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Evaluation Article 337: How to choose a 100-yuan gaming mouse, the lightweight Bloody Ghost ES30 Plus is worth a try


The mouse I used before was quite heavy, and it has always affected my use. Recently, the right button of the mouse has some problems. I wanted to change to an easy-to-use mouse. I searched on the Internet and found a bloody ghost ES30. Plus is more suitable for me. It is a brand of game peripherals under Shuangfeiyan. Not only does it have a better appearance design, it has RGB lighting effects, and it is also lightweight. You can customize the combination key function. This kind of mouse comes with game features I still like it better, and I have experienced it for a while after I got it, so I will share a wave with you today.

Let’s first look at the packaging of this mouse. Its outer packaging is in a black and red style. You can see the product renderings and product function information from the box. It is worth mentioning that it has a variety of models, and My model is a black hole, and you can tell from the name that it is designed for games.

Open the box, you can see that the ES30 Plus is a wired mouse. There are two types of mice on the market, one is a portable wireless mouse, and the other is the ES30 Plus wired mouse. Both types of mice have their own advantages, such as There is no lag issue with wired mice.

From the appearance point of view, the style of ES30 Plus belongs to that kind of gaming style mouse. The style of this kind of gaming mouse is generally full of angular elements, while the design of those office mice is relatively simple. From the official understanding The information I received is that this ES30 Plus is specially designed for game customization, and it has a built-in game-grade 12K sensor.

ES30 Plus also has DIY attributes. For example, the buttons and the buttons on the side of the scroll wheel can support custom macro programming settings. Players can set them up according to different games, or set the CPI of RGB lights and mice. Of course, this custom macro programming You need to download a software driver. You only need to go to the official website to download a software called Blood Hand E-sports Assistant.

Whether a mouse is good to use or not, first of all, it must be ergonomically designed, that is, it has a good sense of comfort and grip, and ES30 Plus has achieved it. It gives me the feeling that it is natural to place the palm on it. The mouse button feedback is just right, and it is smooth and smooth when playing games.

Of course, its biggest highlight is its lightweight design, because the entire mouse body weighs only 78 grams. My last mouse was designed to be cumbersome, and my hands were sore every time I played the game for two hours. Quantitative design can greatly reduce the feeling of hand restraint.

Some design details, I think ES30 Plus is not bad, for example, the cable end SR has been raised, the player can not feel the drag and restraint of the cable and the mouse pad when using it, which is equivalent to Shuangfeiyan ES30 Plus Although it is a wired mouse, its control feeling is very similar to that of a wireless mouse.

As a mouse that focuses on gaming performance, ES30 Plus has attributes such as 12000CPI, 250ips, 35g acceleration, and 8000fps frame rate, and also provides 1:1 tracking and analysis of 5 million displacement images. In layman’s terms, it is a computer screen There will be no delay, jump mark, or jitter on the screen.

By default, the M key and CPI key on the mouse can be switched freely. For example, CPI provides five gear speeds. Of course, players can also set it through software macros. The M key switches different RGB lighting effects. There are many effects, such as breathing, flashing, and constant light. If you don’t need RGB lighting effects, you can customize the M key and other functions.

Finally, let’s talk about my game experience. I’ve been playing Crossfire this time. This first-person design game really tests the performance of the mouse. Most of the time, I need to rub the mouse to move and click the buttons continuously. Through my experience, the ES30 Plus is not bad, it is relatively smooth to use, and the lightweight design allows me to operate it without any constraints.


As a gaming mouse with a price of only 100 yuan, ES30 Plus is relatively good in terms of cost performance. Whether it is in terms of appearance design or game attributes, it is in line with the game peripherals at this price. Through my experience with it, It seems that the ES30 Plus has not let me down. It feels good to me. It doesn’t take too much time to get used to it. I can successfully control this mouse after playing games for a few minutes.

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