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Evaluation Article 338: Designed for gamers, good-looking and practical, Bloody Ghost B930 optical axis mechanical keyboard evaluation


The keyboards on the market are mainly divided into two types, one is the traditional laminated keyboard, and the other is the mechanical keyboard, and the latter mechanical keyboard has been all the rage in recent years, and various peripheral manufacturers will basically launch various types of keyboards. After all, there are many kinds of mechanical keyboard shafts. Some mechanical keyboards are suitable for text workers, and some are suitable for gamers. Recently, I bought a bloody hand ghost B930 optical shaft mechanical keyboard owned by Shuangfeiyan. Dongfanghong version, and this keyboard is more suitable for gamers, especially its built-in RGB special effects are particularly atmospheric. As for its performance, let’s look down.

Let's take a look at its packaging first. It uses a red and black paper box as the outer packaging of the product. We can see the product renderings, product model, function and other information from the box. Open the box and take out all the items. It can be seen that this bloody ghost B930 Dongfanghong version also comes with 63 keycaps, and other accessories are key clips and manuals.

From the appearance, the bloody ghost B930 belongs to the kind of compact keypad. This kind of 87-key small keyboard is more popular in recent years. Compared with the traditional 104-key full-size keyboard, the bloody ghost B930 The small-sized keyboard has very good portability. According to my personal preference, the small-sized keyboard is more convenient for office typing and gaming experience.

Due to the high-intensity use of the keyboard, the previous keyboard will find that the font on the keyboard is worn out and the paint is peeling off. This keyboard uses ABS two-color injection molding keycaps, and the characters on it will not fade. , It also has good light transmission, and it also supports users to DIY to replace different types of keycaps. For example, this time, an additional set of keycaps is presented.

Because it is a product used on the desktop, you can see that the bottom panel of the bloody ghost B930 is designed with a damping rubber pad, which is used to prevent slipping and increase stability. In addition, it also designs a common bevel bracket, so that the keyboard is placed on the desktop. There is a certain oblique angle on the top, and users can choose the placement angle of the keyboard according to their own needs and preferences.

Nowadays, the mechanical keyboards on the market are generally wired or wireless designs. Both keyboards have their own advantages, but the bloody ghost B930 uses a USB wired design this time, and its wires look good. Nylon material with strong anti-folding ability, and the workmanship of the keyboard is also relatively exquisite, it is designed with a full-textured aluminum alloy frame structure.

This keyboard has a relatively good technology, which is the intelligent no-stroke design, which can be said to be specially designed for gamers, because it can output commands according to various skills in all games, and its reaction speed is the fastest. It is very fast, and there is basically no delay, so the game experience for players is very good.

When buying a mechanical keyboard, what kind of switch to choose is also very important. Most people choose the switch that suits them according to their own needs. The switch of my bloody ghost B930 is special after all, and it is not common on the market. Your black, red, and blue shafts are an orange shaft, and it uses the third-generation optical shaft balance optical shaft design, and its service life is as high as 100 million clicks.

After all, what attracts me to this keyboard is its RGB lighting design. Its 16.8 million color backlight design adds a high degree of entertainment to the keyboard, and there are many combinations of lighting effects. Users can also use software from Define replacement, currently it provides two options for changing lighting system settings, one is to download the driver software, and the other is to directly operate the shortcut keys on the keyboard.

In addition to the light effects on the keys, the side of the keyboard is also designed with a luminous texture design. The lighting effects set from the keys are slightly less, and there are only a few default ones. If you want more effects, you can use software drivers to achieve them. The playability is much higher. In addition to DIY lighting effects, it can also perform macro settings on the buttons, such as one-key big move in the game, light speed QA, and one-key R flash.

For the gaming experience, the bloody ghost B930, a compact keyboard, has brought out its characteristics. For example, it can provide sensitive, fast, and accurate feedback during the game. The configuration requirements of the computer are not high. It can be said that when playing games, the feedback sensitivity of the keyboard is relatively accurate, and the key feedback is fast. In addition, playing competitive games such as League of Legends and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has a good experience.

If it is not the kind of text worker who pursues the clear rhythm of the green switch, it is good to choose the red switch for office typing. In actual experience, as a mechanical keyboard of the orange switch type, I feel that the sound is low when typing. There is a slight sense of disconnection, giving people a soft experience when working, and the feedback speed when typing is very fast, without any stuttering or delay.


As a mechanical keyboard with gaming attributes, the design style of this bloody ghost B930 is more in line with the needs of gamers. Its RGB lighting effect is really amazing. It is also the best lighting effect design among the keyboards I have used so far. It is a product, and I think its orange switch is quite good. I am used to the traditional mechanical keyboards with red, white, black, and brown switches. It is also a good choice to try the bloody ghost B930.

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