Evaluation Article 432: Dujia’s flagship series of keyboards has a new product, and the mainstream keyboard configuration design is all integrated into one


Durga's K620w and K610w have always been the best-selling mechanical keyboards, and they have also gained a good reputation. The difference between these two models is that one is a full-size keyboard and the other is a small-size keyboard. The purpose of Durga is to make the mechanical Keyboard lovers can choose according to their own needs, and in order to cater to some consumers’ pursuit of RGB lighting, this model has newly launched a white light version of the product. I also started this new product Durga K620w this time. How is the performance? Let's look down together.

First of all, I have a Durga K610w at home, so this time I deliberately chose the small-sized K620w, as the new white version of the K620w, its packaging style is still the original formula, and the accessories in the box are still very rich, you can see It includes USB data cable, USB receiver extender, 2.4G wireless receiver, key clip, shaft clip, Velcro storage belt, manual and other items.

First of all, let’s take a look at its appearance. When the keyboard light is not turned on, the new K620w still adopts a more classic color scheme. Dujia calls this color scheme fog blue, and you can see that the color of the keycap is white+ The three colors of light blue + dark blue are combined, and the frame of the keyboard is made of black metal material, which not only has a good visual effect, but also has a good touch.

The biggest upgrade of the new product K620w this time is that it has added RGB lighting, but the lighting is not designed with color, but it can adjust a variety of lighting effects and brightness. The method is shown in the animation below, and different types of lights can be switched cyclically It should be noted that after turning on the light mode, the battery life of the keyboard will be reduced. It is reported that the Bluetooth mode connection can be used for about 360 days when the light is turned off, and the 2.4G wireless can be used for 200 days. When the light mode is turned on, it will be used according to the brightness and usage. The frequency corresponds to different battery life, the shortest is 7 days, and the longest is 90 days.

Let’s take a look at some of its details. The white board K620w is also well done. For example, all its keys are the height of the original factory, and the characters on the keycaps are made of high-content PBT material. That is, it feels fine and comfortable in the hand, and it will not be stained with oil and the characters will not fade. The buttons in the areas that are often in contact with the fingers have been smoothed and polished.

Let's take a look at its back. It is similar to our common keyboards, with non-slip rubber pads and angled brackets, but there are two sets of angled brackets, corresponding to different heights. In addition, a hidden storage compartment is designed on the back. It is very convenient to place the 2.4G receiver inside. Take it out when you need to use it, and put it in when you don’t need it, so as to avoid the risk of rummaging around or losing it when you need to use it.

A USB interface and keyboard switch are designed on the top of the fuselage. The USB interface is used for daily charging or USB wired connection mode. 2.G wireless connection, Bluetooth connection, and its compatible device system is also very comprehensive, whether it is Microsoft, Apple, Android and other mainstream operating systems are all compatible, when switching modes, just press and hold the Fn key + QWER at the same time One can be switched.

As a mechanical keyboard enthusiast, I naturally want to try different switches. I have been using custom-made silent red switches before, but this time I chose custom-made silver switches. The reason why Dujia’s K620w and K610w have been selling very well is that I think its customized switch body and support for hot-swappable design have always been the biggest selling points of this product. Consumers have a good space for subsequent DIY of the keyboard. Let me talk about my experience with its customized silver switch. It is It belongs to a linear feel switch body. In fact, the silver switch is somewhat similar to the red switch, but the stroke is shorter and the trigger is faster, so the silver switch is generally the favorite of gamers. In addition to these features, its mute effect is also very good. There is no such noise when the finger touches the buttons on the screen, and the shock absorption effect is also good.

Combined with my actual experience, I am quite satisfied with its typing performance. For players like me who use it at home, the silver switch and the red switch I used before are more suitable for me, and its feel is more moderate. If there is Most people are professional writers who pursue that kind of crisp rhythm, so I suggest that they choose the green axis, but the sound of the green axis is relatively loud, which is not suitable for office use.

As for the game experience, if you are an enthusiast game player, I suggest you use the black switch, but most of them are not used to the black switch, I think it is quite tedious, like me playing some ordinary network For game players, such as League of Legends, it is enough to use the silver axis. In addition, it supports downloading driver software for macro settings. You only need to download a Zeus driver software from Duga official website. You can customize a variety of functions when playing games. .


The above is my experience evaluation of this Dujia K620w white light board. After reading it, everyone has a new understanding of this product. An easy-to-use keyboard will make you more handy in work or game experience. As a new product The Durga K620w, it can be said that this upgrade is mainly to add the lighting design, while the others still maintain the original design. After all, this product sells relatively well. The two new products launched by Durga at the end of last year are Hi Keys and K620w/K610w, they have added lighting design, it can be seen that Dujia has also begun to pay attention to RGB lighting effects.

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