plus I It is absolutely not to be missed, as the so-called unobtainable is always in turmoil.

In the hot and severe summer, when you see the freshness of this ice cream color scheme, a hint of coolness emerges from the depths of your heart. I admit that I am fascinated by this gorgeous appearance. You know This is a breath of fresh air in mass-produced mechanical keyboards.

It is no longer the same rich black, and it is no longer the simple and honest stupidity flying all over the sky. In the design language of K330w Plus, smallness and exquisiteness coexist, and there is also a bit of customization between the lines. Everything in the world is changing, from the habit of using 108 to the 60 arrangement, I have changed, and so has it.

With the release of more and more customized shafts, you are daunted by electric soldering irons. Only hot-swap can fly with you. The name Plus embodies the essence of hot-swap on K330w, satisfying For those of us who like to pursue new things.

People's longing for what they haven't got and their expectation of being dissatisfied with the status quo are all met in K330w Plus, whether it's Bluetooth, 2.4G or wired, it can give you what you want, especially the hot-swappable function The addition of him made me feel that there was nothing wrong with him.

Although the customized tea switches of Dujia and Jiadalong are good enough, the desire for more customized switches can reflect the soul of hot swapping. It can be said that life is endless and tossing.

In order to pursue a faster typing speed and a more stable trigger frequency, this time I called for TTC’s Quick Silver Switch. Note that this is not an ordinary Quick Silver Switch. You can also call it the Quick Silver Switch Plus if you want. , Officially named it Kuaiyin switch V2, the accuracy is 20% higher than the first generation of Kuaiyin switch, and the life of 100 million times has become a standard configuration of a switch body.

In addition to the use characteristics, as far as the appearance of this Kuaiyin shaft is concerned, it is also pure in beauty. The milky white shaft, transparent shaft cover, and blue base are also very harmonious. Hot swapped.

Let’s take a look at the visual impact of the ice cream color matching with the fast silver axis. The light white color matches the ice cream color very well, and there is no taboo in terms of appearance.

The milky white of the keycap echoes the axis direction, and the gradient color scheme brings a touch of coolness in summer, which is self-evident. As far as I am concerned, K330w Plus has no flaws, it can satisfy you what you want, and the next thing is affectionate company.

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