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Ergonomic mechanical keyboards will be popular in 2022, bid farewell to keyboard players with sore joints


It can be said that there are more and more people engaged in the Internet industry now. Computer office is already inseparable. Daily communication is done through keyboard typing. As time goes by, it is obvious that the key layout of the keyboard seems to have unreasonable problems. In addition to the low typing efficiency, the wrist is also prone to soreness.

After all, I am also a heavy keyboard user. In order to fundamentally improve typing efficiency and relieve wrist joint pain, the conventional keyboard can no longer meet the needs. This is why I think the X-Bows Lite ergonomic mechanical keyboard is worth starting. Because this keyboard was designed with comfortable operation in mind, it is quite different from conventional keyboards.

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The X-Bows Lite ergonomic mechanical keyboard provides a variety of switches. After all, in addition to codewords, games are also a part of daily life. Personally, I tend to choose brown switches. The pressure to trigger the keys is moderate, and the stroke is also sufficient. Whether it is playing games or working, it is a good compromise choice. In addition, it is also equipped with a palm rest, which can alleviate the joint pain caused by long-term use of the keyboard to the greatest extent.

The choice of a variety of switches allows me to choose. The floating button feedback of this tea switch is straightforward, and it can also bring a little knocking sound. The feeling of real-time feedback is very strong. Although it is designed with 86 keys, all keys support custom programming, and commonly used combination keys can also be freely defined.

Why do I need to use the X-Bows Lite ergonomic mechanical keyboard? Because the key layout of the conventional keyboard is unreasonable. After all, it is the design of an old-fashioned typewriter, which is prone to frequent accidental touches, and the wrist is always pushed up, and the joints will be subtly damaged.

The split design of the X-Bows Lite ergonomic mechanical keyboard allows the wrist to maintain a neutral position on the horizontal and vertical planes without upward or downward bending, thereby reducing the occurrence of carpal tunnel syndrome. Whether it is an office crowd or a game player, long-term key operations can relieve wrist pressure to the greatest extent.

As far as I know, the thickness of the keyboard has actually reached the extreme. In addition to passive changes in gestures to solve joint damage, height is also an influencing factor. If the thickness of the front edge of the keyboard exceeds 50mm, it will cause the wrist to rise too much, which will increase the load on the hand. In order to maintain a suitable 30mm or so, it is necessary to cooperate with the X-Bows palm rest if necessary.

X-Bows breaks the conventional design. The operation areas of the left and right hands can be independent of each other, forming a triangular area in the middle, which fits the natural curve of both hands at the desk, and can relieve the pressure on the knuckles and wrist joints even in the state of long-term coding. At the same time, the keyboard supports the Fn combination key function, commonly used shortcuts such as search, calculator, and email. For professionals, the combination key can directly access these functions, greatly improving office efficiency.

Like most mechanical keyboards, X-Bows supports free disassembly and assembly of the keycaps. With the included key lifter, it can be easily disassembled, cleaned or replaced. The connection design of the wire is also split, which is easy to store and easy to carry when going out. . The backlight that the mechanical keyboard should have is also reserved. The light effect mode can be switched through the Fn combination key on the keyboard. There are 16 built-in light effects, which make playing games more atmospheric.


As an ergonomic keyboard, the positioning of X-Bows is very clear, the focus is to solve the problem of wrist joint damage, and secondly, it can reduce a certain amount of typing errors. Although it will be a bit uncomfortable to use at the beginning, this type of keyboard will have to be accepted passively sooner or later. After all, as a long-time keyboard user, the comfort of codewords is related to one's own interests. Most people may think that this type of ergonomic keyboard looks strange, but as long as you can take the first step to experience it yourself, you can feel the relaxation of your wrist during use.

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