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Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard Worth Sticking With X – BOWS Lite

Hello everyone, I am Dapeng from the Mi Fan team. For friends who often work in front of the computer, when it comes to ergonomics, the first thing that comes to mind is an ergonomic chair. What we are going to share today is a chair Ergonomic mechanical keyboard X – BOWS Lite.

The first feeling I got from this keyboard was that it was very special, with a weight of about 646 grams. The appearance adopts the secondary oxidation process, which realizes the contrast of the same color highlight and matte texture, which is very textured.

The back of the keyboard is a one-piece foot support. Break the foot support so that the keyboard and the desktop form a 6-degree inclination angle, which can relieve the fatigue of fingers and wrists to the greatest extent.

The folding edge positioning plate of the keyboard is made of CNC precision aluminum alloy material, with rounded chamfers and a very smooth hand feel. The keycaps and bottom shell are made of ABS material. At the same time, it also adopts the design of key line separation, which ensures stable signal transmission and is also convenient to install and carry.

The entire keyboard has 86 keys. The keycaps adopt a stepped design. The arrangement of the keys is very particular. They are arranged in a longitudinal radial pattern, just on the trajectory of the natural movement of the fingers.

At the same time, the full keyboard uses a white backlight, which can be switched to choose the brightness and dynamic effects of the light at will. There are still many optional modes, and the brightness of the light can also be adjusted.

The switch body uses Jiadalong G key switch, with a lifespan of 50 million times. This is the red switch in my hand, which feels light and can also meet the needs of games and typing. You can also choose tea switch and black switch according to your needs. axis and blue axis.

When we use an ordinary keyboard, the wrist and palm will appear curved, and it will be very tiring when typing for a long time. With this ergonomic keyboard, the wrist, palm and fingers are naturally straight at three points and one line, which is more in line with the structure of human bones. , can relieve wrist and finger fatigue to the greatest extent.

Because this ergonomic keyboard is quite different from traditional keyboards, you need to pay attention when you first use it. Don’t be impatient, and you should take it step by step. When you get used to it, you will find that the distance your fingers move is much shorter. It saves a lot of effort to start typing, and the typing speed will be faster.

In addition to the functions of the mechanical keyboard, you can also use the official driver software to set the key positions, adjust the backlight, macro settings, recording and other functions to create your own personalized keyboard.

X-Bows Lite ergonomic mechanical keyboard, this comfortable, natural, and ergonomic design style not only ensures that users will not feel sore arms or physical discomfort after operating the keyboard for a long time, but also improves the user's work efficiency. For friends who often work in front of the computer, this is a mechanical keyboard worth buying and sticking to. If you happen to have a need in this regard, then you might as well give it a try.

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